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Reliance Health Insurance Claim Settlement Ratio

Claim Settlement Ratio tells you the ability of the company to settle claims in the stipulated time period and helps you understand the history of the insurance company, thus ensuring that the insurer you select is reliable or not.

If in the set time period your company will not be able to settle claims, then the whole purpose of buying a plan from this company gets wasted.

Let's understand with the help of an example, Mr. Ravi availed health insurance from XYZ insurance company, but at the time of his wife's treatment his health insurance company is able to settle claims on time and this causes financial stress and burden among the family members. Therefore, before opting for a health plan, always ensure that your company's claim support is good.

As per IRDAI, Reliance Health Claim Settlement Ratio is 98.65%. The higher the percentage of claim support, the higher the ability of the company to settle claims.

Take a look at the below table to get an insight into the claim settlement ratio of Reliance General Insurance. The comparison of the Reliance Health Insurance Claim settlement ratio for the three financial years will help you evaluate the company's claim settling ability in the past years

Health Insurance Companies

Status of Reliance General Insurance Claim Settlement Ratio

Status of Reliance General Health Insurance Claim Settlement Ratio - 2021-22
Age Analysis of Number of Claims Paid (%) < 3 months 3 months to 6 months 6 months to <1 year 1 year to <3 year 3 years to <5 years 5 years
Claims Settled 76.36 7.27 7.27 5.45 3.64 0.00

Reliance Health Insurance Network Hospital List

Reliance Health Insurance Network Hospitals are present in 34 states nationwide. With a wide network of hospitals, Reliance Health Insurance ensures that you are medically secured, irrespective of the city you reside in.

What is the Process to Claim Reliance Health Insurance?

Cashless Claim

  • Get admitted to one of Reliance's partnered network hospitals in case of a medical situation.
  • Intimate the company about your hospitalization as soon as possible.
  • Submit the authorization form along with the photo identity and health card copies at the TPA hospital desk.
  • The hospital will contact Reliance General for treatment approval.
  • Once everything is settled, the company will clear the treatment bills.

Reimbursement Claim

  • Here you have the option to get yourself treated at any hospital (apart from the network) and file for reimbursement.
  • Inform the insurance provider about the hospitalization at the earliest.
  • Pay for the treatment and collect all the necessary documents (original copy) before you leave the hospital.
  • All original documents have to be submitted within 15 days of post-hospitalization treatment to get the reimbursement.
  • The company will verify the claim request and transfer the payment on approval.

Explore Reliance Health Insurance

Reliance Health Plans

Reliance Health offers a wide range of health insurance plans to fulfill the medical needs of individuals, families, and senior citizens.

Comprehensive Plan

Available in Individual as well as Family Floater Plans, the plan offers comprehensive coverage with in-patient treatment, and several add-on features.

Unique Features

  • Avail waiver of premium
  • Consumables Covered
  • Cumulative Bonus of 33.33%

Health Gain Insurance Policy (Pros)

  • Second Opinion Cover
  • Vaccination Cover
  • Health Check-up Cover
  • Home Care Treatment
  • Vision Correction Cover

Health Gain Insurance Policy (Cons)

  • Unproven Treatments Unavailable
  • Overseas treatment Unavailable
  • Hazardous Activity not covered
  • Infertility Treatment not covered
  • Cosmetic Surgery unavailable

Health Gain Insurance Policy (Other Benefits)

  • Companion Cover
  • Child Care Cover
  • Radio Taxi Cover
  • Convalescence Cover
  • Air Ambulance Cover

Health Gain Insurance Policy (Eligibility Criteria)

  • Entry Age - 18 Years
  • Max Entry Age - 65 Years
  • SI - 3 L to 1 Cr
  • Waiting Period - 30 Days

Comprehensive Plan

A plan that covers you and your family offering a sum insured of 5 lakhs to 5 crores. The plan offers 15 different types of discounts.

