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Tata AIG Tata MediCare Plan

Tata AIG MediCare is an ideal blend of features and coverage that caters to your utmost health requirements at the time of medical emergencies. You can get amazing benefits with some extra features, such as global coverage, bariatric surgery coverage, COVID-19 treatment coverage, and much more. From cumulative bonus to multiple sum insured options, you can get all-around health safety for you and your family, that too, without burning holes in your pocket. Tata AIG MediCare health insurance can be divided into three categories:

  • Tata AIG MediCare
  • Tata AIG MediCare Premier
  • Tata AIG MediCare Protect

Eligibility & Conditions

he entry age for Tata MediCare Health Insurance (Premier & Protect) is 91 days to 65 years and there is no maximum entry age for a MediCare plan. The policy term is from 1-3 years. More conditions are mentioned below:

PlanSum InsuredPre-Existing Waiting Period
Tata AIG MediCare PlanRs.3-20 Lakhs36 months
Tata AIG MediCare Protect PlanRs.2-5 Lakhs48 months
Tata AIG MediCare Premier PlanRs.5-50 Lakhs24 months

**Last Updated on 12-01-2021

What are the features common to all the Tata MediCare plan variants?

The plan comes with delightful features, which help out a great deal at the time of a medical emergency. Let's learn about them.

Restore Benefits: Restore your sum insured to 100% automatically.

Consumable Benefits: Covers expenses for consumables that are consumed during the period of hospitalization while treating the insured person.

Day Care Procedures: Covers expenses for more than 540 day care treatments due to injury/illness/disease.

In-Patient Treatment: It covers the medical expenses of the insured person in case (s)he is admitted to the hospital.

AYUSH Treatments: Covers expenses for the in-patient treatment taken under Unani, Ayurveda, Sidha, or Homeopathy.

Cumulative Bonus: Grab a 50% increase to the cumulative bonus (maximum 100%) for every claim year.

Ambulance Cover: Covers expenses of the ambulance for transporting the insured person for hospitalization.

  • MediCare Plan: Rs.3,000
  • MediCare Protect Plan: Rs.1,000
  • MediCare Premier Plan: Rs.5000

Domiciliary Treatment: Covers expenses associated with domiciliary hospitalization of the insured person.

Compassionate Travel: In case there is no family member with the insured person at the hospital and the insured person needs to be hospitalized for more than 5 consecutive days, coverage up to Rs. 20,000 associated with the round-trip first-class railway ticket or economy class air ticket (for an immediate family member) will be provided.

Pre & Post-Hospitalization Medical Expenses: Looks after the medical expenses before and after hospitalization.

Organ Donor: In case the insured person is the recipient of an organ, coverage for medical as well as surgical expenses will be provided.

Health-checkup: The insured can freely undergo preventive health check-up in a policy year and its expenses will be paid by the plan (up to 1% of SI, maximum Rs.10,000).

What are the key benefits of Tata MediCare plan variants?

For a better understanding, we have listed useful benefits for two variants (MediCare Protect doesn't come with unique benefits) separately. Let's take a look at it.

Tata MediCare Plan

  • Global Cover: If the insured wants to avail of medical treatment outside India, the plan will look after inpatient & day care hospitalization expenses (up to the policy's TnCs), provided that the diagnosis is made in India.
  • Bariatric Surgery: In case the insured undergoes bariatric surgery for obesity, the plan is liable to pay for its expenses.
  • Vaccination Cover: With this variant, the insured can avail coverage against Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine & Hepatitis B vaccine, provided (s)he is covered for 2 continuous policy years. Typhoid and Anti-rabies vaccine coverage are also available without any waiting period.

Tata MediCare Premier Plan

  • Emergency Air Ambulance: If the insured is a victim of an emergency life-threatening health condition and requires immediate transportation to the hospital via airplane or helicopter, the plan will look after its expenses up to Rs.5 Lakhs.
  • High-End Diagnostics: Covers expenses incurred against listed diagnostic tests on an OPD basis (up to Rs.25,000/policy year).
  • First-year Vaccinations: With this variant, vaccination expenses for up to one year (after the child birth) are covered up to Rs.10,000, provided the child is covered under the plan.

What's the importance of the Tata MediCare plan?

