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LIC of India Policy Tracker

Insurances are one of the most under-rated investment plans in the current day scenario. Although we have heard a lot about the life insurances, term plans, endowment plans and all, we still remain clueless about how to go about it. Endless explanations from the agents leave us wanting for more information, and even if it is available, it is just not enough.

Keeping A Track Is Mandatory

After you have managed get that perfect policy for yourself, it is time to pay the premiums and keep a stringent check on the status of the policy. Let’s face it, we all tend to forget about it until the next premium is due. An irresponsible behavior in terms of policy purchase and services can defer several benefits which might have been in your kitty if it was the case otherwise. Life, as we know, is busy and it is only likely that you forget it. But do you ignore it completely?

But I Have Grace Periods, Right?

Even if grace periods are available and that can prevent the policy from a subsequent lapse, you still need to check the policy plan and term so that you do not stretch it so far. Staying updated about premium payments do not require you to run from pillar to post which in this case would be the agents you took the policy from or the LIC office themselves.

Access It Everywhere You Go

With the Digital India campaign in full swing, LIC has resorted to keeping you updated about each and everything that you should be ideally aware of. Available online too, now the services can be accessed at the click of a button. If the Wi-Fi is down, you can always pick that phone up and dial the customer care numbers listed. However, keep your policy number handy at all times for a quick response at the other end.

It Has Changed And Is Not Restricted Anymore

LIC has innovated itself and how. Once restricted to the four walls of the office building, it has now expanded like other private branches, thereby restoring its brand value. Policy-related information can be checked on the website which is listed publicly and can be accessed by anyone on a compatible web-browser. All you need to do is register on the portal with a user account. This account further enables you to check all the details that are associated with your policy and likes.

How To Register For The Online Services In LIC Portal?

First-time users need to fill the online registration services form and select the login credentials.

Enter a valid phone number and email address which will be instrumental in the verification process.

Once the verification link is sent to your id, you can click on it to verify it.

The page navigates to another landing page where you have an option to link your policy to your email id, and user account.

Now that you have every possible linkage in place, ensure and re-check that every information you provided is valid and original. In case of discrepancies, you wouldn’t be able to access proper information for your policies.

You can now login anytime using your credentials and check the details of schemes, accrued bonuses, premium dates, and so much more.

As you log in you get to a page which has a listing of the policies which is exclusively available for registered customers only.

As you scroll through the page or browse to and fro, you would find an option for viewing enrolled policies.

As you click on the link, it will again direct you to a linked page which has the details of all the policies that you have enrolled in, the date of policy purchase, the amount of premium due, the date of premium payment, bonuses that you have incurred as part of the plan, so on and so forth.

Check the status of the policy by clicking on the policy number. This allows you to get a more detailed and comprehensive view.

What If I Do Not Want To Access It Online?

Even if online is more convenient as an option, not many are comfortable with the idea of the same. More so because of limited internet access in areas which are still untouched. However, LIC offers other offline options such as phone calls and SMSs, which do not require an exclusive email id or password. So now you can stay updated easily without going through the hassles of accessing internet everywhere.

Send the USSD codes to the registered numbers as mentioned in the forms and documents to get information regarding the premium, revival amount, bonus additions, nomination details, loan amount available etc.

You could also send an SMS or call up the customer care number to check the IPP policy status, certificate due date, annuity release date, cheque clearance information, et al.

The round the clock customer service allows you to stay updated with the latest services and policies from the house of LIC. Dial a region code with a number followed by 12151 to access the closet one.

It Is That Easy

Every plan has its own USP and drawbacks. But identifying the right one is crucial. You can focus on wealth creation or focus on regular investment which gives you tax benefits under various Sections of the income tax act. Life Insurance Corporation has several plans that give you the prerogative to secure your family members individually and caters well to your financial goals.

Be it for your kids’ education, marriage or meeting short-term financial needs, LIC has something for everybody. Keeping a tab on the policy and its repayment options can help you stay on top of things and also protect it such that you do not have to pay a penalty for missing the grace period repayment or even recover it from a lapse. Stay informed at all times just at the click of a button.