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Mahindra Car Insurance

Mahindra & Mahindra LTD holds the status of prominent Indian car manufacturer operating unanimously across India and in other developed countries. An Indian multinational that started its business in 1945 by constructing cars brimming with latest technology and established standards. Mahindra Car Company is named as the Largest Vehicle Manufacturer present in India with international tie-ups.

Mahindra cars models such as Bolero, SUV are highly preferred Mahindra cars among the Indian population due to its robustness. Purchasing car insurance to protect Mahindra cars from third party liability and other natural disasters should be priority of owner. You will find a range of car insurance provider in the market that offer wide protection to your car.

Another fact related Mahindra car insurance is greater the involvement of exquisite features in a car higher will the premium value.

For example

If you are thinking to buy a car insurance for a brand new Mahindra XUV, then the premium is relatively higher as compared to other cheaper cars models. While calculating the premium, factors like manufacturing date and IDV value of the car are considered.

However, when a person buys car insurance for Mahindra KUV100 NXT, the premium will be less comparatively as the features and price are lower.

What Kind of Automobiles Mahindra Manufacture?

Till date, Mahindra & Mahindra have gained expertise in contriving-

1.Car Model

2.Saloon cars

3.Lightweight Commercial Vehicles

4.Jeep Cars


6.Buses used for Passengers

7.Three wheeler vehicle

4 Reasons to Insure Your Mahindra Car Now

  • Security from Natural disasters: Nobody has control over natural disasters which are unpredictable and have heinous consequences. So, the moment when you buy car insurance for your mahindra car, this relieves you from the tension of major events

  • Cashless Garage: Once you have purchased Mahindra car insurance, you can easily avail the service of garage at a zero price. The entire amount of repairs will be borne by the insurance company on the notification.

  • Free From Loss Done To Third Party Car: If the loss has been done by you by mistake at time of driving the insured car, the insurer will cover all the damages by paying directly to the third party in the court. This eventually saves the money and also ensures compensation to the damages vehicle.

  • Roadside Assistance: Suppose your cars get crashed in the middle of the road due to any technical or mechanical default caused by malfunctioning of the engine or any other art. This makes the situation terrible as finding a garage or any mechanic can demand time and effort, if you don't have an insurance.

    But when your car is insured, then you can easily call the company's service team and ask them for assistance at the current location.

Mahindra Car Models and its Price

Mahindra Car Models Car Prices (approx.) Engine capacity
Mahindra XUV 300 Rs. 7.90 lakhs 1197 cc
Mahindra XUV 500 Rs. 12.23 lakhs 2179 cc
Mahindra Bolero Rs. 7.74 lakhs 2523 cc
Mahindra Bolero Power Plus Rs. 7.19 lakhs 1493 cc
Mahindra Scorpio Rs. 10.00 lakhs 2179 cc
Mahindra Verito Vibe Rs. 6.58 lakh 1461 cc
Mahindra Thar Rs. 6.83 lakhs 2498 cc
Mahindra Verito Rs. 7.61 lakh 1461 cc
Mahindra Xylo Rs. 9.42 lakh 2489 cc
Mahindra Marazzo Rs 10.18 lakhs 1497 cc
MahindraTuv300 Plus Rs. 8.49 lakh 1493 cc

Best Selling Cars of Mahindra Car Insurance

Mahindra Bolero

A jumbo size car produced by Mahindra & Mahindra that has given tough competition to other brand in the market.

Specific Features:

  1. Price range is between Rs. 7.99 lakhs and Rs. 12.62 lakhs.

  2. Available in 10 variants with 6 different colors. Colors available are diamond White, Mist silver, Java Brown, Fiery Black, Rocky Beige, Toreador Red.

  3. 2523 engine displacement with power of 63 bhp@3200 rpm and supports 4 cylinders.

  4. 15.69 kmpl to 16.5 kmpl of mileage with fuel tank capacity of 60L.

  5. Engine Immobilizer, Child Protection Lock, Central Locking, Rear Wiper.

  6. Front Cup Holders, Keyless Entry, Engine Immobilizer, New Muscular Bumpers, Contemporary Body Decals, ORVM

Mahindra Scorpio

A car with highest selling in the financial year 2019 where the total units sold is 1,62,000. Plus with affordable prices and technological advancements, the car has attracted huge volumes of sale.

Specific Features:

  1. Price range is between Rs. 5.9 lakhs and Rs. 7.6 lakhs.

  2. Colors available are diamond White, Mist silver, Java Brown, Fiery Black, Rocky Beige, Toreador Red.

  3. 2523 cc engine with power of 46.3 KW@ 3200 rpm, 5 speed gear-box

  4. Digital display, m2DiCR engine, Engine Immobilizer, front and rear brake clutch, central locking.

  5. Luxurious seven seater, latest muscular bumpers, Drive information system, 12 V charging point, voice messaging system.

