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Invention Of The Wheel

Man has always wanted to move from place to place quickly. When man discovered the wheel, he realised that the friction against the surface could be greatly reduced and he could move faster.

The next step in innovation happened when man started to level the surface over which wheels would move. In the process, road building started in human history.

Initially, human beings and animals used to power the carts with wheels by pulling and pushing them using muscle power.

Invention Of The Modern Automobile

Then in the early 1920s, the internal combustion engine and automobiles were invented in the U.S.A.

By the 1940s and the 1950s, Japan, Europe, and the U.S.A. emerged as the centres of automobile excellence and innovation.

Japanese Automakers Take Pole Position

Japanese car manufacturers began to compete strongly with their American and European counterparts. In rapidly developing and emerging automobile markets like India and Africa, Toyota emerged as a leading player.

The Strengths Of Toyota

Toyota's strength is its superior engineering skills, and many of its compact, reasonably priced and environmentally friendly car models are very popular in the Indian market.

The other quality that Toyota is famous for is the reliability of its models. It is a dependable brand that consumers everywhere in the world have come to develop faith in.

Some Of The Popular Models Of Toyota

Mid-Sized Sedans: The Corolla and the Altis

Toyota 'Corolla' and it'smore premium variant the 'Corolla Altis' are models that have been Toyota flagship models in some ways for many years in the global market, including in India.
The Corolla is a mid-sized family sedan that is driven by professionals and by adults who live in an urban and small nuclear family with their children.
Along with its solid and dependable positioning, the Corolla and Corolla Altis develop a very healthy 125 PS of power and torque of 16.1@4,200 (kgm@rpm). So whether you are commuting to work or zipping down a national highway, this is a car model that will serve you well in all situations. In India, the Corolla also communicates high social status, power, and prosperity.
From the premium-positioning angle, the Corolla Altis with its generous splashes of shiny chrome on the door handles and its superior accessories is the choice of vehicle for many upwardly mobile young professionals.

Toyota's Luxury Saloon: The Camry

Like many automakers, Toyota has also opted for a 'family look' whether it is a mid-sized, mid-price range comfortable and convenient family sedan like the Corolla or a high-end premium luxury saloon like the Toyota Camry. The Camry also comes in an environment-friendly ‘Hybrid’ model that has dual energy sources.
It has a fuel-efficient petrol engine as well as an advanced state-of-the-art electric motor. Depending on the driving situation, the car intelligently switches between the two power sources. This decreases the overall 'carbon footprint' as well as the polluting potential of the Camry.
The Camry falls in what is called the luxury segment or the 'D' segment in India. The engine displaces almost two-and-a-halflitres and the power that is transmitted to the front wheels is in the region of 157.7 BHP. The car is saloon sized with enough space to accommodate passengers and the driver in luxury and comfort.
Multiple airbags in the Camry lend a sense of safety and security to the driver and to all the passengers in the case of a powerful impact.
Most people who choose the Camry are senior corporate professionals and well-to-do businessmen who prefer to be driven around in comfort and luxury.
Like all luxury saloons in India, the colours white, black and silver are very popular among those who choose the Camry.
Union and state governments in India also use the Corolla for many senior bureaucrats as their official car and the Camry for those who hold high office like state governors.

The Toyota Etios

At one level of price and luxury below what is described as the 'C' class Corolla lies the affordable Toyota model in the ‘B’ class called the 'Etios.'This is a compact sedan that is a good entry-level sedan for young professionals who are in the market to buy their first sedan or 'three box car' as some people like to call it in India. If your first sedan is a Toyota, then you have also managed to start the process of growing up the prestige and value chain of Toyota models as you keep rising in your corporate career.
The Etios is available as a compact sedan variant known as the Platinum Etios. It is also available in the market in the form of a hatchback car called the 'Etios Liva' as well as a sports hatchback variant known as the 'Etios Cross.' These hatchback variants appeal to the younger population who are looking for an even more affordable Toyota car.

The Toyota MUV: Innova

The Toyota Multi Utility Vehicle (MUV) that has ruled the roads of India for years as a people carrier both in the commercial vehicle space as well as in the privately-owned vehicle space is the 'Innova.'
It is a large vehicle that comfortably seats a number of adults and children of a large family. The latest variant of the Innova known as the Innova Crysta also looks better and has more chrome on its door handles.

Toyota's Large SUV: The Fortuner

Toyota has a large and high-end Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) known as the Fortuner. This vehicle appeals to those who desire a commanding presence on the roads and who want space and comfort.

The Landcruiser

The Toyota Landcruiser and the Toyota Landcruiser Prado are the two top-end SUV variants that are available. Those who wish to drive or be driven around in expensive, luxurious and spacious comfort opt for these models.

Toyota Car Insurance

Whichever model of Toyota car you finally purchase based on your choice, needs, and budget, please make sure you protect it through a car insurance policy that you purchase.
You can go in for a third party insurance policy that will insure third parties from any damage that you might cause to their vehicles, bodies or property while driving your Toyota car on the roads but it will not insure your own body or your own Toyota car.
For that, you will need to purchase a comprehensive Toyota car insurance policy with an 'own damage' clause. Such a policy will insure your own body and your own Toyota car in the event of any mishap while you are driving the car on the road.

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