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The most difficult phase of one’s life is his old age, it is a period where one needs maximum support, love and attention, but feels most lonely. It is really sad to see how someone who used to be the head of the family, bailing them out of the troubles, suddenly feels the need to seek out the help from others. Everyone wishes to enjoy their last few years healthy and happy. It is no secret how people wish that even when they grow old, they remain healthy enough to stay self-dependent because nothing hurts you the most than being burden on others. You have lived all your life proudly, how can you not live with the same pride in your last few years. Health facilities are far more expensive for senior citizens than the rest of the people, but that doesn’t mean they need to beg others for their health treatment. They just need the right health plan that covers their expenses and maintain their self-esteem.

Senior Citizen Mediclaim Policy of New India is the health plan specifically crafted for the senior citizens who have always lived their life with their heads up and want to continue to live like this. It is a ‘protection blanket’ that helps them to cover their medical bills.

Benefits and Features

Basic Attributes

Purpose of the Policy- As the name suggests, the purpose of this policy is to provide financial aid to senior citizens of India when they fall sick. It can be bought by the people between the ages of 60 to 80 years. In fact, the insured can continue with this plan up to 90 years if he is covered under this plan continuously. However, before you can actually buy this plan, you are required to do a health check-up in order to identify the existing diseases.

Insurance and Premium- This policy offers two slabs of sum insured- Rs. 1 lac and 1.5 lac. As for the premium amount, it depends on the age and on the amount insured. In fact, you are also given a discount if your spouse is also covered along with you.

Treatment with No Worries- It is obvious to require medical aid when you grow old; however, it is quite expensive. Thus, the Senior Citizen Mediclaim Policy bears the expenses that you have to endure during hospitalization. These expenses include room-rent, nurse care, ICU, etc.

Covers Pre to Post- Time to time diagnosis before and after treatment is very common among 60 or 60+ age people. It becomes crucial to continuously analyze the health and the treatment progress when you turn old. Thus, it also endures the pre and post hospitalization expenses so that your disease as well as your treatment progress can be analyzed.

Almost a Free Ride- It is a common sense that you need a ride to reach the hospital in case of emergency and nobody there is waiting for you to give you rides for free. Thus, under this plan, you are provided with ambulance service expenses.

Why Be Restricted- A disease can be treated in many ways. You do not have to just go for Allopathic treatment. Therefore, this medical plan provides you 25% of the sum assured to cure your disease by using Ayurveda, Homeopathy or Unani method.

Coverage of Pre-Existing Diseases- It is not shocking to know that at the age of 60 or 60+, you will have some diseases liking diabetes or hypertension. Thus, it will be useless if an insurance company does not provide the aid for such diseases. Thus, under this policy, after 18 months of waiting period, expenses for the treatment of your pre-existing diseases are also covered.

Expert View

"New India’s Senior Citizen Mediclaim Policy is crafted for the people above or equal to age 60. It is a monetary support system for old age people and hence, offers to pay for the expenses incurred during the health treatment. It is an affordable and easy medical plan for you and your spouse."

Why Senior Citizen Mediclaim Policy?

When you grow old, it becomes even more important to take special measures for your health. Still if you need reasons to buy this plan, then read this-


  • Be Patient- You have to be patient for at least a month to avail the full service of the policy.
    Not Supportive of the Wars- Injuries caused due to war, terrorist attack, etc. will not be covered under this plan.

  • Exceptions Are Always there- The insurance company is not liable to pay for cosmetic surgery, pregnancy, AIDS, etc.

  • No Fraud or Violation- Misinformation, fraud or violation are considered a crime and hence, if you are found at fault, you won’t be covered at all.

Growing old doesn’t mean you stop living; it should encourage you to live even more. So, think about Senior Citizen Mediclaim Policy and start living.