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Renault- A Force To Reckon With

Renault has been one of the leading automobile manufacturers based out of France. We at Renault are proud of the performance and class of the vehicles delivered.
With innumerable hatchbacks, sedans, SUVs, and MUVs, we have brought back elegance in the vehicles that are a way of life for our customers. Not only have we focused on developing a world-class engine configuration, but also our innovative approach towards improving performance has cemented a dynamic functionality in terms ofmodelling.

Who Are We?

Established in 1899 by Renault brothers, we are currently headquartered in Chennai. After our ventures with Nissan, we collaborated with Mahindra and Mahindra in 2015. A gradual need to develop as an independent brand, we at Renault forayed into the launching automobiles that would change the way India looks at vehicles.

What Do We Have On Offer?

After our initial association with Mahindra and the launch of Logan, we have taken the market by storm by introducing automobiles that fit perfectly with the expectation of our Indian consumers. Remarkable vehicles that excel in terms of looks and performance initiated the launch of the Duster.
Additionally, we ventured into the sedan sector with Fluence and Koleos. A more ambitious take was demonstrated when Lodgy, Scala,and Pulse made their first appearances on the road. The most competitive in the vehicular segment, however, has been Kwid which has given us a competitive edge in the Indian market.

We Offer Car Loans And Finances

As one of the largest manufacturers in the world, we have been accepted and appreciated by people all over the country. We have a personal finance and insurance wing that assists you in the purchase and safeguarding of the vehicle during its entire life-cycle.
With minimal terms such as an age range that is decided on the type of employment tenure, an annual income range, few personal details,etc. sets you up for the eligibility criteria of owning a Renault vehicle. Out tie-up with leading banks and insurance providers makes it even easier for you to decide the vendor.

How To Avail These Features?

Various features of the insurance and car loan availed through Renault finance involves a buyback facility, accidental insurance, settlement, and repairs terms, etc. It also gives you the flexibility to choose the tenure of payback. All you need to do is furnish a couple of documents such as an identity proof, income proof, address proof, bank statements and registration certificates if any, during the initial phases of acquiring the loan.

What About Customer Care?

We at Renault provide you with a unique range of solutions that make owning a car a comfortable deal.Fast application processing, easy processes, and operations, simple documentation are just a few of the amazing features that we offer at our outlets. We also have a dedicated customer service which is just a phone call away. All you need to do is inform them and bid goodbye to any vehicle-related worries. With over 182 authorized service stations across the country, we provide genuine and quality parts and services.

Our Cars That Have Been Making Their Presence Felt

Let's have a look at the amazing Renault cars that have constantly been turning heads ever since their inception.

  • Renault Pulse: It is available in both diesel and petrol variants. Starting at 5.1 lakhs, Pulse has been really popular among Indian buyers.

    • Comfortable, safe and stylish, its five-speed gearbox and power steering capabilities have pitted it against strong competitors of similar configurations.

    • Comfortable, safe and stylish, its five-speed gearbox and power steering capabilities have pitted it against strong competitors of similar configurations.

    • A desirable five-seater, Pulse has a large cabin space and comes with a four-year warranty.

  • Renault Kwid: An amazing hatchback with at least ten variants in the market, Kwid leads the pack in terms of petrol cars.

    • It comes in five amazing colors and starts at an average of 2.62 lakhs. One of the largest selling Renault cars, Kwid has carved a niche for itself in the affordable cars category.

    • Not only it has a high power transmission of 54 bhp but also has an 800ccthree-cylinder engine which guarantees high performance and fuel efficiency.

    • Additionally, a five-speed gearbox with manual transmission,Kwid has a state of the art multimedia and navigation system.As an entry-level vehicle in the hatchback segment, Kwiddefinitely has created the much-needed buzz.

  • Renault Lodgy: Lodgy is the MPV variant of the Renault family

    • With a starting price of 9.43 lakhs, Lodgy has faced stiff competition from an already populated MPV market. However, it has not deterred the spirit of buyers who have been more than interested in purchasing this particular one.

    • Lodgy has only ten diesel versions available. Modern yet frugal, Lodgy is as spacious as a seven-seater could get.

    • Conventional and edgy looks aside; it comes loaded with amazing features such as a navigation touchscreen, rear parking cameras, USB, AUX and Bluetooth connectivity, parking sensors and much more.

  • Renault Duster: Duster took the country by a storm when it was launched.

    • A hard to miss SUV, Duster comes in petrol and diesel versions. A compact yet stylish SUV, it was a breakthrough in the segment.

    • With mounted infotainment system, climate control features, parking cameras for guidance, ABS, dual front airbags, it has been a popular choice among new age millennials who have been looking for the comfort of an SUV with amazing looks.

    • Fuel efficient and starting at 8.42 lakhs, Duster has surely etched itself in the hearts of SUV lovers.

We at Renault believe that purchasing a car is one the most under-rated pleasures of our customers. Thus, we ensure to make it one of the best experiences of your lifetime. We have the flexibility for our consumers to choose from a variety of brochures and models that they might be interested in. One a kind insurance policy and finance plans are made available to our customers with an assured assistance. Comprehensive and easy to understand terminology helps us in building a long-lasting relationship with our customers.

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