Let's say you are a healthy person and feel that you do not need any health insurance. One day, you met with an accident and suffered critical injuries. You were immediately transported to the emergency room for surgery.

Now, the cost of your surgery can rise to lakhs of rupees, which can extract out all your life savings. With a health insurance policy, your bill will be significantly reduced in a manner that will not burn holes in your pocket.

So, what can Tata MediCare insurance plan do for you?

  • Protects you from rising medical costs: The medical cost has significantly risen in the current scenario due to a plethora of reasons. Therefore, in case of a medical emergency, Tata MediCare can prevent you from breaking your bank.
  • Covers pre & post-hospitalization expenses: Tata MediCare not only covers the expenses of mainstream medical treatments but also the OPD treatments.
  • Free preventions: You can get free vaccines, screenings, and preventive medical check-ups.
  • Additional benefits: From ambulance coverage, day care coverage to AYUSH treatments, and much more, Tata MediCare is a one-stop solution for all your health needs.

How's Tata MediCare better than Tata MediRaksha?

Both the health plans offered by Tata AIG are good, but there are a few benefits that MediCare provides in a better capacity as compared to MediRaksha. Let's take a look.

Sum InsuredUp to Rs.50 lakhsUp to Rs.1 lakh
Day care procedures covered540+144

**Last Updated on 12-01-2021

What's not covered in the Tata MediCare plan?

Below are a few conditions, which aren't liable to get the coverage under the plan:

  • Psychiatric or mental disorders.
  • The treatment carried out by a medical practitioner, which is not in his/her discipline.
  • Plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery unless extremely important as a treatment for the reconstruction after cancer, burns, or accident.
  • Alcoholic Pancreatitis.

For a detailed list of exclusions, kindly refer to the policy document.

How to buy Tata MediCare Plan?

Buying a MediCare plan can be a breeze if you do it from Tata's website. Let's learn more about it.

  • Visit the official website of Tata AIG. Click on ‘All Products' and then on ‘MediCare'.
  • Choose the family member(s) you want to cover and click on ‘Get Plan'.
  • Enter the details and click on ‘See Plan'.
  • Choose the plan variant and check the policy details.
  • Pay the premium to buy the plan.
  • The policy document will be mailed to the registered id.

In case of any troubles, you can get in touch (1800-4200-269) with the experts of PolicyX.com.

Documents required

If you are buying a Tata AIG health insurance plan for the first time, you will need the following documents:

  • Identity proof
  • Address proof
  • Age proof
  • Photograph
  • Medical examination report (if required depending on your age and sum insured selected)
  • Any other document as required by TATA AIG

How to register a claim for Tata MediCare Plan (Cashless & Reimbursement Claim)?

Tata AIG allows its customers to register for health insurance claims. Here is the process-

Process for cashless claim

  • Choose a network hospital that is tied up with Tata AIG.
  • Go to the TPA/insurance desk of the hospital and fill up and submit a pre-authorization claim form, which contains all the details of your claim. You should fill and submit this document within the prescribed time. However, in the case of an emergency, the form has to be submitted within 24 hours of hospitalization.
  • The company will then assess and approve the claim based on the pre-authorization form.
  • Once your claim is approved, you can opt for cashless treatment and the hospital expenses will be directly dealt with by the company.

Process for reimbursement

In case you have taken treatment at a hospital that is not listed under the Tata AIG or if the network hospital didn't accept your claim, then you need to bear all the medical expenses on your own.

Later on after discharge,

  • You can file your claim with the company.
  • Then submit all the necessary documents.
  • Your medical expenses will be reimbursed within the promised time (if successful verification is done and dusted).


1. Is Tata AIG MediCare a plan for an individual or family?

This plan can be issued to both the individual and/or the family.

2. Are day care procedures included in Tata AIG's MediCare plan?

Yes. Day care treatments are included in this plan.

3. What is the cancellation process under the Tata AIG MediCare plan?

If you aren't happy with the TnC's of the plan, you have 15 days to cancel it from the purchase date.

4. How many members can I cover under the Tata AIG MediCare plan?

You can cover up to 7 members. This may vary as per the chosen plan variant.

5. At what age do I need to undergo a medical screening to buy the policy?

Individuals aged 46 years and above need to undergo a medical screening (Tele-Medical Examination Report).

**Last Updated on 12-01-2021