Health Insurance with Maternity Cover

Maternity health insurance plans allow you to enjoy your parenthood journey. Having health insurance with maternity coverage can help you deal with the financial cost of delivery, IVF, Surrogacy, and other services that you might require during the pregnancy.

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Best Maternity Health Insurance Plan in India 2024

Parenthood is a beautiful moment for every couple. But, do you know family planning is also very important? It is one of your most vital responsibilities as a soon-to-be parent to have great maternity health insurance. It is the mature way to ensure an expecting couple's physical, psychological, and financial well-being. There are many plans of health coverage for maternity which allows you to enjoy this precious moment of life without being worried about finances related to delivery and healthcare of the newborn baby. Plans like Niva Bupa Aspire Start Young and Star Health Women Care cover surrogacy as well.

This article will enlighten you with the types of maternity plans available in India, their benefits and why you need them to be a part of your parenthood journey.

Best Health Insurance Plans for Child Birth

Radhika recently got to know that she was expecting and told her husband Akash. They both got tense as it wasn't a planned one and they haven't done their financial planning associated with it. Having good maternity health insurance could have saved them from this worry. But there are health insurance plans that can give secured parenthood experience in a very short waiting period such as Care Joy Plan.

The maternity health insurance plans can help you with:

  • The healthcare of the mom-to-be
  • Well being of the baby
  • Delivery procedures
  • Prenatal Care
  • New Born Treatment
  • IVF
  • Surrogacy
  • Additionally, companies also give coverage for the legal adoption process

What is maternity health insurance and when do you need it?

Although a doctor can help you with the initial steps of being a parent, you will also require some financial support. We already know very well how medical costs are rising day by day. That is when your health insurance for pregnancy comes into the picture. It will give coverage during the time of delivery whether it is a C-section or normal delivery. You can use maternity health insurance for:

  • Pre and post-natal care expenses
  • Cost of medical care for a newborn baby
  • Stem cell preservation
  • Complications related to pregnancy in case of any
  • Expenses for medically necessary pregnancy termination
  • Vaccination expenses of mother and baby
  • Cost of delivery, both normal and c-section

List of Top Maternity Health Insurance Plans

Plan Name
Sum Insured
Waiting Period
Network Hospital
View Plan
Care Joy Maternity Plan Up to Rs 5 Lakh 9 months 22900+
Star Women Care Plan Up to Rs 1 Crore 24 months 14000+
Niva Bupa Aspire Plan Up to Rs 1 Crore 9 months 10000+
Aditya Birla Activ Fit Plan Up to Rs 1 Crore 36 months 10500+
Star Assure Plan Up to Rs 2 Crore 24 months 14000+
Magma HDI OneHealth Plan Up to Rs 1 Crore 36 Months 7200+
Kotak Health Premier Up to Rs 25 Lakh 24 months 7000+
Niva Bupa Health Premia Up to Rs 1 Lakh 24 months 10000+
United India Family Medicare Up to Rs 25 Lakh 24 months 14000+
Future Generali Health Total Policy Up to Rs 10 Lakh 48 months 6300+
What is Sum insured?

Sum insured is the maximum monetary coverage that a health insurance policy provides you. You should decide your sum insured based on the cost of medical treatments, your health, income, and lifestyle habits.

What is Waiting Period?

It is the time just after the purchase of a policy when the policyholder has to wait before getting any benefits.

What is Network Hospitals?

All the hospitals that have a tie-up with an insurance company where the policyholders of that company can get cashless treatments are known as the network hospitals.

To know about the top 5 maternity insurance plans. Click Here.

Key Features of Health Insurance Plans for Maternity

  • Comprehensive Coverage

    If you have an effective maternity health insurance policy, you will get coverage for the expenses incurred during the delivery and post-delivery. It gives coverage to your newborn baby too.
  • Pre and Post-natal Care

    Pre-natal care stands for the care requirement before the birth of a baby and post-natal means care requirement after the birth of a baby. Under the maternity health insurance, you will get coverage for medical check-ups, ultrasounds, tests, medicines, and much more. The coverage ensures a smooth journey during the pregnancy period and also after the delivery.
  • Cashless Services

    Your policyholders understand the hassle of paying bills. During this joyous but crucial time, getting free from financial hassle is such a relief. With a maternity health insurance policy, you can avail the benefit of cashless facilities at the network hospital.
  • Claim-free Bonus

    If you do not raise any claim for maternity for the whole policy year, then you will get discounts on your next premiums.
  • Hassle-free Online Applications

    Purchasing and claiming a maternity insurance plan is easy and hassle-free if you opt for the online procedure. It can be done in just a few clicks.
  • Tax Benefit

    Having maternity health insurance can save your tax under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961.
  • New Born Baby Cover

    Health insurance for pregnancy gives complete coverage to the expected mother and the newborn baby.
  • Single Private Room with AC

    Childbirth is a beautiful moment and it requires privacy too. Thus, health insurance for maternity makes sure that you will get the best possible accommodation during this time, a single private room post-delivery with air conditioning.
  • Delivery Cost

    The delivery procedure has its own cost, especially when it is a C-section due to any complications. Having insurance can save you from this cost. All you need to do is pay the premiums on time and raise the claim to pay the bills. It will be settled in minutes.

