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LIC Kanyadan Policy - The Perfect Gift For Your Beloved Daughter

LIC Kanyadan policy is the perfect financial gift that you can give to your daughter. This is a unique plan that creates a fund for your daughter’s marriage and education. This is basically a fund for the future expenses of your daughter.

You could read the Kanyadan policy details in Hindi to know how the plan is designed as a combination of some researched plans so that it gives the maximum amount of profit and meets the objectives.

What Are The Benefits Of The LIC Kanyadan Policy?

Consider the earning, expenses and the inflation and you would soon figure out that it is difficult to save up for your daughter’s marriage. If you think that it is enough to just plan for your daughter's marriage then this is it. Read the LIC Kanyadan policy details 2017 to know how the LIC Kanyadan policy can let you plan better to give your daughter complete financial independence for her education and marriage as well as let her meet the special milestones in her life.

The LIC Kanyadan policy in Hindi pdf can be read to understand how the LIC Kanyadan policy relieves you from the stress of planning for your daughter’s school, college, higher education, and marriage. This LICKanyadan policy protects your daughter in the case of an unseen eventuality.

Read the LIC Kanyadan policy details 2017 in Hindi if you wish to understand more details of the LIC Kanyadan policy.your daughter is precious and she also needs a priceless gift from you which covers all her wishes not only for now but for her entire lifetime.

The LIC Kanyadan policy premium chart is self-explanatory and when you buy the LIC Kanyadan policy you will be able to meet all your daughter’s future requirements and be able to financially support her to fulfill all her dreams.

Know The LIC Kanyadan Policy

The LIC Kanyadan policy:

Gives your daughter complete financial freedom.

Even if something happens to you, the LIC Kanyadan policy will always protect your daughter and is there for you.

This policy helps you daughter have lifetime financial independence and even after she gets married.

The premium has to be paid for a short while only. You can choose to pay for 6, 10, 15 or 20 years.

The LIC Kanyadan policy is nothing but a gift that will stay with your daughter for a lifetime.

What Are Some Of The Key Features Of The LIC Kanyadan Policy?

Check the LIC Kanyadan policy table number to know more about this plan. Some ofthe key features of this policy that is designed for your daughter’s marriage are:

In case the father expires then the premium is waved off.

Immediate payment of 10 lakh in the case of an accidental demise.

Immediate payment of 5 lakh in the case of non-accidental demise.

50000 payment every year until the maturity date.

Full maturity amount at the time of maturity.

Those who stay outside India can also opt for this plan without visiting this country.The policy also has some features of the Narendra Modi Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana.

Benefits Of The LIC Kanyadan Policy

Look at the Kanyadan policy chart to know how taking theLIC Kanyadan policy will benefit you.

The policy is a blend of the whole like and money back plan.

The policy will last even when the market will fall. Thus it is perfectly tax –free.

The risk cover is there for a lifetime till the extent of the sum assured plus any additions and loyalty perks.

The policy keeps on paying even after your daughter gets married this first for every year till her complete lifetime.

Understand The LIC Kanyadan Policy 2017

This simple example will let you know how the LIC Kanyadan policy can be beneficial for you.

Suppose the age of the father is 30 years and the daughter is 1 year old. Assume that the father's salary is Rs 7,50,000. Let’stake an example where the term is 20/20 without a rider.

The benefit of the policy: If the father saves Rs. 100 each day for the next 20 days then she will get a lump sum of Rs7,20,000. After this, an amount of Rs 41250 is guaranteed to her for a lifetime till she attains the age of 100.

Suppose you can save Rs 10000 per day for your child. The benefit that she will reap after 15 years is a total of 50 lakhs per year once she is 16 years of age. The benefit gets paid to the child in 10 equal installments still she turns 26 years of age.the child gets a pension for a lifetime of Rs 45000 per month once she completes 26 years. She also gets a whole life insurance cover of Rs 1 crore.

The LIC Kanyadan Plan Stands Out

The LIC Kanyadan policy is a unique kind of policy and is the only such plan in the insurance sector. It offers financial help and at the same time covers the girl child requirements in the case of her parent’s death.The plan is thus outstanding. The LIC Kanyadan scheme is another name for this policy.

Should You Take The LIC Kanyadan Plan?

Your full life can become very short when you start to save for your daughter’s marriage. If you think that you have enough time to save money then you are wrong. It is better to start planning early so that your girl child has financial security be it for her education, her life or for her marriage. The policy also protects your daughter in the case of an unexpected death of the parent.

The LIC Kanyadan policy is much liked and has stood out among the rest of the plans. People are buying this policy instead of buying a mutual fund. The policy can be bought offline through an agent. This is also a lifetime policy which means that in case something happens to you then your daughter will get immediate of 5 lakhs, in case of your demise. In the case of an accident, your daughter will receive 10 lakhs.

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