Unique Features

  • No Sub-limits on benefits
  • Robotic surgery for quick recover
  • 90 days free cancellation

Health Infinity Insurance (Pros)

  • 10% Online discount
  • 5% Early Bird Discount
  • 10% Stay Healthy Discount
  • Credit score discount
  • Concurrent Disclosure Discount

Health Infinity Insurance (Cons)

  • No Obesity Treatment Cover
  • Infertility Treatment Unavailable
  • No Alternative treatments
  • Out-patient not covered
  • Cosmetic Surgery unavailable

Health Infinity Insurance (Other Benefits)

  • 5% Girl Child Discount
  • Restore Benefit
  • 2.5% Vaccination Discount
  • 5% BMI Discount
  • 2.5 % Renewal Discount

Health Infinity Insurance (Eligibility Criteria)

  • Entry Age - 3 Months
  • Max Entry Age - 65 Years
  • SI - 5 L to 5 Crore
  • Waiting Period - 30 Days

Personal Accident Plan

Reimburses the medical expenses incurred during the treatment arising out of the accident and covers disability or death caused by accidents.

Unique Features

  • Child Education Benefit
  • Avail World Wide coverage
  • Zero Paperwork required

Personal Accident Policy (Pros)

  • Carriage of Mortal Cover
  • 5% Increase On SI
  • Flexible Policy
  • Day Care Procedures Covered
  • Accident Death Benefit

Personal Accident Policy (Cons)

  • No Suicide Cover
  • Obesity Treatment Unavailable
  • No Pregnancy Cover
  • HIV/AIDS not covered
  • Cosmetic Surgery unavailable

Personal Accident Policy (Other Benefits)

  • Permanent Disability Covered
  • Easy Claim Process
  • Medical Extension Cover
  • AYUSH treatment Cover
  • No Medical Test

Personal Accident Policy (Eligibility Criteria)

  • Entry Age - 18 Years
  • Max Entry Age - 65 Years
  • SI - 5 L to 20 L
  • Waiting Period - 30 Days

Affordable Plan

An affordable and comprehensive policy that covers medical expenses & offers flexibility by providing 3 variants- Gold, Silver & Standard.

Unique Features

  • 7% discount for girl child
  • No sub limit on room rent
  • Nursing allowance available

HealthWise Insurance Policy (Pros)

  • Stem Cell Treatment Cover
  • Domiciliary Hospitalisation
  • Health Check-up Cover
  • Critical Illness Covered
  • Donor Expenses Covered

HealthWise Insurance Policy (Cons)

  • No Breach of law Cover
  • No Dietary Supplements Cover
  • Hazardous Activity not covered
  • HIV/AIDS not covered
  • Cosmetic Surgery unavailable

HealthWise Insurance Policy (Other Benefits)

  • Recovery Benefit
  • Road Ambulance Cover
  • Day Care Procedures Covered
  • Critical Illness Cover
  • 5 % Renewal Discount

HealthWise Insurance Policy (Eligibility Criteria)

  • Entry Age - 18 Years
  • Max Entry Age - 65 Years
  • SI - 1 L to 5 L
  • Waiting Period - 30 Days

Critical Illness Plan

Reliance critical illness health insurance is specifically designed to provide protection to an individual against 10 life-threatening diseases.

Unique Features

  • No pre-medical required
  • Lump-sum Payment
  • Coverage up to 10 Lakhs

Critical Illness Policy (Pros)

  • Open Heart Replacement
  • 10 Critical Illnesses Covered
  • Tax Benefit
  • Permanent paralysis Covered
  • Kidney failure Covered

Critical Illness Policy (Cons)

  • No PED Cover
  • No Alcoholism Cover
  • No Gender Change Treatment
  • HIV/AIDS not covered
  • No Suicidal Cover

Critical Illness Policy (Other Benefits)

  • Flexible Policy Period
  • Organ Transplant Cover
  • Total Blindness Covered
  • Third Degree Burns Cover
  • Cancer Cover

Critical Illness Policy (Eligibility Criteria)

  • Entry Age - 18 Years
  • Max Entry Age - 65 Years
  • SI - 5 L to 10 L
  • Waiting Period - 3 Months

Hospital Cash Benefits

Reliance HospiCare Insurance

A hospital cash benefit plan provides a lump sum payout on listed surgeries and daycare procedures occurring due to illness and injuries.

