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LIC e Services

LIC of India is one of the oldest and most trusted insurance companies. LIC has gained the trust of its customers along with satisfaction as per their needs by serving for so many years through its effective services.

Considering the different needs of the customers, LIC designs its policies suitable for all range and class of people and has started the LIC e-Services for their convenience. However, registering policies and paying premiums has become even easier through LIC e-Services. Now, people do not have to rush to their agents to fetch every information and performing various tasks such as premium payment or checking the status of policies, etc. through the LIC e-Services.

One can easily visit the LIC e-Services page in the website of LIC in order to make payment of premiums and checking the insurance status from time to time in a hassle-free manner sitting at home.

LIC e-Services Availability

LIC e-services can be easily availed by every LIC customer who holds an existing policy with the company. LIC online services allow the existing policyholders to register online their respective policies on LIC website. It enables policyholders to track every update regarding their policies and make payments online inclusive of various other online services. The best part exist in utilizing the e-services of LIC is one can easily register his/her spouse along with the childrens' and their policies, no worries of adding them separately and remember so many usernames and passwords.

Benefits of LIC Online Services

LIC online services provide its customers with an opportunity to maintain their policies. The smart online facility can solve any policy-related problems and queries. No more need to visit agents every now and then to make payments on time or other services.

Check out the online services LIC offers for the ease of its customers:

  • The foremost purpose is the online payment of premiums via different modes available, e.g. debit/credit card, net banking, BHIM, UPI.
  • Reviewing the status and updates on the policies.
  • Checking the status of loan details.
  • Addition or deletion of the names of nominees.
  • Check for claim history.
  • Online loan can be sanctioned on service request registration for the same.
  • Accessing distinct details and schemes of LIC insurance plans.
  • Online registration of complaints associated with the insurance plans and policies.

Additionally, several features can be accessible under online services. Let's look at the following:

  • Schedule of Policy: Policy bond consists of a policy schedule; the first page will show the schedule.
  • Status of Bonus: Total Accrued bonus till the time can be checked that is paid during the final payment under the LIC plan.
  • Status of Loan: Outstanding loan amount and dues for loan and interests paid under the policy will be shown.
  • Status of Claim: The dates for various benefits such as survival and maturity benefit unpaid at the time of policy term will be displayed as claim status so that you can proceed for claim settlement if applicable.
  • Revival Quotes: In case of lapsed policies, a revival quotation will be displayed.

Primary Features of LIC e-Services

LIC customers can enjoy comprehensive support regarding their policies and plans through LIC's online gateway. In fact, an online user can avail some of the services which were formerly available only on the LIC branches. LIC online service portal allows its registered users to avail every support service with few simple steps.

Some of the specifications of this gateway are as follows:

  • It allows a registered user to make sure if the issued policies are being enrolled.
  • With e-services, it has become easier to keep track of the due dates of the premiums of the policies and hence, completely ruling out the possibility of late premium payments.
  • Payment of premiums made through the online portal of LIC is the most convenient thing to do. One can make payments comfortably by following a few simple steps on the online payment portal of LIC.

The payment gateway of LIC also generates receipt after every payment of premiums which can be downloaded and printed to keep records of each payment made by you. Most importantly, the customers do not need to wait to receive their payment receipt. The receipt will be instantly generated on the website as soon as the payment procedure is being completed by you.

It has made the checking of the status of the policies simpler. You can easily check the policy status online by logging in to the LIC website.

The policyholder need not create new accounts for purchasing new policies every time. Your new policies can be added and updated in your existing account each and every time you buy a new policy.

One of the significant features of LIC e-services is to maintain the privacy of the insured. No data are being shared with the banks while payments are made. Just the payment of the sum of money to be made to LIC is shared with the bank.

LIC online portal has also provided its services abroad along with the maintenance of policies. The online payment portal allows the use of both internet banking and card payments, be it a credit or debit card. Hence, making the whole payment process much more hassle-free and convenient for foreign customers as well. The nonresidents no more need to pay an extra amount of money to their agents to maintain their policies and investments. LIC customers can easily handle their accounts from around the globe within a few clicks.

The best thing about the smart e-services of LIC is that it does not claim any extra money for availing the online portal. It is free of cost and policyholders can directly visit and login to the website without paying any additional charges for the services.

Life Insurance Companies

Compare and buy the most suitable Life Insurance Plan from the below-mentioned IRDAI-approved Life Insurance companies.

Registration in LIC Online Service Portal

Online registration in LIC portal is very simple and hassle-free. The stepwise procedure for registering online is discussed below:

  • Visit the official website of Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) i.e. www[dot]licindia[dot]in.
  • Then search and click on the option of 'LIC e-Services' on the same page.
  • You will be directed to a new page showing two options as follows: i) Registered User, ii) New User. If you are a registered user then click on the first option, else for registration your name for the first time you need to choose the second option and proceed as a 'New User'.
  • Now, you will be required to fill in some personal details such as the policy number, premium installments, birth date details and your personal email id. After providing all the details; select the 'proceed' option to continue.
  • You need to create your 'Username' and 'Password' for the LIC online registration on the next page.

After completion of creating the 'Username' and 'Password', click on 'finish'. You are good to go now!

You are now successfully registered in the LIC online portal and can login anytime from anywhere in the portal to enjoy LIC's free online services.

Once you logged in your LIC account using your username and password, the first page will display all the required options regarding your account and details. Now you can proceed further by registering all your policies one by one and the required information about all the investments going on with LIC.

Please note that It is necessary to register the policies on the website to make online premiums payment and check the policy status. And if you are not registering the policies and they are not enrolled you need to make the payment of the premiums as a non-registered user.


Almost every Indian has LIC policy of their own or taken by their parents and today it is easy to use the online services via internet so why not LIC? To make easy payment of premiums and check the status of your policy from anywhere anytime, go ahead! And register now. Stay away from the worries of lapsation of policy and paying any type of penalties for late payments etc.

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May 1, 2023

I seek help from PolicyX when it comes to purchasing any kind of insurance because they provide me with the best quotes and options for insurance

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Priya Sharma


December 14, 2022

PolicyX has a smooth service from booking policy to verification. Employees are very patient and have good knowledge and help you throughout the process. Had great experience dealing with them

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December 9, 2022

I had many confusions regarding the term policies . But Policyx has handled it well, m happy that they are my wayfarer in this journey.

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Prerna Kumari


July 11, 2022

Good company. Presents nice term insurance plans and flexible plans also. My husband has brought one for the family.

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Priya Sangwan


July 11, 2022

IndiaFirst Term Insurance company ensures that your family s needs are looked after. One of the best companies offers a term plan per your needs.

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Priyanshi Deewan


July 6, 2022

I recently received the claim amount of the policy that my husband had brought for us. I am glad that the company understands the needs of its customers and their families. Well done Canara HSB...

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Rishabh Kumar


July 6, 2022

I bought a term plan with Canara HSBC for the protection of my family and have been satisfied with the benefits received. It is simple and easy to buy their plans.

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Samarth Gaur


July 6, 2022

I am very happy with the term plans offered by the Canara HSBC Life Insurance company. The plans offer comprehensive coverage and I am sure will support my family after my demise.

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