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LIC Policy Tracker

In India, insurance is not among the much-appreciated investment plans yet. LIC is the name when it comes to purchasing insurance as it has gained the trust and loyalty towards an individual’s investment. Although we have heard a lot about life insurances, term plans, endowment plans, still we remain clueless about how to proceed further. Endless explanations from the agents leave us wanting for more information; this is where the LIC Policy Tracker comes in and helps us to retrieve the details within a few clicks sitting at home.

LIC Policy Tracker or the LIC e-Services are the online services provided by the LIC of India to its customers for the convenience of tracking a LIC policy and its various processes.

Services Offered by LIC

LIC has innovated itself and has now expanded like other private branches, thereby restoring its brand value. Policy-related information can be checked on the website and can be accessed by anyone in a compatible manner. All you need to do is to register on the portal with a user account else contact the customer care via call or SMS. The USER account further enables you to check all the details that are associated with your policy.

The different services offered by LIC online and overcall:

  1. Policy Schedule
  2. Policy Status
  3. Premium paid certificate
  4. Status of bonus
  5. Loan status
  6. Revival quotations
  7. Premium due calendar
  8. Claim status
  9. Claim history
  10. Grievance redressal

Why LIC Policy Tracker is Important?

Once you have managed to buy the perfect policy, it is time to pay the premiums and keep a stringent check on the status of the policy. In the busy schedule of our daily life, we tend to forget premium payment dates until the next date. Irresponsible behavior in terms of policy purchase and services can result in a delay of several benefits. That is why it is necessary to keep track and check the status of the policy so that it continues to be in effect and you can easily enjoy its benefits whenever needed.

Track LIC Policy Wherever You Go!

With the digital India campaign in full swing, LIC has also initiated its e-services to keep you updated about each and everything. The online availability of various services can be accessed at the click of a button, making it easy and feasible to the customers. Also, whenever the internet is not available around, you can always pick up the phone and dial the customer care number from the list provided by LIC for different cities and zones. However, keep your policy number handy at all times for a quick response from the other end.

But I Have Grace Period, Right?

Even if the grace period is available and that can prevent the policy from a subsequent lapse, you still need to check the policy plan and term so that you do not stretch it so far. Staying updated about premium payments do not require you to run from pillar to post which in this case would be the LIC agents or LIC office, the one, where you have purchased the policy.

How To Register Online?

  • First-time users need to fill the online registration form and set login credentials.
  • Enter a valid phone number and email address which will be required in the verification process.
  • Once the verification link is sent to your ID, click on it to verify it.
  • The page navigates to another page where you have an option to link your policy to your email ID and user account.
  • Now that you have every possible linkage in place, ensure and re-check that every information you provided is valid and original. In case of discrepancies, you wouldn’t be able to access proper information for your policies.
  • You can now login anytime using your credentials and check the details of the schemes, accrued bonuses, premium dates, and more.
  • As you log in you can a list of the policies which are exclusively available for registered customers only.
  • Scroll through the page and browse, you shall find an option for viewing enrolled policies.
  • Click on it, and it will display details of all the enrolled policies, the date of policy purchase, the amount of premium due, the date of premium payment, bonuses that you have incurred as part of the plan, and many more.
  • Check the status of the policy by clicking on the policy number. This allows you to get a more detailed and comprehensive view.

What If I Do Not Want to Access It Online?

Even if tracking online is a more convenient option, many people are not comfortable with it. However, LIC has provided other offline options also such as phone calls and SMS, which do not require an email ID or password. So now you can stay updated easily without any issues.

Send the USSD codes to the registered numbers as mentioned in the forms and documents to get information regarding the premium, revival amount, bonus additions, nomination details, loan amount available etc.

You can also send an SMS or call to the customer care number to check the IPP policy status, certificate due date, annuity release date, cheque clearance information, etc. The customer care services are 24/7 and allow you to stay updated with the latest services and policies from the house of LIC. Dial a region code with a number followed by 12151.

To specifically contact with the branch or regional office please check the link below containing the list for the customer care numbers according to their zones and places: LIC Customer Care

Is Tracking A LIC Policy Easy?

Yes, as we have discussed above the online services as well as calling or writing to customer care, is easy and hassle-free. All the necessary information is available within a few clicks you do not need to visit the LIC branch for any help and support. Just follow a few steps to track your LIC policy.

Tracking LIC Policy is easy, Register Online or Call Now!

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Priya Sharma


December 14, 2022

PolicyX has a smooth service from booking policy to verification. Employees are very patient and have good knowledge and help you throughout the process. Had great experience dealing with them

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I had many confusions regarding the term policies . But Policyx has handled it well, m happy that they are my wayfarer in this journey.

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July 11, 2022

Good company. Presents nice term insurance plans and flexible plans also. My husband has brought one for the family.

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July 11, 2022

IndiaFirst Term Insurance company ensures that your family s needs are looked after. One of the best companies offers a term plan per your needs.

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July 6, 2022

I recently received the claim amount of the policy that my husband had brought for us. I am glad that the company understands the needs of its customers and their families. Well done Canara HSB...

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Rishabh Kumar


July 6, 2022

I bought a term plan with Canara HSBC for the protection of my family and have been satisfied with the benefits received. It is simple and easy to buy their plans.

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Samarth Gaur


July 6, 2022

I am very happy with the term plans offered by the Canara HSBC Life Insurance company. The plans offer comprehensive coverage and I am sure will support my family after my demise.

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Vipul Bhardwaj


June 9, 2022

Bharti AXA is a good life insurance company, and I am sure if something ha[opens to me, the company will look after my family s needs.

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