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Honda Motor Co., Ltd. is a Japanese public corporation, an MNC primarily known as a manufacturer of automobiles, aircraft, motorcycles, and power equipment. They began in 1959 with a single product- the 305cc Honda Dream motorcycle and is now one of the world’s largest manufacturers in the automobile business.

Along with its cars and bikes, it also offers an additional service, insurance on the products. Some of its insurance products are fairly comprehensive, including additional insurance plans which ensure that on ‘total loss’ of the product, if your insurance isn’t sufficient then you do not run into ‘out of pocket’ losses.

Why Should I Insure My Honda Car?

The number of dangerous road accidents is going up yearly, particularly in India. While it is terrible to think about it happening to you, it would be worse for it to happen and then realize that you simply don’t have the resources to repair or replace your car.

With Honda insurance, you can at least be safe from losing money on top of losing your car. There are certain circumstances where your insurance will sufficiently cover the cost of a new car, although without the associated costs like registration.

You can choose third party coverage or Honda’s own coverage.

Honda’s In-House Coverage

Honda Motor Vehicle Insurance

Insurance that covers a new replacement car if your new car is written off or stolen in the first three years from when it is originally registered. It also guarantees Honda Genuine Parts for all repairs, even beyond the warranty period of the original car. Safe drivers can look forward to discounts.

Honda Value Protect Insurance

If your comprehensive coverage does not cover the cost of your car, in case it is too damaged, and your loan payments are incomplete, this form of insurance will ensure that you do not lose money.

Honda Loan Protection Insurance

In case of some personal harm, if you find yourself unable to make your loan repayments, then Honda’s Loan Protection Insurance will be a lifesaver.

Types of Coverage

You can choose one of the following covers:

  • Comprehensive Motor Insurance Cover:

    • Your legal liability for each event even including some legal costs for defense under some circumstances, which are

      • Damage to other people’s property caused by a road accident which is your fault; or

      • Any form of harm to some individual due to your use of your vehicle in limited circumstances.

      • It is to be noted that this amount is only up to $20 million

    • The insurance will also cover accidental loss or damage to your vehicle

      • Either up to an agreed value agreed upon by both partners, the Honda insurance company, as well as buyeror

      • The market value which is calculated as the market cost to replace your vehicle with a vehicle of the same make, model, age and condition as your vehicle as seen just before the damage

      • This will not cover any costs for vehicle registration, compulsory third party insurance, or any other form of extra costs including dealer warranty costs.

    • There is also an extra optional charge which can be a real help following a motor vehicle accident. This can cover costs like rental car following an accident. It can also lead to a protected no claim bonus, and restricted driver cover (this will lead to a lower premium but restrict the drivers allowed to drive the vehicle under the policy.)

  • Third Party Property Damage Cover Only:

    • Loss or damage to your vehicle arising from an accident caused by the driver of an uninsured vehicle, up to the maximum limit specified.

    • Legal liability – same as for comprehensive cover, including the added benefit of legal liability cover for loss or damage to someone else’s property while using a substitute vehicle.

List of Honda Cars on the Market in India

Honda Jazz

Honda first presented the Jazz in 2009 in India with a 1.2-litre i-VTEC petrol engine. Now, Honda has fitted it with both petrol and diesel power to take on the premium hatchback segment.

Honda City

The City sedan is one of Honda’s most popular car in India and claims a top spot in the sedan segment. The City has 1.5-litre petrol and 1.5-litre diesel engine. The former produces 119bhp/145Nm while the diesel produces 99bhp/200Nm.

Honda Accord

The flagship offering from Honda, the Accord is safety conscious with dual front airbags, curtain airbags, and side airbags. It has a 2.0-litre i-MMD 4-cylinder petrol engine with an electronic motor and a battery pack with lithium-ion giving 190bhp power and 306Nm of torque.

Honda CR-V (All-New)

The CR-V is a full-size SUV that seats five. The CR-V is offered with six airbags standard along with ABS and EBD for occupant safety. In engines, Honda offers two options – the 2.0-litre or the 2.4-litre four cylinder petrol engines. The 2.0-litre engine develops 154bhp of power and 190Nm of torque with a six-speed manual or a five-speed automatic gearbox and front-wheel drive. The 2.4-litre engine is five-speed automatic and torque on demand four-wheel- drive.

Other Factors to Consider

Other than your premium and coverage amount, there are a few factors to keep in mind when choosing your motor insurance.

  • What is not covered: Under specific policies, there will be certain conditions under which the insurance company will not cover any of the damage. Some of these are common—an unlicensed driver or liability on the driver’s part. Some are more specific, so check the policy carefully.

  • PUC: Without a pollution under control certificate, no motor insurance is valid in India. Even if your premiums are paidup if your PUC is not up to date, then your insurance company may refuse to pay up, and the Supreme Court will back them up.

  • Modifications: Car modifications that are not part of the pre-planned car like roof rails and others are generally not covered by your insurance.

  • Type of engine: Petrol and diesel engines do not have the same insurance premiums, and the size of your engine will also matter. Be sure that you have the right quotes for your car since Honda motor vehicles now often have a choice between the type of engine.

Compare quotes before you choose your Honda insurance type. Pay only for the right insurance.

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