Mahindra XUV 300

After the above two models, the car that became choice of thousands is XUV 300 that is compatible and fits the budget of normal population.

Specific Features:

  1. Price range is between Rs. 7.90 lakhs and Rs. 12.14 lakhs.

  2. Comes in 10 variants with petrol and diesel options.

  3. Colors available are sunburst orange, pearl white, Red Rage, Napoli Black, Aquamarine, Dual tone Aquamarine, Dual tone Red Rage.

  4. 1497 cc/ 1497 cc engine with power of 115bhp@3750rpm, 6 speed gear-box, 4 cylinders, mileage 17 to 20 kmpl, 42 Liters of Fuel Capacity, 259 litres boot space

  5. m2DiCR engine, Engine Immobilizer, front and rear brake clutch, impact sensing auto door.

  6. Front and Rear Power Windows, Driver and Passenger Airbags, ABS, Central Locking, 9 Touch Screen Infotainment, 2 Tweeters, Bluetooth Connectivity, USB and Auxiliary input etc.

Global Presence of Mahindra Cars

Mahindra & Mahindra have chosen some international partners for the export and to carry on manufacturing process its automobiles

  1. USA

  2. Italy

  3. South Africa

  4. Egypt

  5. South Korea

Companies Selling Mahindra Car Insurance

In order to protect your old/ new Mahindra Car, there are numerous insurance companies operating in india has designed car insurance cover to give exclusive protection. These are-

  1. United India Insurance Company

  2. Bharti AXA GI

  3. Royal Sundaram

  4. Reliance General

  5. ICICI Lombard

  6. HDFC Standard

  7. Bajaj Allianz

  8. Chola MS

  9. Iffco tokio

  1. National Insurance

  2. Oriental insurance

  3. Universal Sompo

  4. Tata AIG

  5. New India Insurance

  6. Future Generali

  7. Liberty Motor Insurance

  8. Oriental General Insurance

  9. Sriram Insurance

Damages/Repairs Covered in Mahindra Car Insurance

  1. Loss due to Accidents: Car involving in accidental damages or any external damages happening due to breaking of side mirror by other car, dent in the car, damages during parking by other drivers, pedestrian carelessness, glass damage, etc.

  2. Natural Disasters: Natural events that are happened by god without any notice like hail storms, floods, frost, hurricanes, earthquakes, typhoons, landslides, rockslides and tornadoes etc are covered. It is included in comprehensive coverage but not in third party liability coverage.

  3. Fire & Explosion, Riot & Strike: Suppose you have insured your Mahindra car and after some years of usage it got damaged due to fire explosion in the engine. What will happen after that? The insurer will pay for the ruins without bothering your pocket.

  4. Personal Accident: While driving a car, the driver is prone to multiple risk of personal accident caused either by the mistake of oneself or by other carelessness. Such incidents can cost you a heavy price. Getting a car insurance can really save you and your vehicle from major and minor accidents.

  5. Burglary, Housebreaking/ Theft: When you buy Mahindra car insurance, you can stay worryless from unfortunate theft/ burglary of the car. Why? Because, the respective car insurer will compensate the total loss arrived after the notification of the event.

  6. Third Party Liability: Third party damages are common on roads whether ravages are done to property or body of the individual. Such situation arises during hectic traffic jams or reckless driving of individuals or drink and driving

Damages/Not Covered

  1. Wear and Tear Loss: The wear and tear such as rusting of car body, scratches, loss due to harsh weather conditions, or any other breakage.

  2. Mechanical/ electrical breakdown: If there is any mechanical issues like tire breaking, heating of the engine due to extreme weather conditions, short circuit, infestation rodents, etc are not covered.

  3. Driving without a valid license/ RC: As under traffic rules and regulation, the driver must respect the road safety standards for longer life of himself as well as his car. Owning and Carrying a driving license is as important as having breakfast, dinner, and lunch in your daily schedule.

  4. Damages due to Drink & Drive: If a person is found to have traces of being under the influence of alcohol or any hallucinogenic substance, the claim is repudiated by the insurance company.

  5. Private cars used for Commercial Purposes: If any model of Mahindra is insured for a single use or private use and by any means, if it is used for the commercial purpose does not qualify for the coverage. Any destruction happened during commercial use will not get compensated.

  6. Deliberate Loss to Car: The person or any enemy who purposely creates destruction/ damage to the vehicle, the car insurance company is not liable to pay the loss. Even if you make a claim for this, they will examine the conditions and can reject the claim based on their observations.

