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Cigna TTK Health Insurance

Cigna TTK Health Insurance Company Limited is a company set up for exclusively addressing the health insurance sector needs. The health insurance company with IRDA registration number 151 began operations in February 2014 after obtained registration license from Insurance Regulatory Development Authority of India (IRDA) in November 2013.

Cigna TTK is a joint venture between two robust conglomerates TTK and Cigna Company. TTK is multidimensional Indian conglomerate and Cigna is a global health corporation with head office in USA.

The registered office of Cigna TTK Health Insurance Company is located in East Goregaon in Mumbai and the company has pan Indian presence in 15 cities of the country. Its products are widely available throughout the country through its various agents and distributors.

Cigna TTK was set up with a mission to provide relief to people of India from health related worries and offer them complete and unique health cover solutions and worldwide health cover options. With this view in mind the health insurance company has not kept itself limited to offering only health insurance solutions but has gone a step further by introducing a module named ‘Cigna TTK Proactive Living’. This module can be accessed from the company’s website and includes several sections related to total healthcare.

Cigna TTK Health Insurance Company: Achievements

Within a short span of three years the health insurance company has firmly established itself as an Indian and global quality health insurance service provider. Cigna TTK is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company having over 4000 pan India networked hospitals for providing emergency care to its policy holders and policy members.

Cigna TTK is now among the Fortune 500 companies and its global customer base is over 74.98 million and it earns yearly revenue of $29.1 billion from its sales operations in more than 30 countries across the globe. The company staffs over 35000 people to provide round the clock assistance to its customers.

The Economic Times of India has recently awarded Cigna TTK Heath Insurance Company for being the best among the promising brands.

Cigna TTK Health Insurance Company Online Platform

Cigna TTK Health Insurance Company has set up a complete online presence on the web through its company portal for the benefit and convenience of health insurance seekers. The company’s website offers easy navigability and latest web based features to web users. Individuals can seek information regarding all the business aspects of the company as well as complete product information. The website also provides health related guidance and counseling. Web users and customers can seek a plethora of online assistance on the digital platform including call back facility, claims process assistance, claims tracking, hospital and branch locator facilities and a complete gamut of all required facilities.

Customers and distributors of Cigna TTK Health Insurance Company can register themselves for online transactions. Upon being registered with the company’s portal, the customers and distributors are provided with unique log in ids through which they can access their own personalized web pages on the company’s portal.

Cigna TTK Health Insurance Plans

Cigna TTK has leveraged more than 200 years of health sector expertise of its parent company to create unique and comprehensive global health cover plans and has taken into consideration individual preferences as far as possible. Thus with Cigna TTK policy holders can get more than just emergency care, the company offers them proactive health and lifestyle health cover solutions so as to take away the constant worries related to contemporary health issues faced by the policy holders.

Individuals can subscribe for both sole and group health insurance plans of Cigna TTK. Taxpaying individuals can especially benefit from Cigna TTK health insurance plans as by undertaking health insurance policy they are eligible for tax exemptions and benefits under section 80 D of the Income Tax Act.

Health insurance seekers and policy holders can contact Cigna TTK through the multiple service contact interfaces being offered by the company and seek prompt health insurance advice. These contact points include email, call, letter and chat interfaces.

Once a policy holder starts a policy with Cigna TTK it becomes a life long journey towards proactive and better health care. Policy holders are never left lurching in any kind of difficult situation arising out of major health problems. And this is especially so in case of globally travelling policy holders, in case of medical eventualities they can seek assistance for covered medical condition in any global geographical location where Cigna TTK has presence.

Within the country too policy holders and members can seek cashless medical assistance from any of the 4000 networked hospitals of Cigna TTK during times of medical emergencies. If medical treatment has been availed abroad or in any non networked hospital, then the company offers claims reimbursement to its policy holders within a short stipulated time period upon submission of the required bills and documents along with the completed claims form within the prescribed time frame after incurring the medical condition.

Policy holders should always carry their policy cards and other relevant documents and details as handed to them in their policy packs so as to avail swift assistance in case of emergencies. If they happen to meet with a medical emergency they should inform at the 24 by 7 operational third party administrators (TPA) or help lines as mentioned in their policy without unnecessary delay. Upon informing the concerned TPA/helpline they will be directed to take immediate medical assistance in networked hospital for medical conditions/emergencies covered by the policy. The claim will be directly settled between Cigna TTK TPA and network hospital authority.

