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Life insurance offers the most unique way to provide financial security to the family in case of the unfortunate demise of the policyholder. The death benefits are very beneficial to plan future events for the rest of the family left behind.

Insurance companies may reject life insurance claims due to misrepresentation or fraudulent activity. Knowing them will help in avoiding mistakes and lead a peaceful life.

What can get your Life Insurance Claim Rejected?

Here are a few essential facts that you (as a claimant/nominee) should learn to avoid getting your life insurance claim rejected: 

Delay to file a claim

Any carelessness and delay in the application of the claim process is a blunder. The insurance company is to be informed about the death of the policyholder at the earliest. 

On-time payment of premiums

The premium payment should be on time. A non-payment of premium can result in the lapse of the policy, and the lapsed policy is not entertained by the insurance company at the time of death claim.

Lifestyle changes

The lifestyle changes are also to be informed to the insurance companies. For instance, when a person bought life insurance, (s)he was a non-smoker. Over-time, (s)he starts to drink and smoke. So, in this case, things should be updated and clarified to the insurer. 

Nature of your job

In case you are employed as a fire extinguisher or a construction worker, you need to mention this before buying a policy from the insurance company. The basic premium is calculated considering normal mortality. Any increased risk is covered by an additional premium. Insurance companies have detailed segregation of occupations based on the level of exposure to a hazard, which is used to arrive at a suitable premium. Failing to do this, might create problems for the nominee at the time of claiming the death benefits.

Nominee information 

The forms should contain the complete name and detailed address of the nominee because at the time of claiming the policy, these facts are cross verified by the insurer and if the nominee fails to provide the proof, the claim is rejected.

False Information in the application

Policyholders should not provide false information to the insurance company. This may lead to cancellation of the policy and legal action against the concerned party. 

Exclusions under Life Insurance Policy

If you do not know the exclusions of the policy, you might face difficulty in making a claim. Certain cases like death due to drunk driving, terrorist attack or due to a natural calamity are not considered under the policy. 

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What to do if your life insurance claim is rejected?

After the submission of documents, the insurance company gets back to you with either of the following outcomes- 

  1. Missing detail
  2. Acceptance of claim
  3. Rejection of claim

If you forgot to share some important documents with the company, you are required to do it at the earliest. In case your claim is rejected, the company provides a reason for it and you have the right to appeal against it. 

If the company has rejected your claim based on unproven grounds, you need to connect with the company’s representative to clear the air. If you don’t get a positive response, your only option is to take the help of IRDA to proceed further. 


Avoid any mistake that can lead to life insurance claim rejection. To safeguard your financial aspect, always read the terms and conditions carefully. One can prevent the life insurance claim from the denial by avoiding minor mistakes.

Naval Goel is the founder of He is an Associate Member of the Indian Institute of Insurance`, Pune. He has been authorized by IRDA to act as a Principal Officer of Insurance Web Aggregator.
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