ProHealth Select Plan
ProHealth Select Plan
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ManipalCigna ProHealth Select Plan

ManipalCigna ProHealth Select Plan provides vast coverage with multiple insured sum choices and endless facilities to its insured. The plans offer individual as well as family floater coverage. There are two variants of the plan mentioned below:

  • ProHealth Select (A) Plan
  • ProHealth Select (B) Plan

Here are mentioned all the features, coverage and benefits offered to the insured under the plan.


Minimum Entry Age91 Months
Maximum Entry Age For Dependent Children23 Years
Maximum Entry Age for Adults65 years
Who Can Be Included In Family Floater Plan?Self, spouse, children, dependent parents, dependent parents-in-law.
Policy Tenure1 Year, 2 Years or 3 Years.

Sum Insured Options

ProHealth Select Plan VariantsSum Insured (Lacs)
(A)Rs. 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, 25 Lacs
(B)Rs. 2, 3, 4, 7, 10, 15, 20, 25 Lacs

Features Of ProHealth Select Plan

  • Grace Period: A grace period of 30 days is provided to the insured to pay the renewal premium after the lapse of the policy renewal date. In case of failure, the ManipalCigna ProHealth Select policy will be counted as a fresh policy.
  • FreeLook Period: There is a provision of 15 days of the free-look period under which the insured can cancel the policy in case he is not satisfied with any of the terms and conditions of the policy.
  • Portability Option: The plan also has a portability option. The insured is free to port as per his choices and requirements.
  • Waiting Period: There are several kinds of waiting periods applied under ManipalCigna ProHealth Select. All of them have been explained here:
    • Pre-Existing Disease Waiting Period: There is a waiting period of 48 days from the date of inception of the policy, in case the policy buyer is diagnosed with any of the pre-existing diseases or conditions.
    • First 30 Days Waiting Period: A waiting period of 30 days from the date of the start of the policy is applied for all medical situations except accident.
    • Two Year waiting Period: The insured will have to serve a waiting period of 2 years for a list of medical/surgical treatments mentioned in the brochure of the plan like cataract, kidney stone, varicose ulcers, hysterectomy, etc.
    • Waiting Period For Critical Illness: In case of critical illness the insured needs to serve a waiting period of 90 days.
  • Income Tax Benefit: The premiums paid by the insured under ManipalCigna ProHealth Select policy are exempted from income tax under section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1962. It is subjected to change as per the changes brought by income tax laws.
  • Pre - Insurance Medical checkup: The policy buyers, who are 45 years of age and above are subject to pre-insurance medical checkups. The premiums are finalized according to the test reports of the person.

ManipalCigna ProHealth Select Plan’s Coverage

All the types have coverage have been explained below for your clear understanding:

  • In-patient hospitalization: The ManipalCigna ProHealth Select plan provides inpatient coverage to its insured. All the expenses incurred during the inpatient hospitalization are covered subject to the condition that the insured has been admitted to the hospital continuously for more than 24 hours.
  • Pre-hospitalization: The medical expenses incurred 60 days before the date of hospitalization is considered under the pre-hospitalization coverage and the insured gets the benefits.
  • Post-hospitalization: Any medical expenses incurred 90 days after discharge from the hospital are considered under post-hospitalization expenses. The insured gets the cover for the same.
  • Daycare Treatment: In case hospitalization is required for less than 24 hours for a surgery that would take less time due to advanced technology then it is covered under the daycare treatment.
ProHealth select plan
  • Domiciliary Treatment: In case the insured is not in a condition to move or travel to the nearest health center then he/she gets coverage for all the expenses under the domiciliary treatment. There is one condition applied to this, that it should be medically suggested by any of the recognized doctors. This coverage is also applicable in the case of the unavailability of the room in the hospital due to some reason.
  • Ambulance cover: An ambulance cover is provided to the insured in case of an emergency. The coverage amount can go up to Rs.2,000 per insured person per hospitalization.
  • Organ Donor Expenses: All the costing during the treatment of an organ donor is covered under the organ donor expense. The inured gets full coverage under this.
  • Restoration Of sum Insured: 100% of the sum insured can be restored in a policy year in case the accumulated bonus and the remaining sum insured is less for the treatment due to other claims in the policy year. This benefit coverage provided under the plan is a great relief to the insured in case of multiple claims within a single policy year.
  • Ayush Cover: The specialty of the ProHealth Select Plan is that it also provides coverage for non-allopathic treatments like AYUSH. The only condition applied to the coverage is that the treatment should be from a government institution or a recognized hospital. The plan covers:
    • Ayurvedic treatment
    • Yoga and Naturopathy
    • Siddha
    • Unani
    • Homeopathy