Cigna TTK Pro Health Plan

This is a Cigna TTK health insurance plan for individual and family that offers substantial health cover features at premiums as low as Rs 325 per month. Subscribers can save up to 30 % by availing the various discount features available under the plan. The plan also includes cumulative non reduced no claim year bonus benefit multiplication, free health checkups and up to 10% reduction in premiums, worldwide cover, hospitalization and OPD expenses cover ,mother and new born care cover, combined health insurance and savings feature, protective recuperation and proactive living and much more. Included in Cigna TTK Pro Health Plan variants: Pro Health Plus, Pro Health Preferred, Pro Health Premier, Pro Health Accumulate

Cigna TTK Life Style Protection Critical Illness Cover Plan

Cover for 30 prime critical illness in more than 10, 00,000 equipped hospitals around the globe. Second opinion benefit and access to unique wellness module benefit. Sum is paid upon first diagnosis as lump sum or in parts. A broad range of sum assured options under basic and enhanced plan sub variants.

Cigna TTK Life Style Protection Accident Care Plans

Includes features like death/disability cover due to accident, worldwide coverage, employment loss cover, children education fund and orphan benefit and other cover features.

Life Protection Critical Care

This plan by Cigna TTK should be in the list of every individual and family as well. A lump sum quantity is payable to the policyholder if diagnosed with critical illness. This policy gives insurance cover for as much as INR3,00,00,000 for individuals between age 18 years and 65 years. The plan gives the lump sum amount to the policyholder after being identified with critical disease. It covers family members between age 18 years and 65 years, which could encompass self, spouse, dependent parents,, dependent grandparents and dependent siblings (up to age 25 years).

ProHealth Protect

This coverage offers complete health insurance in the range of INR 2,50,000 and INR 4,50,000 for children above 3 months and for adults above 18 years. Pre and post hospitalization fees, coverage for day-care techniques, restore advantage, no-claim bonus and so on are some of the benefits that you will get. Co-pay (10% / 20%), deductible (INR 1,00,000; INR 2,00,000 or INR3,00,000), critical illness cover, and so forth are included. Note: Deductible is the fixed amount to be paid on the time of claim.

Cigna TTK Hospital Cash Plan

Includes features like daily hospital benefit up to Rs 5000 and double daily benefit in case of hospitalization due to accident and triple daily benefit for ICU treatment, global coverage, one time convalescence pay up to 5 times daily cash benefit, personal care giver expenses cover up to 50 % of daily cash benefit, three sub plan variant options with different lump sum pay.

ProHealth Plus

This coverage gives whole health insurance within the range of INR 4,50,000 and INR 10,00,000 for kids above 3 months and for adults above 18 years.Pre and post hospitalization fees, insurance for day-care procedures, no-claim bonus, maternity cover,health test and so forth are the benefits provided. Co-pay (10/20%), deductible (INR 1,00,000; INR 2,00,000 or INR 3,00,000), discount within the maternity waiting duration, infection cover and so on are the options available.

Cigna TTK Group Health Insurance Products

As we discussed above, Oriental Motor Insurance company is offering a wide range of effective health insurance policies at a low price. The company designed all plans carefully keeping the needs of a person in mind. You must search a plan that can go well with your requirement and budget as well.

Cigna TTK Global Health Group Policy:

The policy is recommended for corporates who can subscribe for umbrella global health policy for their employees who travel abroad. The product offers a choice of different sum assured amounts from a wide range of sum assured sub plan variants. Benefits include AIDS/HIV cover, emergency evacuation cover, hospitalization, daily cash, OPD cover benefits besides basic health cover.

Pro Health Group Insurance Policy:

The plan offers benefits to all group members under a single umbrella policy. Plan includes base cover features, enhanced cover features and optional cover features and has been made highly customized and flexible to take into consideration needs of all group members.

Cigna TTK Lifestyle Protection Group Policy:

Includes personal accident cover and critical illness cover under one policy for all members of a group like employee group of a company.

Cigna TTK Health Insurance FAQ

1. Why must I purchase Cigna TTK life protection-crucial Care Plan?

Ans: There are several features of the plan that will help you make a choice.
- Covers 15 important illnesses under primary plan.
- Covers 30 important ailments under other suitable plans.
- Extensive range of Sum Insured alternatives.
- Medical second Opinion from experts.
- Customized on-line healthcare packages.
- Lump Sum or Staggered claim Payout alternative.

2. Who must choose Cigna TTK worldwide health organization coverage?

This cover should be availed by individual who travel to foreign destinations regularly. It covers Indians and expatriates operating overseas under one umbrella.

3. Which hospitals are covered under Cigna TTK’s cashless network?

You can get the complete lists of network hospitals from the website of Cigna TTK.

Customer Reviews

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Suresh, Ahmedabad
- Reviewed On 08-05-2018
"Health and Wealth"

I got the Cigna TTK Pro Health Plan the coverage is around 15 lakh Rupees for my family.They are having good tie ups with the hospitals.

Omprkash, Bengaluru
- Reviewed On 09-05-2018

The service was nice.

Rajesh, Gurugram
- Reviewed On 05-04-2018
"Excellent Services"

The services are very good from them. They are very clear on the policy.


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