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Health Insurance In Madurai

Madurai is the cultural capital of Tamil Nadu with a rich heritage. One of the major cities of Tamil Nadu after Coimbatore and Chennai, it is the hub for education nesting a large student population. The city is home to multiple automobile, rubber, and chemical manufacturing industries. With renowned government and private medical institutions, Madurai is a pioneer in providing healthcare. People across Tamil Nadu, travel to Madurai seeking quality medical care treatments.

Benefits Of Investing In Health Insurance In Madurai?

Health insurance is necessary in India, regardless of the city you reside in. It is essential for you and your loved ones in case of any unforeseen medical emergency. Similarly, there are multiple benefits of investing in a health insurance plan in Madurai if you are a resident of that city:

  • Cashless Hospitalization Benefits

    All major private health insurance providers in India have a robust network hospital panel in the city. You can opt for the best health insurance plan fitting your medical care needs.
  • Quick Claim Settlement Response

    A developed city like Madurai offers efficient claim settlement services from all big health insurance players ensuring you do not have to struggle during times of distress.
  • Availability of Modern Treatments

    Madurai is known for its renowned hospitals and medical institutions offering modern and advanced treatments for critical illnesses like cancer, organ failures, and more.
  • Tax Benefits

    Investing in health insurance in Madurai ensures you can avail of tax benefits under section 80D as per the income tax laws of the country.
  • 360-degree customer service

    Madurai is known to be a key contributor to the Indian economy, with multiple manufacturing industries creating numerous jobs in the city. Employees of manufacturing industries are one phone call away from enquiring or seeking support from their health insurers in Madurai.

Best Health Insurance In Madurai

The residents of Madurai understand the importance of buying a health insurance plan given the consistently rising medical care costs. Let us take a look at the various family and individual health plans in Madurai:

Health Insurance In Madurai Sum Insured Available Premium Quotes

Niva Bupa Aspire Gold+
Up to 1 Crore INR 834/Month

Niva Bupa ReAssure 2.0
Up to INR 1 Crore INR 768/ Month

ICICI Lombard Health AdvantEdge
Upto INR 3 Crores INR 865/ Month

Star Critical Illness Multipay Policy
Up to 25 Lakhs INR 174/Month

Niva Bupa CritiCare
Up to 2 Crores INR 197/ Month

To find more health plans in Madurai, connect with PolicyX health insurance experts who can help you find the right fit for your family.

Factors To Consider When Buying Health Insurance In Madurai

It may often be confusing when purchasing a health plan as there are multiple options in the market. It is best to look for health insurance plans in Madurai that offer comprehensive coverage. Below are some tips to consider to make the best purchase decision:

  • As per insurance experts, it is advised to invest in a health plan with a sum insured at least 50% of your annual income or buy a health plan with a minimum sum insured of INR 10 Lakhs.
  • Consider network hospitals provided by your health insurer in your vicinity to avail efficient healthcare services at the earliest.
  • Look for comprehensive coverage in a health insurance plan offering 360-degree coverage per your requirements. For example, look for minimal pre-existing diseases (PEDs) waiting periods if you want to cover diseases like diabetes.
  • Consider checking the claim settlement ratio of your health insurance plan and how efficient they are in settling claims.
  • Consider customer support efficiency and if your health insurer will provide you with the right assistance at the right time.

Buying Health Insurance In Madurai With PolicyX

The residents of Madurai know it is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3 to buy health insurance online on

  • Visit the official website of PolicyX
  • Select ‘Health Insurance’ from the header tab
  • Find the ‘Customized Health Insurance Plan for You’ form in the top right corner
  • Fill in details required to understand your coverage requirements such as ‘the number of members to be covered’, ‘age’, ‘city’, ‘name’, and ‘location’
  • Click on ‘Get Quotes’ once you have filled in all the details
  • Compare all health plans in Madurai with features and premium quotes
  • Proceed to purchase an ideal health plan

Network Hospitals In Madurai

Want To Know More?

Still pondering on what to do next? Talk to a PolicyX insurance expert today and clear all your doubts about health plans in Madurai instantly.

Health Insurance In Madurai: FAQs

1. What kinds of health plans are available in Madurai?

All categories of health insurance plans like personal accident, critical care, individual, family, and senior citizen health plans are available in Madurai.

2. How much sum insured do I need to live a comfortable life in Madurai?

It is advised by health insurance experts to have a minimum coverage of INR 10 Lakhs or have at least 50% of your annual income as the sum insured regardless of the city you are residing in.

3. What are the factors to consider before purchasing health insurance in Madurai?

The various factors to consider are:

  • Sum insured
  • Pre-existing disease coverage
  • Network hospitals
  • Claim settlement of an insurance company

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