Unique Features

  • 150+ surgeries covered
  • Health check-ups covered
  • Dengue hospitalization covered

HospiCare Insurance (Pros)

  • Health Check-Up
  • ICU Charges Covered
  • Ambulance Cover
  • Day Care Expenses Covered
  • Dengue Cover

HospiCare Insurance (Cons)

  • No Global Cover
  • Alcoholism Cover Unavailable
  • Hazardous Activity not covered
  • No Suicide Cover
  • Cosmetic Surgery unavailable

HospiCare Insurance (Other Benefits)

  • 10% Online Discount
  • 10% Policy Tenure Discount
  • 100% SI on Surgical Procedure
  • 10% Existing Customers Discount
  • SI Enhancement on Renewal

HospiCare Insurance (Eligibility Criteria)

  • Entry Age - 3 Months
  • Max Entry Age - 65 Years
  • SI - 1 L to 10 L
  • Waiting Period - 90 Days

Super Top-up Plan

Reliance Super-Top up Insurance

Cover the expenses of the treatment after your basic health insurance coverage is exhausted. The plan offers coverage of upto INR 1.30 Crore.

Unique Features

  • Maternity expenses
  • Air Ambulance cover
  • Worldwide Emergency Cover

Super-Top up Insurance (Pros)

  • Road Ambulance Cover
  • 50% Cumulative Bonus
  • Waiver of Deductible
  • Day Care Procedures Covered
  • Health Check-Up Cover

Super-Top up Insurance (Cons)

  • No Suicide Cover
  • Dietary Supplements Not Covered
  • Refractive Error not covered
  • Weight Control not covered
  • Cosmetic Surgery unavailable

Super-Top up Insurance (Other Benefits)

  • Free Health Check Up
  • Domiciliary Hospitalization
  • Modern Treatments Cover
  • AYUSH treatment Cover
  • Organ Donor Cover

Super-Top up Insurance (Eligibility Criteria)

  • Entry Age - 18 Years
  • Max Entry Age - 65 Years
  • SI - 5 L to 1.30 Cr
  • Waiting Period - 30 Days

Standard Plan

A standard and affordable health plan that offers medical coverage to individual and their families with a coverage of up to 10 Lakhs.

Unique Features

  • Special treatments Cover
  • Daycare treatments covered
  • Dental Treatment

Arogya Sanjeevani (Pros)

  • Ayush Benefit
  • Cataract Treatment
  • Flexible Policy
  • Cumulative Bonus
  • Pre & Post Hospitalisation

Arogya Sanjeevani (Cons)

  • 5% Co-payment
  • No Unproven Treatments
  • No Dental Treatment
  • No Domiciliary Hospitalization
  • Cosmetic Surgery unavailable

Arogya Sanjeevani (Other Benefits)

  • 5% Customer Discount
  • 3% Renewal Benefit
  • Inpatient Care Cover
  • 10% Family Discount
  • Special treatments Cover

Arogya Sanjeevani (Eligibility Criteria)

  • Entry Age - 18 Years
  • Max Entry Age - 65 Years
  • SI -50 Thousand to 10 L
  • Waiting Period - 30 Days

Personal Accident Plan

Reliance Saral Suraksha Bima

Saral Suraksha Bima protects the insured for an accident and its aftermath like death or permanent disability.

Unique Features

  • SI of 1 crore
  • Discount on add-on
  • Lifelong renewal

Saral Suraksha Bima (Pros)

  • Permanent Total Disablement
  • Permanent Partial Disablement
  • Death Benefit
  • Education Grant To Child
  • Spouse Cover

Saral Suraksha Bima (Cons)

  • No Global Coverage
  • Obesity Treatment Unavailable
  • Hazardous Activity not covered
  • No War Injury Cover
  • Cosmetic Surgery unavailable

Saral Suraksha Bima (Other Benefits)

  • Lifelong Renewal
  • 100% Benefit on SI
  • Family Covered
  • Lifetime Renewal
  • No Waiting Period

Saral Suraksha Bima (Eligibility Criteria)

  • Entry Age - 18 Years
  • Max Entry Age - 65 Years
  • SI - 2.5 L to 1 Cr
  • Waiting Period - 30 Days

Group Health Plan

A comprehensive plan that covers a group of people working in an organization, & looks after unexpected medical expenses of the group members.

Unique Features

  • Bariatric surgery covered
  • Pre & post hospitalization
  • Maternity Benefit available

Group Mediclaim Policy (Pros)

  • Inpatient care
  • Family Cover
  • Cashless Treatment
  • 9,100+ Network Hospitals
  • Tax benefit

Group Mediclaim Policy (Cons)

  • No Domiciliary hospitalization
  • Lasik Surgery Unavailable
  • Septoplasty not covered
  • Ozone Therapy not covered
  • Robotic treatment unavailable

Group Mediclaim Policy (Other Benefits)

  • 7 to 1000 Workers Covered
  • Road Ambulance Cover
  • Day Care Procedures Covered
  • AYUSH treatment Cover
  • Room rent charges covered

Group Mediclaim Policy (Eligibility Criteria)

  • Entry Age - 18 Years
  • Max Entry Age - 65 Years
  • SI - 50,000 & 1,00,000
  • Waiting Period - NA

Corona Plan

An affordable health insurance policy that protects you and your family against hospitalization expenses that occur due to COVID-19.