Mahindra Car Insurance Discounts

  1. No claim bonus: NCB percentage can effectively reduce the value of total premium and made your coverage more cheaper. No claim bonus percentage will depend upon the regular renewal without making any claim during the claim.

    A 20% NCB for the one claim free years, 35% for three claim free year, 455 for four claim free year and 50% for continuous five claim year.

  2. Voluntary Deductibles: Under this, the car owner has the freedom to pay an agreed amount by himself without any constraint. The discount will be given in proportion to the amount of deductible chosen.

    For example, if a person opts for a deductible of Rs 2000 then 20% discount is given whereas if Rs 15000 of deductible can give 35% of discount on you premium.

  3. Membership of AAI: If the person holds any membership of Automobile Association of India, then a reward in the form of premium discount is reserved.

  4. Antitheft Device in Car: If you equip your Mahindra car with anti-theft device, then you can earn a 5% or more discount on the premium. Anti-theft installation involves locks for the steering wheel and gear, Airbags, anti-theft alarms etc.

Add-On Protection Coverage

  1. Zero / Nil Depreciation: This add-on cover will protect your car from all the damage associated to fiberglass, rubber, batteries, tires, air bags, nylon, and plastic parts, etc are covered. Plus under this expenses are paid by the insurer without evaluating the depreciation value of the car. This will save the money of policyholder and enhances the worth of coverage. This can be purchased for new cars only.

  2. NCB Retention Cover: How the cover works? The covers stands to provide safety to accumulated percentage of NCB earned overtime. No claim bonus is a discount that is offered on the premium of car insurance. Also, a maximum of 50% of NCB can be earned through regular renewals and by not making any claim in a policy year.

    The NCB retention cover will save your NCB from getting exhausted even if you apply for a claim. This will also ensures lesser premiums for the same sum insured.

  3. Engine and Gearbox Cover: Engine is like the heart of car whose functioning is most crucial to the overall performance of the car. Also, the engine and gearbox are prone degradation after regular usage or due to harsh weather conditions.

    The cover is to provide compensation for the expenses coming from damage to car engine and gearbox parts

  4. Cost of Consumables: Consumable used in the repair, maintenance of Mahindra are covered against the premium payment with base premium. This includes cost of washers, screws, lubricants, other oils, bearings, water, gaskets, sealants, filters. In a base car insurance, consumables cost is strictly not covered. By purchasing this optional rider, owner can eliminate the monthly expense of consumables as all the cost is borne by insurer.

  5. Key replacement: The theft or burglary of car keys can cause inconvenience to the vehicle owner. This cover promises to cover the cost of creating duplicate keys, replacement of keys and the cost of rental car taken for travel if the issue of new keys takes more than 24 hours.

    However, the insured has to respect following guidelines-

    1. Two claims can be raised during the whole tenure of the car insurance policy.

    2. Before making claim, First Information Report (FIR) must be filed with the police department.

Mahindra Car Insurance Claim Process

On the happening of any event whether accident/ theft/ burglary of the Insured car, following steps must be taken-

  • The car owner has can make a claim with respect to the conditions mentioned under policy schedule. Before making a claim, the policyholder must read the policy document.

  • On the occurrence of valid and acceptable claim as mentioned above in "Damages covered", the insured must convey the claim as quickly as possible to get timely coverage. For stolen cars, FIR must be filed with the nearest police authorities.

  • Ask for the Claim Form from the insurer and fill in the requisite information like personal details, claim details.

  • Collect relevant documents which should be self-attested in order to experience a convenient claim process.

  • Following the submission of claim to the insurer, the company will send an inspection officer. The officer is responsible to conduct a deep research on the loss/ damage done to vehicle by analysing each facet.

  • The inspection officer will pass a positive report if harm caused is genuine and documents received is true to information.

  • The claim will be cleared on receiving positive results and

For Third Party Claims

  • If you have damaged the car of any other person, then you are expected to communicate the issue before ensuring for court settlement to the third party.

  • A photocopy of the legal notice is to be submitted with the insurer. Third party will serve you a legal notice for the damage done by your vehicle.

  • Also, other requested documents must be presented for the satisfaction of the insurer.

  • Insurer will examine the information provided as well as the accident. A lawyer will be appointed if claim is approved.

  • During the hearing in court, if the decision is in favor of the third party, then the insurer will pay all the admissible expenses.

Documents for Claim Process

For Accidental Damages

  • Insurance documents or copy of the policy.

  • Copy of Registration Certificate

  • Original tax receipt

  • Photocopy of Driving license as well as the original (of the person driving the car whilst the accident)

  • FIR or police panchanama (for bodily injuries or death to third party and/or his/ her property)

  • Repair Expenses arrived of the car

  • Payment receipts/ repair bills involved in repair of damages.

