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LIC of India e-Services

Life Insurance Corporation of India is one of the oldest and most trusted insurance companies. LIC has earned customer satisfaction and reliability through several decades of its efficient services.

Considering the diverse needs of the Indian population, it designs policies fitting all range and class of people. However, registering your policies and paying your premiums has become even easier through LIC e-services. Now, people do not have to go to their agents for premium payments or checking the status of your policies.

You can easily visit the LIC website in order to make payments of premium and checking your insurance status from time to time by yourself in a hassle-free manner.

Availing LIC e-Services

LIC e-services can easily be availed by any and every LIC customers who have an existing policy with the company. LIC online services allow these existing policyholders to register online their respective policies on LIC website. It enables to see every update regarding their policies and make payments online.

Various Purposes Of LIC Online Services

LIC online services provide its customers an opportunity for self-maintenance of their policies. This smart online facility can solve any policy related problems and queries. No more need to visit your agents every now and then to make payments on time. Basic purposes of online support of LIC are:

The foremost purpose is the online payments of premiums.

Reviewing the status and updates on the policies.

Checking the status of your loan details.

Entering the names of your nominees.

Accessing various details and designs of LIC insurance plans.

Online registering of complaints associated with the insurance plans and policies.

Some Basic Features Of LIC e-Services

LIC customers enjoy an all-round support regarding their policies and plans through this online gateway. In fact, an online user can avail some of the services which were formerly available just at the LIC branches of the city. LIC online service portal allows its registered users to avail any and every support with few simple steps sitting in the comfort of your home. Some basic features of this gateway are:

It allows a registered user to make sure if the issued policies are being enrolled.

With e-services, it has become easier to keep track of the due dates of the premiums of the policies and hence, completely ruling out the possibility of late premium payments.

Payment of premiums made through the online portal of LIC is the most convenient thing to do. One can make payments comfortably by following few simple steps on online payment portal of LIC.

The payment gateway of LIC also generates receipt after every payment of premiums which can be downloaded and printed to keep records of each payment made by you. Most importantly the customers do not need to wait to receive their payment receipt. The receipt will be instantly generated on the website as soon as the payment procedure is being completed by you.

It has made the checking of the status of the policies simpler. One can check it online by simply logging in to the LIC website.

The insurer does not need to make new accounts every time purchasing new policies. Your new policies can be added and updated in your existing account each and every time you buy a new policy.

Another important feature of LIC online support portal is the maintenance of privacy of the policyholder. No data are being shared with the banks while payments are made. Just the payment of the sum of money to be made to LIC is shared with the bank.

This online portal not only made the maintenance of policies easier but also provides a great opportunity to its customers abroad. The online payment portal allows the use of both internet banking and card payments, be it a credit or debit card. Thus, making the entire process of payment handy for the customers overseas. The nonresidents no more need to pay an extra amount of money to their agents to maintain their policies and investments. With few clicks, LIC customers can take care of their accounts by themselves from around the globe.

The best thing about the smart e-service of LIC is that it does not claim any extra money for availing the online portal. It is free of cost and policyholders can avail the website without paying any additional charges for the service.

Registering On LIC Online Service Portal

Registering on the online portal is one simple thing to do. For the first time users of the LIC website, it may seem difficult but actually is not. Registration at this portal is, in fact, more than simple. The process is stepwise discussed below:

i. Go to the authorized website of Life Insurance Corporation of India that is –

ii. Look for the ‘LIC e-Services’ option and press the button.

iii. This will direct you to a new page displaying two options to choose – 1) ‘Registered User’ and 2) ‘New User’. For registering your name, you have to select the second option. Click on the ‘New User’ option.

iv. This forwards to another page asking your personal details. You can find entry fields on this page. Here you need to fill in the policy No., premium installments, birth date details and the e-mail id you want to register here. After filling in the details click on the ‘proceed’ button to continue.

v. The subsequent page will ask you to create your own ‘Username’ and ‘Password’ for the LIC website. Your registration concludes here once you log in with your username and password on the website.

The first page of your website displays all the necessary options regarding your account. Here you can proceed further by registering each of your policies and investments made with LIC. Remember, you can see the status of your policies and can make payments of premiums only when you register your policies at this website first.

Only after registering your insurance details you can make the premium payments online. If your policies are not enrolled at the website you have to pay premiums as a non-registered user.