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LIC Aadhaar Stambh
  • Auto Cover Facility
  • Low Premium Plan
  • No Medical Test
  • Accidental Benefit Rider
  • Tax Benefit Under 80C & 10D
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LIC Aadhaar Stambh Plan

LIC's Aadhaar Stambh Plan (UIN: 512N310V01) is a non-linked insurance plan, with profits and regular premium paying endowment plan. It is a aggregation for both savings as well as protection. LIC’s Aadhaar Stambh Plan is exclusively for male policyholders having aadhaar cards issued by UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India). This is a loyalty addition based plan and does not require any medical tests, available standard healthy lives.

It provides financial support to the family in case of unfortunate death of policyholder before maturity and a lump sum amount at the time of maturity for the surviving policyholder.

Features of LIC Aadhaar Stambh

  • This plan provides auto cover facility i.e., it provides Auto cover and cash flow requirements along with loan facility.
  • Available only for males.
  • It is a low premium plan.
  • It is an Endowment policy wherein the amount is given as a lump sum at maturity i.e., at the end of the term.
  • In this plan, Loyalty Addition will be paid additionally if the death occurs after 5 years, whereas normal insurance coverage will equal to Basic Sum Assured.
  • At the maturity of this plan, the policyholder receives Basic Sum Assured+Loyalty Addition.
  • Critical illness benefits are not available under this plan.
  • Loan facility is available under this plan but only after completion of three years.
  • Benefits like LIC’s Accidental Rider and permanent disability rider are available.
  • The revival of a lapsed policy is available under this policy within the two years of first unpaid premium.
  • Paid premiums are exempted from income tax under Section 80c of the Income Tax Act, 1961.
  • Maturity amount is tax-free under Section 10 (10D) of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

Benefits of LIC Aadhaar Stambh

Maturity Benefit

On successful completion of the term policy while the assured is alive i.e. after all the due premiums will be clear, Maturity Benefit=Basic Sum Assured+Loyalty Addition.

Death Benefit

On death during the first 5 years of the policy:

The death claim amount will be equal to Basic Sum Assured.

On death after 5 years of the policy and before maturity:

The death claim amount will be equal to Basic Sum Assured+Loyalty Addition (LA).

*Note: Loyalty Addition can be availed only after successful completion of 5 years.

Sum assured on death is the higher of 10 times of the annualized premium or basic sum assured. This benefit is not less than 105% of the premiums paid until death. Premiums paid does not include either taxes or any type of extra charges due to rider premiums.

Loyalty Addition

On completion of 5 yeras of the policy and payment of the full premium has been done for at least five years, then the policyholder is liable for Loyalty Addition if he/she dies during the policy term or by the time of maturity. On completion of policy years, Loyalty Addition will be paid covered by a paid-up policy if it was in force. Loyalty addition is also considered during Special Surrender Value Calculation on surrender of the policy during the term, only if the policy will complete five years, and at least for five years, full premium has been paid.

Optional Accidental Benefit Rider

Policyholders above 18 years of age have the option of taking the advantage of LIC’s Accidental Benefit Rider with this plan, which will provide an additional amount equal to basic sum assured in case of death caused due to the accident.

Date of Commencement of Risk

Under this plan, the risk will commence immediately from the date of inception of policy. It also includes minor lives.

Payment of Premiums

Premium under this policy can be paid in intervals in the form of yearly, half-yearly, quarterly and monthly, where monthly premium can only be through NACH or salary deduction during the term of the policy. A grace period of one month but not less than 30 days is allowed for payment of yearly or half-yearly or quarterly premiums and 15 days for monthly premiums.


A revival period of 2 years is given to the assured from the date of first unpaid premium but before the date of maturity. This happens when the policy gets lapsed if the premium is not paid by the end of the grace period. The policy can be revived by paying all due premium along with interest at such rate as fixed by the Corporation at the time of the payment, subject to the submission of satisfactory evidence of continued insurability.

Paid-Up Value

All the benefits under the policy will cease after the expiry of the grace period and nothing will be paid if the premiums have been paid for less than 3 years. In case of premium fully paid for three years and any subsequent premium is not duly paid, then the policy won’t be ceased but continued as a paid-up policy.

At Maturity the Maximum Age is 70 years (nearest birthday)

Date of risk initiation:

In this policy, the infant/juvenile is also covered and the risk will be initiated from the acceptance date itself.

*The overall Basic Sum Assured under this plan will not excel Rs. 3 lakhs.

Sample Premium Rates:

Some of the sample annual premium rates (service tax excluded) per Rs. 1000 Basic Sum Assured are as follows:

Age/Term 10 15 20
10 89.10 53.60 36.40
20 89.45 53.95 36.75
30 89.65 54.25 37.20
40 90.60 55.65 39.10
50 94.10 60.00 44.2

Rebate on Different Mode:

  • Yearly mode - 2% of Tabular Premium
  • Half-yearly mode - 1% of Tabular premium
  • Quarterly, Monthly (through NACH) & Salary deduction - NIL

High Basic Sum Assured Rebate:

Basic Sum Assured (BSA) Rebate (Rs.)

  • 775,000 to 1,90,000 - Nil
  • 2,00,000 to 2,90,000 – 1.50% of BSA
  • 3,00,000 - 2.00%o BSA

Maturity Details

If policyholder completes 20 years and pays all premium successfully, then Maturity will be as under:

Maturity Year (from now) Age at Maturity Total Premium Paid Maturity Amount (Approx.)
2039 48 2,08,860 3,00,000+Loyalty Addition

Death Claim Details

Following table provides policy year-wise and age-wise total premium paid and death claim details. In case of accidental death, additional amount equal to Sum Assured is also included in death claim amount.

