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The current outbreak of coronavirus has created a lot of havoc around the globe. As per the reports of the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, there are 14,35,483 total cases in India and 32,771 people have died already.

With the rapidly increasing cases of this virus, the question arises, will a life insurance policy cover the death of a policyholder due to coronavirus? Also, if one can get a life insurance policy after contracting the virus?

Read ahead to find out...

Will my existing life insurance cover death due to coronavirus?

In case a policyholder passes away due to COVID-19, then the beneficiary or nominee of the policy will receive the death benefit as a sum assured amount. However, the beneficiary must be aware that the death caused by any health-related issues is generally covered under a life insurance policy including the term insurance as well. 

In short, the nominee can claim for the death benefit in the event of the death of the policyholder during the policy tenure due to any eventuality (including COVID-19).

Is it a smart idea to buy a life insurance policy at the time of COVID-19?

This unpredictable pandemic has for sure made a lot of people understand the importance of buying the life insurance policy. Though it's a good idea to buy life insurance at this moment, you should keep in mind that premiums of your policy will be determined on the basis of your health and medical history. 

Hence, if you are currently in the stage of the application, it's quite reasonable to assume that a global health crisis (like the coronavirus) can have some impact on your policy acceptance and premiums. At the time of buying a life insurance policy, if the policyholder discloses all details correctly and is not infected with coronavirus, the insurer is liable to pay the death benefit claim even if it arises due to death from coronavirus infection (afterwards).

What if COVID-19 is covered under critical illnesses by insurance companies?

Generally, life insurance policies don't deny death benefits caused by any illness. However, while purchasing a policy, one needs to check the details of the policy. For example, if your life insurance policy has listed coronavirus under critical illness, then its benefits will be paid out (or not paid out) as per the terms of the insurance policy.

Considering the present times, having life insurance is of utmost importance and should be a part of your financial planning. Not only will it secure yourself and your family against any unfortunate events but will also provide a financial cushion in such fatal pandemics.

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Ques 1: Can I claim death benefit due to COVID-19 under a lapsed life insurance policy?

Answer: No, a death claim will be only payable if the life insurance policy is active at the time of death of the insured and all premiums due till the date of death has been paid as per the terms and conditions of the policy.

Ques. 2: How can I intimate a COVID-19 death claim?

Answer: In the case of death of the policyholder due to COVID, the nominee can visit the nearest branch office of their insurance Company. If the branch is closed due to the lockdown restrictions, the nominee can contact the customer care through a toll-free number or an e-mail.

Ques 3: What documents are required to apply for a life insurance claim?

Answer: The below-mentioned documents are required to be submitted:

  1. Claim intimation form along with your recent passport size photo of the claimant
  2. Death Certificate from Municipal Authorities
  3. Copy of cause of death issued by Doctor or Hospital Authorities & relevant test reports
  4. KYC of the claimant
  5. Cancelled cheque of the claimant
  6. Original policy document 
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