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LIC Online Registration

LIC offers the very best to their customers when it comes to products and services. They of course, ensure that they provide the very best opportunity to their customers, in terms of investing in their insurance policies (and more). But they have also made the process of registration even more simplified and convenient once and for all, for everyone.

Why Register With LIC?

Registering online with LIC gives a lot of flexibility to the person insured as all the benefits that were present during the previous process (where the policyholder had to either go to the agent or the company), have now been brought all the way to the policyholder’s doorstep. This empowers the person insured as they have more say and knowledge in their policy. And in addition to this, they feel more secure in the comfort of their policy knowledge.

Moreover, the entire payment process from start to finish becomes very easy for the policyholder. From keeping informed of which all premiums have been paid and have to be paid, to making the premium payment online, to even having the option of downloading the receipt of the payment from the e-service, the policyholder can become independent and take charge of their policy and all things policy related.

One USP of this is also that registration with LIC also offers the option of adding one more policy on the online portal. This can be done by the policyholder from the comfort of their home and done by themselves if they wish to do so.

And finally, the point that will seal the deal for anyone who might still be in doubt, is that the security of all policies and policy-related work is paramount to the company. And so they take extra precaution when ensuring the availability of premium payments from the policyholder’s side. Since the company and the bank (which is known to the person paying) are both verified and known to the policyholder, there is no chance of any fraudulent transactions taking place.

Life Insurance Companies

Compare and buy the most suitable Life Insurance Plan from the below-mentioned IRDAI-approved Life Insurance companies.

Register What?

The registration process will be different depending on the reason for registration. What you are applying to register for, will consequently offer different pages and you will be guided accordingly.

You can register either as an insurance agent under LIC, or you can register as an existing policyholder.

To register as an insurance agent -

  • To be associated with LIC registration as an agent, you need to have an agent code. To acquire an agent code, you need to clear an exam. You have to be cleared by the regulatory authority which in this case, would be the IRDA (that is, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority).
  • In addition to gaining this clearance, for registering as an agent, one needs to fill out an agent registration form on LIC’s website. Here, they simply ask for all your basic details and qualifications. (For more details on this, kindly get in touch with your agent advisor or simply visit licdelhi.net and search for the agent registration tab)

To register for LIC e Portal as a client/policyholder

  • The only main criteria for registering for LIC’s e Portal services is that the person should be an existing LIC policyholder.
  • Whoever wants to register for LIC e Portal, must have their OWN policy with LIC. That is the only current catch here, that a person cannot make an account on behalf of their spouse neither can they combine the policy with their spouse.
  • Each account will have its own policyholder and will be registered to only one individual.
  • In case of minors, the parent or guardian can register their policy as well. However, as soon as they become adults, they will have to create their own policy id’s to get the e-services working again on their policies on the portal.
  • The actual registering process required for an account on the LIC e Portal is a simple and a stress-free process.

If Not Registered On LIC Portal -

  • Go to the main website, that is, www.licindia.in and search for the tab called “new user”.
  • Fill up all the necessary information that is mandatory and create your own unique customer id and password.
  • Once these steps are completed, congratulations! You are now registered on the LIC e Portal!
  • To gain further access to all e portal services, simply go to the e-services section and log in using your newly created user-id and password and fill up the form to register all policies that are currently in force for the policyholder.
  • Take a print out of the form, ensure that the form is signed by the policyholder, scan and upload the complete, filled out form.
  • Upload the scanned copy of the policyholder’s Aadhar Card or PAN Card or Passport.
  • Once all the documents have been verified by the officials from LIC company, a verification SMS and email will be sent to the policyholder.
  • Once the policyholder has the confirmation SMS and email, they can start using the LIC e Portal services!

If Already registered on LIC Portal -

  • Log in using your unique user id and password.
  • Upload all policies held by the policyholder for availing e Portal services.
  • Upload the filled out and signed form along with soft copies of the Aadhar Card or Passport or PAN Card.
  • Submit all the above-mentioned documents. Once the policyholder has the confirmation SMS and email, they can start using the LIC e Portal services!

By following the above-mentioned steps, it is the easiest, simplest and the most stress- free way to gain confidence, gain control over your life and the safety measures and wield your independence.

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