How to Understand Following Table?

Suppose if, unfortunate death of policy holder happens in year 2023 (at age 34), then by that time total premium paid will be Rs. 73,101 and nominee will get death claim as 3,00,000+Loyalty Addition; in case of normal death or Rs. 6,00,000+Loyalty Addition as accidental death claim in case of death due to accident and policy will stop.

Year Age Total Paid Premium Normal Life Cover (Approx.) Accidental Life Cover (Approx.) Return
2017 28 10443 300000 600000 -
2018 29 20886 300000 600000 -
2019 30 31329 300000 600000 -
2020 31 41772 300000 600000 -
2021 32 52215 300000 600000 -
2022 33 62658 300000 + LA 600000 + LA -
2023 34 73101 300000 + LA 600000 + LA -
2024 35 83544 300000 + LA 600000 + LA -
2025 36 93987 300000 + LA 600000 + LA -
2026 37 104430 300000 + LA 600000 + LA -
2027 38 114873 300000 + LA 600000 + LA -
2028 39 125316 300000 + LA 600000 + LA -
2029 40 135759 300000 + LA 600000 + LA -
2030 41 146202 300000 + LA 600000 + LA -
2031 42 156645 300000 + LA 600000 + LA -
2032 43 167088 300000 + LA 600000 + LA -
2033 44 177531 300000 + LA 600000 + LA -
2034 45 187974 300000 + LA 600000 + LA -
2035 46 198417 300000 + LA 600000 + LA -
2036 47 208860 300000 + LA 600000 + LA -
2037 48 Maturity 300000 + LA

Above example has been prepared for illustration purpose only, for more details, please visit to LIC Website

Eligibility Criteria and Restrictions

Minimum entry age At least should be 8 years
Maximum entry age Should not be above 55 years
Max. maturity age Should not be above 70 years
Sum assured Minimum basic sum assured=Rs. 75,000;
Maximum basic sum assured=Rs. 3,00,000;
Basic sum assured will be provided in multiples of Rs. 5,000
Policy term 10 years to 20 years
Premium payment term 10 years to 20 years
Date of risk commencement Risk coverage will commence immediately from the date of policy issue
Payment of premiums Premiums for the plan can be paid on an annual, semi-annual, quarterly, or monthly basis; monthly premium payment will only be allowed under the NACH (National Automated Clearing House) method
Rebate Yearly-2%; Half yearly-1%; Quarterly and Monthly-Nil

Things to Remember

Auto Cover Period

The period from the due date of first unpaid premium (FUP) is “Auto Cover Period” under a paid-up policy. The duration of Auto Cover Period will be as follows:

  1. Auto Cover Period for 6 months will be available, if at least 3 full years but less than 5 full years premiums are already paid and any consecutive premium is not timely paid.
  2. Auto Cover Period for 2 years will be available, if at least 5 full years but less than 5 full years premiums are already paid and any consecutive premium is not timely paid.

Surrender Value

If the premiums have been paid for 3 subsequent years continuously then the policyholder can surrender the policy anytime. LIC will pay the Surrender Value equal to higher of Guaranteed Surrender Value and Special Surrender Value after the surrender of the policy.

The Special Surrender Value is fixed by LIC periodically based on the former approval of IRDAI.

The Guaranteed Surrender Value paid at the time of policy term is the total premiums paid multiplied by the Guaranteed Surrender Value factor effective to total premiums paid under the policy.

For Example: For a policy tenure of 10 years and if the policy is surrendered in 9th or 10th of the policy year, the Guaranteed Surrender Value factor expressed in percentage works out to be 80.00%. Similarly, for a policy tenure of 15 years and if the policy is surrendered in 14th or 15th of the policy year surrendered, the Guaranteed Surrender Value factor expressed in percentage works out to be 80.00%.

These Guaranteed Surrender Value factors expressed as percentages are solely depending on the policy term and policy year in which the policy is surrendered.

Policy Loan

Premiums paid does not include either taxes or any type of extra charges due to rider premiums.

If the policy has a surrender value based on the terms and conditions by LIC priodically, then the loan will be provided at the time of policy term. The interest rate is decided by the Corporation only.

For the year 2016-17, the paid avail interest rate is 10% p.a. half-yearly.

Maximum loan (% of surrender value) is as under:

  • For inforce policies – upto 90%
  • For paid-up policies – upto 80%

The latest loan amount along with interest will be restored during exit from the claims to be paid then.


Legal Taxes, will be applicable as per the laws of Government of India or Tax Authority of India and will be updated regularly if there is a change by the government.

Service Tax will be charged for the premiums paid under the policy. This tax amount paid to the government will not be calculated for the future benefits of the plan.

Free look period

Within 15 days of the issuance of the policy, if the person does not agree to the clauses of the policy then he/she can cancel the policy anytime within that period. After the cancellation process, LIC will return the amount of premium deposit, deducting the risk premium and stam duty charges.



  1. If the policyholder commits suicide within 12 months from the date of initiation of risk, LIC will not hold attention to any claim except for 80% of the premiums paid (if the policy is in force).
  2. If the policyholder commits suicide within 12 months from the date of revival, LIC will pay 80% of the premiums paid till the date of death or the surrender value and will not hold attention to any other claim. This condition will not be availed if the policy gets lapsed.

*Note: Premiums paid does not include either taxes or any type of extra charges due to rider premiums.

Last updated on 2-07-2019