Why Should You Buy a Health Insurance for Pregnancy?

There might be many medical emergencies in our lives, but pregnancy care is something that we can predict since most of the time couples plan it. Which is why having medical insurance is important. There are many other reasons why you should consider getting health insurance:

  • Provides FInancial Backup

    Maternity health insurance acts as a backup when in need. It can be your saviour from draining all the savings on maternity care such as surgery, and pre-natal, and post-natal healthcare.
  • Prepares you for any complicated situations

    Sometimes, childbirth leads to complications. If by any chance, the newborn child needs urgent care or to handle premature birth complications of the mother, maternity cover in health insurance saves the day. Hence, health insurance for maternity covers all planned and unplanned situations.
  • Extended Coverage for Your Newborn

    Most health insurance provides coverage for newborn babies. It provides coverage for the child for up to 90 days or more from the date of delivery. All the expenses related to medicinal prescriptions, incubations, vaccinations, and complicated medical treatment costs are covered.
  • High-Quality Care at an Affordable Price

    With medical insurance for maternity, you will get high-quality medical services at a very affordable price as most maternity health plans have a great number of quality network hospitals under their banner. It will also curb the inflation rate and save you from losing out on your savings, which might come in handy for other vital life events.
  • Comprehensive Coverage

    The maternity care plans provide you with the expenses related to hospitalisations, medications, delivery, operations, and ambulance.
  • Cashless Facility at Network Hospital

    Your insurer will settle all the medical bills on your behalf directly. So in case of this kind of requirement, you should be mentally free and concentrate on your joy of parenthood.

Know What is Covered?- Inclusions

Delivery Cost

The maternity health insurance plans cover both normal and caesarean deliveries.

Prenatal and Postnatal Care

The insurance covers expenses related to medical services related to care before the birth of the baby and after the birth of the baby.

New Born Coverage

It provides Medicare to the newborn child. All the expenses are covered from day 1 to 90 days.


The expenses incurred for vaccination will also be covered, whether it is for mom-to-be or the newborn baby.

Hospitalisation Charges

Sometimes, due to complications, doctors ask the mother and baby to stay in the hospital for extra care. In such cases, the healthcare expenses incurred will also be covered.

Daycare Procedure

The insurance covers specialised medical procedures or care that only requires 24 hours or less.

Ambulance Charges

The cost of the emergency ambulance will also be included in your maternity health insurance policy.

Maternity Care

The care you need 30 days before the birth of your baby and 60 days after the birth of the baby will be covered in your health insurance policy.


Looking up to the recent increase in demand for IVF, some of the insurers have launched new products that cover the cost of in-vitro fertilization cost.


Nowadays, insurers want everyone to celebrate parenthood. Thus, many insurers include the cost of the surrogacy method in their new-age maternity policies.

What is not Covered?- Exclusions

If the policyholder gets pregnant during the waiting period

Expenditure on tonics and vitamins

Any kind of diagnostic test or consultation charges

Any pregnancy-related cost during the waiting period

Other Maternity Health insurance Companies

Things to Look for in a Maternity Insurance Plan

Before you buy maternity health insurance, it is important to keep a few things in mind. These are:

  • Check what expenses are covered under your maternity health insurance

    Before getting maternity health insurance, you must check about all the coverage options the plan is offering.
  • Waiting Period

    Maternity cover comes with a waiting period. Some maternity plans give coverage for 9 months and some give for 48 months. So, you need to confirm the waiting period of the policy before buying it.
  • Coverage Limit

    Every maternity plan has a different coverage limit. It can range from INR 25,000 to INR 1 crore. Opt for the best coverage that will suit you the best.
  • Check the Limit on Deliveries Covered

    If you are opting for maternity health insurance, you should know that the company may apply restrictions on the number of deliveries under the coverage. For example- some insurance companies will only cover up to two deliveries under their maternity benefits. Before you purchase the policy, check the number of deliveries it covers.
  • Check Whether the Plan Covers Newborn Baby or Not

    Some maternity health insurance gives coverage for newborn babies from day 1 to 90 days. But this depends on plan to plan, some plans do not cover newborn babies. You should check the policy wording carefully before buying it.
  • Premiums and Budget

    Obviously, you need to check your pockets before buying any insurance. Usually, maternity health insurance comes with higher premiums but gives maximum coverage. So check out the premiums that you need to pay before opting for the right maternity health insurance policy.

Eligibility Criteria For Maternity Health Insurance

The eligibility criteria for maternity health insurance are as follows-

  • Aged between 18-45 years.
  • Indian Citizen
  • Some insurers include 2 deliveries only in a lifetime

How to Buy a Maternity Health Insurance Plan?

There are two ways of purchasing a health insurance policy for pregnancy. You can directly buy it from the insurer OR you can call PolicyX for the buying process. Buying your policy from PolicyX is straightforward, just call or click here.

