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Super Top-Up Health Insurance Plans

What's better? A scoop of simple vanilla ice cream or one with extra toppings like chocolate chips, sprinkles, nuts, etc? These toppings over your basic vanilla ice cream will enhance the flavour which most people like more. This is the same condition that happens with health insurance.

If you add super top-up health insurance to your base health insurance policy, it provides you with additional coverage benefits. In case you need support specifically for a particular healthcare or an emergency. It will save you money and provide you with an extra layer of protection.

This article will guide you further about the features, and benefits and provide you with vital information about a super top-up health plan.

What does super top-up health insurance mean?

A super top-up plan is an additional layer of protection that covers you beyond the existing policy benefits. It acts like a booster in case your base health insurance is unable to meet the requirements for your medical expenses like ambulance, consultation, hospitalization, pre and post-medical care, and so on.

Note- Opting for a deductible amount is compulsory to buy super top-up plans.

But what is a deductible for super top-ups?

A deductible amount is the pre-set limit that you need to pay for medical bills at the time of hospitalization.

You will only be able to claim your super top-up when the total medical expenses are larger than the deductible limit.

How does it work?

Let's understand this with an example:-

Ankit has a super top-up health insurance plan with;

Base health policy - 50 Lakhs

Sum insured for super top-up - 20 Lakhs

The deductible limit for super top-up - 5 Lakhs

Ankit needs to fulfil this deductible limit in the first place, only after that, he can claim against his super top-up policy. Once the deductible limit of INR 5 Lakhs is over, his super top-up insurer will cover the rest of the medical expenses that remain after paying the deductible.

But there's a catch! The base health policy of Ankit will pay his deductible amount and the remaining expenses will be paid by his super top-up health policy.

To make things easier to understand:

Assuming his hospital bill=7 Lakhs

The base policy will pay the 5 Lakhs deductible amount for super top-up to settle his claim

The remaining 2 Lakhs will be paid by his super top-up plan insurer.

Features and advantages of a super top-up plan

Check below the features and the benefits super top-up plans have to offer to the policyholders:-

Features Explanation
Higher value sum insured The sum insured is adequate to cover huge expenses related to healthcare services
Affordable premiums In terms of affordability, these plans are pocket-friendly but provide optimum coverage
Extended coverageSuper top-ups can provide senior citizens with advanced healthcare at affordable prices
Tax benefits You can avail of tax-saving benefits under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act of India
Cashless facilityGet cashless treatment facilitation at the networking hospitals of your insurance providers
Freedom to customize Customize your plan with deductibles or additional coverage benefits a/c to your needs

Inclusions and exclusions of super top-up health policy

Below is a list of what a super top-up plan does and does not cover:-

Inclusions Exclusions
Regular health checkups Unless the deductibles get exhausted, can't claim
Daycare treatment Pre-existing medical conditions
Pre and post-hospitalizationBeautification treatment
Ambulance charges Pre and post-natal care
ICU room chargesUnprescribed hospital admission
Domiciliary hospitalization Out-patient treatments
No-claim bonus at renewals Alcoholism or smoking-related issues
Waiver of premiums (like, in case of a critical illness)Adventurous activities or life-threatening action
Maternity benefits (under specific limits)Suicide or murder

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5 best super top-up health insurance plans in India

Below are some of the best super top-up plans available in India that you must check out:-

Plan Name
Entry age (min-max)
Sum insured
Waiting period
USPs Check Plans
Care Enhance 5 years - No limit 1 - 55 Lakhs30 daysNo pre-medical test
Covers modern treatment procedures
Flexibility with the deductible limit
NiveBupa Health Recharge 18 - 65 years 2 - 95 Lakhs30 daysNo room rent capping
Unlimited e-consultation facility is available
Diagnostics and pharma services are available
HDFC ERGO My: Health Medisure Super Top-Up 18 - 65 years 1 - 10 Lakhs30 daysConstant premiums beyond 60 years
No pre-medical check-ups till 55 years
More coverage on lower premiums
Bajaj Allianz Extra Care Plus 91 days - 80 years3 - 50 Lakhs30 daysAir ambulance services are covered
Organ donor expenses are covered
Maternity coverage benefits
ManipalCigna Super Top Up Plus 91 days - No Limit 3 - 30 Lakhs30 daysGuaranteed cumulative bonus
Organ donor expense benefits
Non-medical expenditure cover
What is Entry age?

The age (last birthday) at which you buy an insurance policy is your entry age to that policy. Insurance policies usually come with a minimum and maximum age at entry which means that you must attain a specific age or should be less than the maximum age to buy a policy.

What is Sum insured?

Sum insured is the maximum monetary coverage that a health insurance policy provides you. You should decide your sum insured based on the cost of medical treatments, your health, income, and lifestyle habits.

What is Waiting Period?

It is the time just after the purchase of a policy when the policyholder has to wait before getting any benefits.

Wrapping it up

Buying a super top-up with your base medical insurance policy will secure you in times of uncertainty. However, it compulsorily comes with a deductible that may feel like a task to pay out of your pocket. But buying super top-ups is a wise decision to avoid a financial constraint in future. It can enhance your coverage benefits at a very low additional premium. It comes in handy if you feel the sum insured amount is not enough to manage your medical care expenses.

If you can get much more benefits with just a little more investment, then what's the wait?

Buy only the best super top-up health plans with PolicyX. Now!

Super Top-up Health Insurance: FAQ's

1. Should I buy a super top-up health plan?

Buying a super top-up health insurance policy is not only cost-effective but also provides additional coverage.

2. What should I check before buying super top-up plans?

You should consider these pointers while buying a super top-up health insurance

  • Premium affordability but with an adequate coverage amount
  • Compare before buying the policy
  • The deductible limit over the sum insured
  • Claim settlement record of the company
  • Cashless facilities at networking hospitals

3. Is there any disadvantage to buying super top-up plans?

One of the biggest disadvantages of buying super top-up health plans is its higher deductible limit.

4. Do I need to choose a deductible in a super top-up health insurance policy?

Yes, you can choose the deductible limit according to your needs and affordability.

5. Can I buy a super top-up plan without having a health policy?

Super top-ups are meant to be an added financial solution to your base health policy. So, you should not buy it as a standalone policy, but with a standard health insurance plan for better coverage options.

6. Is there a waiting period for super top-up plans?

Yes, the waiting period for a super top-up health policy depends upon the insurance company or the plan you buy.

7. Who should buy a super top-up plan?

Individuals who are over 60 years old can consider buying this plan, as it can cover more medical needs/costs. Or, if you have a basic health plan with insufficient sum insured, you must choose a super top-up health policy.

8. How can I buy a super top-up health plan?

You can buy a super top-up plan from from its official website. Click here to know more.

9. Which documents are required to buy super top-up plans?

The documents that follow to buy a basic health insurance plan are required for super top-ups as well. These include- KYC documents (Aadhaar, PAN, DL, etc), residential proofs (electricity, Aadhar, rent agreement, etc), bank passbook, and age proofs (certificates of education/matriculation, Aadhar, etc).

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