  • Photos of the car and the accident scene to get full coverage.

For Theft Related Damages

  • Original Policy Document provided at the time of purchase

  • Registration book along with theft endorsement from the concerned Regional Transport Office plus tax payment receipt

  • Details of the insurance policy, such as policy number, period of insurance, and the insurance company

  • All the booklets, keys, and warranty cards issued during the purchase.

  • FIR or Panchanama a;long with JMFC report / Final Investigation Report.

  • Acknowledged copy of letter addressed to the Regional Transport Office

Renewal Process of Mahindra Car Insurance

  1. The first step is to visit PolicyX Web Insurance Aggregator and hit the motor insurance button in the menu bar. Look at "Free Quotes From Top Insurers".

  2. Then, fill in the requisite car details like car model, petrol/ diesel variant, RTO number etc. Afterwards, choose the renewal option and also state whether insurance cover is expired or not.

  3. Enter the personal details like mobile number, name, email ID to receive car insurance quotes from distinct insurers.

  4. PolicyX will fetch coverage with variant premium prices. Compare the prices and other additional features.

  5. Purchase the Add-on Cover if it is suitable according to your car requirements.

  6. Choose the insurer that is giving best insurance deal and also read the policy brochure before moving to purchase.

  7. Move further to make payment for the coverage chosen through any electronic medium like Debit/ Credit card/ Net Banking etc.

  8. Payment is confirmed through generation of online receipt describing the date, premium paid, policy expiry date, car model, etc. Take a print of the renewed policy.

Please Note : Every company follows a different renewal process. However, the steps illustrated above are just a glimpse that an insured car owner can follow.

Modes Of Buying Mahindra Car Insurance

  1. Through Car Insurance Web Aggregators: By choosing PolicyX web insurance aggregator, you will get multiple car insurance quotes from numerous insurance providers offering different premium rates for the same car. The whole process of comparison is online which deliver accurate knowledge about plans and its benefits.

  2. Through company's website: In order to insured your new or old car, you can directly visit the website of the company who is providing Mahindra Car insurance. However, you cannot compare and is under limitations as you only have one choice.

Documents Required to Buy Mahindra Car Insurance

  1. Car Registration number

  2. Previous car policy number (if you have any)

  3. Car manufacturing date (mm/yy)

  4. Engine number

  5. Date of car purchase

  6. Name of the City from where car is bought

  7. Chassis number

  8. Your contact details provided in the registration certificate of the car. (address, mobile number and email address.

  9. A photocopy of the car's RC booklet

5 Step Process To Buy Mahindra Car Insurance

The online process to buy Mahindra car insurance has proved to be very effective in saving time, energy and money of a common man.

  • Open PolicyX Web Insurance Aggregator insurance. Enter the details of the car as well as personal details based on which premium will be decided.

  • Compare car insurance quotes by using compare portal of PolicyX. Compare the prices, coverage value, claim settlement ratio of each company and then choose a company.

  • Request insurance quotes by submitting information. Quotes from the various car insurance company are presented on the portal with various discounts. The one which suits your pocket and is beneficial for the car too can be purchased. Don't miss out on any discounts that can significantly lessen your premium rates.

  • After choosing the company, you will get two options of car insurance namely third-party liability or comprehensive cover. Choose any one.

  • You can also attach the Optional Cover for enhanced protection to your vehicle. This can fluctuate the basic premium amount as add-on cover demands extra premium.

NOTE: It is also significant to examine the claim settlement ratio of the company. This step will ensure timely claim acceptance and reimbursement of claim amount.


How many types Mahindra car insurance is available?

There are two types of coverage-

  1. Third Party Cover: This is mandatory cover and includes third party liability.

  2. Comprehensive Cover: Cover all the damages caused by natural calamities, theft, burglary, personal accident, strikes etc

What are deductibles in car insurance?

The deductibles are the proportion of claim amount which is to be shared by insured with the insurer.

Is car insurance important for our cars?

Yes, as per the rules and regulations of IRDA, it is imperative to buy car insurance whether it is for private use or commercial use. If Anyone is caught driving a car without insurance is liable to deposit a heavy penalty to the traffic police officials.

What is the maximum time under a claim can be informed?

The maximum time taken by an insurer is 7 days/ 48 hours/ 24 hours during which the information of the event is to be communicated to the insurer. The time limit changes from insurer to insurer.

If I have extra CNG/ LPG Gas fittings in my Mahindra Car, what cover should I choose?

If such a case happens, then the insurance company must be informed about the same at the event of making the proposal to insure the car. This extra fitting is to be insured separately.

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