LIC's Critical Illness Benefit Rider

LIC's Critical Illness Benefit Rider

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LIC's Critical Illness Benefit Rider Plan

One always needs support during bad times. LIC’s New Critical Illness Benefit Rider is a non- linked rider which provides aid in the form of financial assistance by reducing burden on the as-sured if he/she is diagnosed as suffering with any pre specified critical illness. This rider can only be attached to non-linked plans, at the time commencement of the base policy. LIC’s Critical Illness Benefit Rider offers an add-on benefit to the base plan.

Now let’s have a look at the plans to which this rider can be added;

Benefits of critical illness benefit rider

The critical illness sum assured is paid on the first diagnosis of any one of the 1 critical illness mentioned below. The critical illness rider is only paid once during the term of the policy while the policy is in force. Once the Critical Illness Sum Assured has been the rider is no more applicable.

Critical Illnesses covered under this plan are:

Eligibility and other restrictions

Premium rates

Form the date of commencement of the base policy which the rider is attached, the critical illness benefit rider rate are guaranteed for the first 5 years and later wards are revised depending on the Corporations experience under the rider.

Rebate for mode of premium payment and high sum assured

Rebate for mode of premium payment is same as mentioned under the base plan and there is no high sum assured under this rider.


Revival of critical illness benefit rider can only be considered along with the revival of base policy. All the terms and conditions applicable for the base policy will also be applicable for the rider.

Paid-up value

There is no paid-up for this rider.

Surrender value

No surrender value is available under this plan.


Any taxes imposed on critical illness benefit rider shall be as per tax laws and the rate of tax appli-cable from time to time.

Free look period

A free look period of 15 days is given to the policyholder from the date of inception of policy bond, in case the policyholder is not satisfied with the terms and conditions of the rider, he/she can return it stating the reasons of objections.

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