Value Added Cover of ProHealth Select

Here are all the details about the value-added cover:

  • Cumulative Bonus: In case of no claim processed in the name of the insured gets a cumulative bonus of 5% added to the insured sum. It is only processed during policy renewal.
  • Healthy Rewards: Under the plan, there is a procedure under which the insured is rewarded for keeping fit and healthy.

Optional Cover Of ProHealth Select

  • Deductibles: The insured can choose from a list of deductibles under the ManipalCigna ProHealth Select Plan. The deductible options are Rs.1 Lacs, Rs.2 Lacs, Rs.3 Lacs, Rs.4 Lacs, Rs. 5 Lacs for sum insured up to Rs. 25 Lacs.
  • Voluntary Co-Pay: There is the availability of a co-payment option under the plan as per the choice of the insured.
  • Removal of Room Rent Limit: Under the in-patient hospitalization, the room rent limit has been removed and the insured can get up to a single private room according to the plan.
  • Health-checkup: The health checkup facility is provided to every insured member under the policy subjected to the condition that the insured is of 18 years and above in age. The health check-up facility is provided irrespective of the claims made in the policy year. It is on an annual basis.
  • Worldwide Emergency Cover: Any injury or illness, while the insured is outside India, can be covered under the plan according to the in-patient hospitalization subjected to the condition that the treatment cannot be postponed till the time the insured is brought to India. The seriousness of the case is considered in such circumstances under a proper referral from a medical practitioner/ expert.
  • Disease-Specific Sub-Limit: There is a sub-limit set according to the diseases under the plan. In case of treatment of diseases like cataract, hernia, stone in urinary/biliary system, hysterectomy, etc the insured needs to refer the policy brochure details.
  • Rider/ Add On Benefit: In the case of critical illness, riders are applicable under this plan.

Discounts Under Cigna Prohealth Select Plan

There are several types of discount provided to the insured under ManipalCigna ProHealth Select like portfolio discount, family Discount, and long term discount. There is a discount of 10% for a policy covering more than 2 individuals with an individual sum insured. Under long term discount, a discount of 7.5% for a policy of 2 years of tenure and 10% for a policy of 3-year tenure is provided to the insured.


  • Sexually transmitted diseases like genital warts, syphilis, gonorrhea, etc.
  • Stem cell implantation/ surgery, harvesting, storage, or any kind of od treatment using stem cells.
  • Self-inflicted injury.
  • Injury due to an attempt to suicide.
  • Injury due to involvement in war activity.
  • Injury due to unlawful action.
  • Birth control procedures, contraceptive supplies or services including complications arising due to supplying services, hormone re[placement therapy and voluntary termination of pregnancy during the first 12 weeks from the date of conception, surrogate or vicarious pregnancy.
  • Treatment received outside India other than coverage under worldwide emergency cover.

ManipalCigna ProHealth Select Policy Review

ManipalCigna ProHealth Select Plan has been liked by the policyholders to a great extent. The wide range of coverages and smooth claim settlement processes have won the hearts of the insured. One can buy this health insurance plan without any doubt.


The minimum and maximum age limit to buy this plan are 91 months and 65 years.

No, all who are 45 years of age and above are subjected to the pre-insurance health checkups.

The minimum and maximum range of sum insured under ManipalCigna ProHealth Select policy is Rs.0.5 Lacs to Rs.25 Lacs

Yes, the plan covers expenses of homeopathic treatment.

A waiting period of 2 years from the date of inception of the policy is applied for the coverage of kidney stone treatment expenses. If you have completed two years waiting period then you have full right to get the coverage.

Last updated on 18-12-2020