Unique Features

  • Coverage up to 5L
  • Home cover available
  • Hospital daily cash cover

Corona Kavach Policy (Pros)

  • AYUSH Cover
  • Nursing Expenses Cover
  • Flexible Policy Period
  • PPE Kit Cover
  • ICU Cover

Corona Kavach Policy (Cons)

  • Dietary supplements unavailable
  • Obesity treatment unavailable
  • OPD not covered
  • Unproven treatments unavailable
  • Cosmetic Surgery unavailable

Corona Kavach Policy (Other Benefits)

  • Parents-in-law Cover
  • Road Ambulance Cover
  • Hospitalisation Expenses
  • AYUSH treatment Cover
  • Dependent Child Covered

Corona Kavach Policy (Eligibility Criteria)

  • Entry Age - 18 Years
  • Max Entry Age - 65 Years
  • SI - 50 Thousand to 5 L
  • Waiting Period - 15 Days

Corona Plan

Corona Rakshak Policy

An affordable health insurance policy that offers lump sum benefits to the insured if diagnosed with COVID-19.

Unique Features

  • Coverage up to 2.5L
  • Affordable premiums
  • Avail lumps benefit

Corona Rakshak Policy (Pros)

  • 71 hours of hospitalization benefit
  • Get 100% of SI back
  • Flexible policy
  • 15 days waiting period
  • Tax Benefit

Corona Rakshak Policy (Cons)

  • Pre Existing Disease Not Covered
  • Obesity Treatment Unavailable
  • No Global Coverage
  • HIV/AIDS not covered
  • Cosmetic Surgery unavailable

Corona Rakshak Policy (Other Benefits)

  • Hassle-Free Claim Settlement
  • Road Ambulance Cover
  • Mild Symptoms Cover
  • Discounts on Plan
  • No Pre Policy Checkup

Corona Rakshak Policy (Eligibility Criteria)

  • Entry Age - 18 Years
  • Max Entry Age - 65 Years
  • SI - 50 Thousand to 2.5 L
  • Waiting Period - 15 Days

Health Insurer Claim Settlement Ratio

Reliance Health Insurance Reviews

Customer Review Image

Neha Gupta


March 18, 2024

I purchased Reliance Life Insurance from PolicyX one year ago, and my overall experience with them is quite satisfactory.

Customer Review Image

Vidya Bhan


June 13, 2022

Very nice company with a range of health products. I have bought one plan for myself and my husband, and one for my aged in-laws. Happy with both the plans

Customer Review Image

Satendar Singh


May 25, 2022

Reliance General Health Insurance comes with several health plans that lets you choose the ideal one for your family. I recently bought a Reliance Health plan for my whole family, and we are ha...

Customer Review Image

Tulika Sharma


October 12, 2021

got hospitalized receently for a surgery...the company responded the minute my claims were raised. Good support! Thanks!

Customer Review Image

Mayank Tyagi


October 11, 2021

I m impressed with the service provided by Executives of Reliance Health. They assisted me very patiently

Customer Review Image

Kashi Pradhan


September 1, 2021

Bought the health plan for my parents. now I m assured that their health is not compromised due to money :)

Customer Review Image

Puneet sharma


August 18, 2021

Reliance company ka health insurance bahut acha hai, aur premiums bhi bht affordable hai, aur bht jaldi claim ko settle karti hai, muje inki service bahut pasand aayi.

Customer Review Image

Roopal Ganguly


May 10, 2021

I bought this policy in times of pandemic and it is a must-have policy. Services are really very good and I am satisfied with this company. The claim ratio is also good.

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Naval Goel

Reviewed By: Naval Goel

Naval Goel is the CEO & founder of Naval has an expertise in the insurance sector and has professional experience of more than a decade in the Industry and has worked in companies like AIG, New York doing valuation of insurance subsidiaries. He is also an Associate Member of the Indian Institute of Insurance, Pune. He has been authorized by IRDAI to act as a Principal Officer of Insurance Web Aggregator.