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Cigna TTK Health Insurance Company

Cigna TTk Health Insurance Company is basically a joint venture between the U.S. based global health services leader, Cigna Corporation and Indian conglomerate,TTK organization. The organization had obtained the regulatory license from IRDA in November 2013 and launched its operations in February 2014.
Cigna’s partnership with the TTK has resulted in a progressive suite of medical health insurance products in combination with a stronger customer service experience for the Indian market. Cigna TTK Health Insurance Co. Ltd. became operational in February 2014.
Cigna TTK’s head office is based in Mumba and has a PAN India presence in across 15 cities. Cigna TTK’s philosophy is to make consumer insurance easy and reliable.
The agency is a mixture of the worldwide experience of Cigna and the domestic understanding of TTK. The outcome is customized policies, supported by sturdy customer support. To this, the organization invests in best technologies to reinforce its operations.
Cigna TTK makes health care accessible to individuals by making it affordable. It does this through its many plans that sell private health management. Those medical health insurance policies are developed primarily based on the needs of the proposer’s profile. They offer insurance at distinctive levels and for distinctive situations.

Cigna TTK Health Insurance Stats

Cigna TTK, a progeny of Cigna (U.S.) and the TTK (India) focuses on medical insurance products. Cigna Corporation, a Fortune 500 company is the first US player to enter into Indian insurance market.

The TTK group holds 74% and Cigna group holds a 26% stake in this joint undertaking. Headquartered at Mumbai, Cigna TTK is a relatively new entrant inside the Indian medical health insurance industry.

Cigna corporation is the top most US health insurance company to have made a mark in India’s insurance market. Cigna’s mission with the TTK organization is to deliver custom made health insurance products to the Indian customers along with unprecedented customer service. Cigna TTK offers individual and families, medical health insurance products to the Indian market. Cigna TTK has been awarded ‘The Economic Times Best Promising Brands 2015'.

Cigna TTK Health Insurance Plans

The personalized products are tailor-made that will help you better understand and manage your health related emergencies. With the help of modern technology, you get professional and hassle-free service. The organization enables you to make informed choices about the medical insurance plan you want to opt. Educated and skilled health relationship managers connect you with healthcare professionals and medical professionals for the second opinion on critical illnesses.The company inspires all its policyholders to hold a healthy lifestyle with the usage of the ProActiv living program. This includes a number of services designed to help customers better understand and manage their health.

ProHealth: This is a fundamental health insurance plan that gives coverage for hospitalization expenses along with benefits like no- claim bonus, insurance for day-care procedures and other advantage. The plan can be had in 4 editions of Protect, Plus, Preferred and Premier for better growth. All variants provide advantages on individual and family floater basis.

ProHealth Premier: This plan offers a cover of INR 1,00,00,000 for children above 3 months and for adults above 18 years. Pre and post hospitalization fees, insurance for day-care procedures, fitness check up etc are the other benefits provided in the plan. In comparison to ProHealth preferred, this plan has higher maternity and health advantage covers.

Global Health Group Policy: It is a health insurance coverage for people traveling abroad for business trips. It gives outpatient cover, insurance for any global emergency, maternity cover and so forth. The plan is available in two variants: Ruby and Diamond.

Prohealth Preferred: This coverage offers complete health coverage within the range of INR 15,00,000 and INR 50,00,000 for children above three months and for adults above 18 years. Pre and post hospitalization costs, coverage for day-care treatments, no claim bonus and so on are offered in the plan. As compared to ProHealth Plus, this plan has better maternity and health gain covers. Infection cover and maternity cover are optionally available. It is a family floater plan covering health expenses of the entire family inside the range of INR 15,00,000 and INR 50,00,000. A maximum of two adults of any age above 18 years and a couple of children from 3 months to 18 years in the family may be blanketed under this policy. Pre and post hospitalization charges, insurance for day-care procedures, restore advantage, health tests, no claim bonus, etc. are provided in the plan. In comparison to ProHealth Plus, this plan has higher maternity and health add on advantage covers.

ProHealth Protect: This coverage offers complete health insurance in the range of INR 2,50,000 and INR 4,50,000 for children above 3 months and for adults above 18 years. Pre and post hospitalization fees, coverage for day-care techniques, restore advantage, no-claim bonus and so on are some of the benefits that you will get. Co-pay (10% / 20%), deductible (INR 1,00,000; INR 2,00,000 or INR3,00,000), critical illness cover, and so forth are included.
Note: Deductible is the fixed amount to be paid on the time of claim.

Life Protection Critical Care: This plan by Cigna TTK should be in the list of every individual and family as well. A lump sum quantity is payable to the policyholder if diagnosed with critical illness. This policy gives insurance cover for as much as INR3,00,00,000 for individuals between age 18 years and 65 years. The plan gives the lump sum amount to the policyholder after being identified with critical disease. It covers family members between age 18 years and 65 years, which could encompass self, spouse, dependent parents,, dependent grandparents and dependent siblings (up to age 25 years).

ProHealth Plus: This coverage gives whole health insurance within the range of INR 4,50,000 and INR 10,00,000 for kids above 3 months and for adults above 18 years.Pre and post hospitalization fees, insurance for day-care procedures, no-claim bonus, maternity cover,health test and so forth are the benefits provided. Co-pay (10/20%), deductible (INR 1,00,000; INR 2,00,000 or INR 3,00,000), discount within the maternity waiting duration, infection cover and so on are the options available.

Cigna TTK Health Insurance FAQ

Q1: Why must I purchase Cigna TTK life protection-crucial Care Plan?

Ans: There are several features of the plan that will help you make a choice.
- Covers 15 important illnesses under primary plan
- Covers 30 important ailments under other suitable plans
- Extensive range of Sum Insured alternatives
- Medical second Opinion from experts
- Customized on-line healthcare packages
- Lump Sum or Staggered claim Payout alternative

Q2: Who must choose Cigna TTK worldwide health organization coverage?

Ans: This cover should be availed by individual who travel to foreign destinations regularly. It covers Indians and expatriates operating overseas under one umbrella.

Q3: Which hospitals are covered under Cigna TTK’s cashless network?

Ans: You can get the complete lists of network hospitals from the website of Cigna TTK

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