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Best Investment plans for 3 years

Investment plans are the most secure way to have financial support and wealth creation as well. It is true that investors love to explore new investment options to invest their money and short term investment is very popular among investors. Investment options with 1 to 5 years come under the short term options.

Keeping in mind the need of a common man to fulfil their short-term goals, the insurance sector has come up with several 3 year investment options.

Those who want to make the most of their invested money in short span of time should go for short term investment options. The whole concept of short term investment is to offer decent returns within a short span of time that is within a year of 3 years.

Let's take a look at the below sections and explore the Best Investment Plans for 3 years.

There may be some people who must be not aware of short term investment, below is a quick definition for your reference.

Unlike long term investments, short term investments are made to meet the financial needs within a short span of time. A short term investment is characterized by some common factors:

  • Investment tenure (< 1 year)
  • High liquidity
  • Keeping the principal intact
  • Getting an optimum return

Well, to be true, expecting huge returns with a short return within a short span of time can be a big mistake. The right thing that you can expect is realistic objective and expect optimum returns. If you are looking for the best investment options fo short term then search it out there are multiple options that you can explore.

Best Short Term Investment Options for 3 Years

Many people are unaware of the fact that they can invest in short term investments as well. If you're seeking investment plans with a short-term return goal, try investing in the below mentioned Best Investment Plans for 3 years in India:

Sr No.Short Term Investment OptionsIdeal For
1Savings accountsBetter liquidity (4%-7% returns)
2Liquid fundsPeople looking for secure investments (4%-7% returns)
3Short term fundsAt par with Liquid funds
4Recurring depositsPeople who want to invest on a monthly basis
5Arbitrage fundsIf held for more than year 8% interest
6Fixed maturity plansSimilar to FDs with a lock in period of 3 years
  1. Savings Account

    One of the easiest and safest manner to invest your cash is to having a savings account. The principle motive right here is liquidity, now not that lots on earning even though. Banks do not offer more than 4% to 7% return from financial savings accounts.

  2. Liquid funds

    Those are form of mutual funds that put money into brief term government certificate and securities of deposits. You may invest in it and can leave it anytime when you want. You should try restricting throwing on your emergency budget in those, as the redemption takes around 2 days. You will anticipate round 4%-7% put up tax return on liquid fund funding.

    Traders can recall liquid budget to park cash for a length as little as one day to as lots as 90 days or maybe better. Liquid finances put money into cash market investments like call cash amongst others. it is rare for liquid budget to see a dip of their net asset values (NAV).

    Buyers can opt for the dividend alternative or the growth alternative. Dividend is taxed at nearly 30%. Capital profits are added to income and taxed at marginal profits tax price(rate of taxation). From a taxation point of view buyers inside the decrease tax brackets are higher off choosing the boom choice while traders within the highest tax bracket can pick either alternative.

  3. Short term funds

    Short term funds put money into securities that mature in 1-3 years. Those funds are a touch volatile as the maturity of securities are extra than extremely- and liquid price range. Taxation is the same as another debt funds.

    Banks offer deposits of varying time frames starting with at least 7 days. So an investor looking to for even per week can choose a set deposit with a matching tenure.

    The interest at the deposit is introduced to earnings and taxed at the marginal rate of taxation.

    Whilst liquid funds are appropriate for investment tenures of some days, short-time period mutual budget are best for tenures strolling into some months. Like liquid budget, short term debt finances are managed conservatively with the express intention of safeguarding capital and posting modest capital appreciation.

    From a tax perspective short term mutual funds are at par with liquid funds.

  4. Recurring deposits (RDs)

    This a kind of secured funding and is suitable to those who don't want to put money into a lump sum and as a substitute invest on a month-to-month basis. You could both use Postal RD or financial institution RD, commonly financial institution gives RD for a minimum tenure of 6 months to a most of 10 years. additionally, the interest received on RD is taxable.

  5. Arbitrage funds

    Additionally referred to as equity mutual finances, arbitrage funds are greater tax efficient if held for extra than a year.

  6. Fixed maturity plans (FMPs)

    They've a lock-in duration of minimum three years and act precisely like your financial institution FDs. They may be extra tax efficient although and you can anticipate better returns than FDs. So these were the alternatives and that they're laid out in front of you, pick any consistent with their tax advantages and interest earned so you don't make any mistake while making an investment.

Benefits of short term investment(Investment for 3 years)

Short-term investments or a 3 year investment plan allows the individuals to make substantial profits in a very short amount of time. Those who are looking to achieve their life's short-term financial goals may consider such investments:

Here are some of the advantages of getting involved with short term investing.

  • Flexibility: One of the great benefits of an investment is that you have a few flexibility. You do not must tie up your cash for an prolonged time period with this type of investment, as is the case, for instance, for the many folks that purchase a company bond that has a maturity of someplace among 10 and 30 years. With this investment you have to hold it for a long time earlier than it matures. you could promote it inside the secondary market, but you could now not get what it is really worth.
  • Returns: Another gain of short-term investing is that you can get full-size returns. With this form of funding, you could frequently recognise exquisite returns after most effective a completely short span of time. Then you definitely promote the security to lock in your income and look for something else to invest in.
  • Tangible effects: Many investors like to be able to see a few type of tangible results in their investing. With lengthy-term funding, it would take a great deal of time earlier than you see any effects, which can be discouraging.

3 Year Investment Plans: FAQs

1. How to Choose Between Best 3 year Investment Plans?

When deciding to buy one or more short-term investment plans, there are numerous factors to consider, including:

  • Your investing objectives
  • The maximum amount you may put into short-term investing programmes.
  • Your willingness to take risks
  • Your financial requirement

2. Is Prepaid expenses a type of short term investments?

Prepaid expenses are short-term investments since the amount is used or expires within a year of the balance sheet date.

3. Name some of the Best Investment Plans for 3 years in 2022?

  • Short-term corporate bond funds
  • Short-term government bond funds
  • Money market accounts
  • Certificates of deposit
  • Cash management accounts
  • Liquid funds

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