Here is a step-by-step guide for the buying process of maternity health insurance directly from the company-

  • Step 1

    Visit the insurer's website.

  • Step 2

    Check for the health insurance plans.

  • Step 3

    Choose your plan wisely and click on 'Get Quotes'.

  • Step 4

    Then you need to fill up the required details, such as age, DOB, address, and other required details.

  • Step 5

    Verify the previously filled details and click on the 'Proceed' button.

  • Step 6

    Make the payment through UPI, Net banking, credit card, or debit card to buy the policy.

Health Insurer Network Hospitals

Claim Procedure for Maternity Health Insurance

You need to understand the steps you need to follow to raise the claim:

  • Step 1: Inform your insurer

    Once you are taken and admitted to the hospital, the first step involves informing your insurer about your admission to the hospital. Tell them every detail of the hospitalisation.

  • Step 2: Fill in the claim form

    Fill in the claim form for settlement and sign it. Complete all the information that requires your approval and submit it to the TPA present at the hospital of the respective insurer.

  • Step 3: Submit requested documents

    Once you've submitted the claim form, you need to submit all the required documents for verification. These documents include your personal information like address proofs, Identity proofs, policy documents, etc.

  • Step 4: Submit the medical bills

    Apart from the requested documents, you need to submit medical bills, and all the invoices related to hospitalisation, consultation, treatment, etc. In case, you've received treatment from a non-network hospital, these bills will get a reimbursement from the insurer.

  • Step 5: Going through the enquiry of the claim

    Your insurer will probably send one of their agents to verify if the claim made by you is correct or wrong. Once you pass this verification procedure, you are one step ahead of getting your claim accepted.

  • Step 6: Receiving the claim amount

    If the claim is proven true, you'll receive the claim amount in the form of cashless treatment in networking hospitals or reimbursement in non-networking hospitals.

Documents you need to keep handy while filing a Maternity Insurance Claim Settlement:

The documents that are required for claiming your maternity healthcare coverage are listed below:-

  • Completely filled out and signed claim form
  • Copy of policy documents
  • Doctor's advice on hospital admission
  • Hospital discharge summary
  • KYC documents
  • Certification of fitness from doctors
  • Consultation bills
  • The original hospital bill
  • Any prescription and pharmacy bills
  • Other attachments that are requested by the insurer

Summing it Up

Having maternity health insurance can enhance your parenthood experience. You do not need to worry about expenses like hospital charges, delivery charges, charges for any medical emergency to the baby, and all other medical charges during the pregnancy. Parenthood is the moment to celebrate. But securing this moment financially and mentally is very important. Maternity health insurance brings this satisfaction to life. However, you need to keep your requirements and needs in mind while purchasing maternity health insurance.

In case of any questions or doubts, you can reach out to us.

Maternity Health Insurance: FAQ's

1. Can I buy a maternity health plan when I'm pregnant?

Most health plans for maternity care come with a specific waiting period because insurance companies treat this criteria as a pre-existing condition. You can buy the health plan while pregnant, according to the rules of IRDAI. But your policy cannot cover your maternity care expenses in such conditions.

2. Can I get Maternity health insurance without a waiting period?

No, there are no implications of a zero waiting period in health plans for pregnancy. Note the fact that not even a standard health plan provides maternity health coverage without a waiting period until now. However, some plans come with a minimum waiting period of up to 90 days in certain conditions.

3. What is the waiting period for maternity health plans?

The waiting period for a maternity insurance policy usually ranges from 90 days to 3 years.

4. Can my husband claim pregnancy insurance in India?

Yes, your spouse can claim maternity benefits on your behalf or for themselves. Given that they must have a new or an existing health insurance plan for pregnancy.

5. Can I claim maternity benefits if I'm pregnant but not married?

As per the rules of IRDAI, anyone can buy a policy and claim their policy coverage.

6. Does a regular health plan cover pregnancy or maternity expenses?

Maternity plans are generally in-built features of a health insurance policy such as health insurance for women or it comes as separate plans. The maternity coverage depends upon the plan that you're buying.

7. When is the best time to buy maternity insurance?

Since most of the maternity insurance plans in health policies come with a waiting period, it's suggested that you buy 3-6 months before you're planning a baby or, just after getting married. In this condition, you'll have ample amount of time to plan your parenthood. planning a baby.

8. Does a maternity plan cover surrogacy conditions?

Since most of the maternity insurance plans in health policies come with a waiting period, it's suggested that you buy 3-6 months before you're planning a baby or, just after getting married. In this condition, you'll have ample amount of time to plan your parenthood. planning a baby.

9. Which is the best maternity health insurance plan?

The best maternity plan is the one that gives you and your newborn complete coverage.

10. Can a husband and wife both claim maternity health insurance?

Yes, both husband and wife can claim maternity health insurance in India.

11. Does the maternity health insurance plan cover IVF?

Yes, Niva Bupa Aspire and Star Women Care plan offers maternity health insurance plans that cover the cost of IVF.

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