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Bajaj Allianz Network Hospitals in Delhi, Delhi


Bajaj Allianz Network Hospitals in Delhi, Delhi

Total Hospitals: 175

Sr.No. Hospital Name Address State City Pin Contact No.
1Amar Leela Hospital (P) Ltd.DelhiNew delhi others11005825530838 / 7965 / 7966 / 25591345 / 09810252
2Delhi Heart And Lung Institute (A Unit Of Apex Heart Care)DelhiNew delhi others11005523538351 /
3Dharamshila Cancer Hospital And Research CentreDelhiNew delhi others11009622617771 /
4Escorts Heart Institute And Research CentreDelhiNew delhi others11002547134084 / 47134077 / 47134094 / 26825
5G. M. Modi Hospital And Research Centre For Medical SciencesDelhiNew delhi others11002526852112 / 16 / 55699
6Indraprastha Apollo HospitalsDelhiNew delhi others11007626925858 / 5
7Jaipur Golden HospitalDelhiNew delhi others11008527907000 / 20/ Ext no.343 /
8Kalra Hospital Srcnc Pvt. Ltd.DelhiNew delhi others11001541425500 / 45005600 ?
9Mgs Hospital35/37, Rohtak Road, West Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi, Dist:New DelhiDelhiNew delhi others11002625226100
10Max Hospital PitampuraDelhiNew delhi others11003427351844 / 27351106 / 27351108 /
11Max MedcentreDelhiNew delhi others11001726499870 / 9899963
12Pushpawati Singhania Research Institute For Liver, Renal And Digestive DiseasesDelhiNew delhi others11001730611860/30611
13Rg Stone Urology And Laproscopy HospitalDelhiNew delhi others11006541621000 /
14Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute And Research CentreDelhiNew delhi others11008547022
15Rockland HospitalDelhiNew delhi others11001641688752 / 64 / 41222
16Shri Moolchand Kharaiti Ram Hospital And Ayurvedic Research InstituteDelhiNew delhi others11002442000
17Sitaram Bhartia Institute Of Science And ResearchDelhiNew delhi others11001642111111 / 26867435 /
18Paras Spring Meadows HospitalsDelhiNew delhi others11006540411
19St. Stephens HospitalDelhiNew delhi others11005423966021 /
20Tirath Ram Shah Charitable HospitalDelhiNew delhi others11005423972425 / 2087 / 2
21Orchid Hospital And Heart CentreDelhiNew delhi others11005845654565 / 45654500 -
22Aakash HospitalDelhiNew delhi others11001740501
23Mohinder HospitalDelhiNew delhi others11001626512
24Saroj Hospital And Heart InstituteDelhiNew delhi others11008527557201 / 47903
25Virmani HospitalDelhiNew delhi others11009122779
26Santhigram Kerala Ayurvedic Hospital , Safdarjung EnclaveDelhiNew delhi others11002926169775 /
27Santhigram Kerala Ayurvedic Hospital, Paschim ViharDelhiNew delhi others11006325261924 / 25283
28Jeewan Hospital And Nursing Home Pvt Ltd. Gate No. 1DelhiNew delhi others11001426340303/26341
29Park HospitalDelhiNew delhi others11001845323232/45323205Extn
30Bhagwati HospitalDelhiNew delhi others11008527554179 / 4182 / 27868
31Vashishta Clinics And Hospital For OrthopaedicsDelhiNew delhi others11001726692361 / 1
32Khetarpal HospitalDelhiNew delhi others11001545515
33J. K. HospitalDelhiNew delhi others11005825500445 / 30987
34Jeewan Nursing Home And HospitalDelhiNew delhi others11000542430246 -
35Jeewan Mala Hospital Pvt. Ltd.DelhiNew delhi others11000523511474 /
36Family Hospital (P) Ltd.DelhiNew delhi others11008527521246 / 27517
37Nulife Hospital And Maternity CentreDelhiNew delhi others11000927602646 / 27601066 / 27602
38Sukhda HospitalDelhiNew delhi others11004843364
39Vardaan HospitalDelhiNew delhi others11001746018
40Amit Nursing HomeDelhiNew delhi others11001828122149 / 22126
41Panchsheel Hospital Pvt. Ltd.DelhiNew delhi others11005322914
42Gandhi Nursing HomeDelhiNew delhi others11005925335099 / 25335
43Kantoor Maternity And Medical CentreDelhiNew delhi others11008725258055 / 25261
44Bali Nursing HomeDelhiNew delhi others11000528716363 / 28717
45Healing Touch HospitalDelhiNew delhi others11001647272800- (20 lin
46Sanjeevan Medical CentreDelhiNew delhi others11005523617108 /
47Sanjeevan Medical Research Centre (P) Ltd.DelhiNew delhi others11000245770000/ 8860297
48Jawa Nursing HomeDelhiNew delhi others11006342322
49Mkw Jankalyan HospitalDelhiNew delhi others11002745609
50Eden Hospital (P) Ltd.DelhiNew delhi others11006546155555 / 26316726 / 26830
51Banarasidas Chandiwala Institute Of Medical SciencesDelhiNew delhi others11001949020200 /
52Jeevan Anmol HospitalDelhiNew delhi others11009122755993 / 22795237 / 22750380 / 30901210 / 09810686
53Metro Hospitals And Heart InstituteDelhiNew delhi others11002426461157 / 26442277 / 09971595
54Patel HospitalDelhiNew delhi others11009222449151 / 9
55Shri Ram Singh Hospital And Heart InstituteDelhiNew delhi others11005122092796 / 09311101776 / 09311101772 / 22002
56Fortis Jessa Ram HospitalDelhiNew delhi others11000545013208 / 45013209 / 45013241(TPA HELPDE
57Brahm Shakti HospitalDelhiNew delhi others11004127531683 / 27537
58North Point Hospital Pvt. Ltd.DelhiNew delhi others11001740714
59Sri Balaji Action Medical InstituteDelhiNew delhi others11006325279595 / 42888888/45666
60Sir Ganga Ram HospitalDelhiNew delhi others11006042251
61Sama Nursing HomeDelhiNew delhi others11004943111888/
62Shree Jeewan HospitalDelhiNew delhi others11000523682780 / 23682
63Visitech Hospital Pvt. Ltd.DelhiNew delhi others11004841731
64Dr. Sharmas Nursing HomeDelhiNew delhi others11004829241896 / 29240333 / 40741000 (30 lin
65H M G , Orthonova HospitalDelhiNew delhi others11001641657554 / 55 / 56 / 57 /
66Taneja HospitalDelhiNew delhi others11009249111555/49111
67Northex Stone ClinicDelhiNew delhi others11000927465435 / 27416
68Sehgal Neo Hospital , Paschim ViharDelhiNew delhi others11006345565656 / 25267
69Jeevan Jyoti HospitalDelhiNew delhi others11005925335801 / 25338
70Parnami Orthoepaedic Hospital And Joint Replacement CentreDelhiNew delhi others11003327679142 / 27676
71Tirupati Stone Centre And HospitalDelhiNew delhi others11005122047
72Satya Bhama HospitalDelhiNew delhi others11004132679144 / 9311116607 / 25182490 / 25943
73Kalawati Kaustubh Hospital Pvt LtdDelhiNew delhi others11008725257
74City HospitalsDelhiNew delhi others11006042255
75Shroff Eye CentreDelhiNew delhi others11004841633
76Max Super SpecialityDelhiNew delhi others11009243033333 / 22235
77Max Super Speciality Hospital, East BlockDelhiNew delhi others11001726515
78Bajaj Eye Care CentreDelhiNew delhi others11000327012
79Handa Nursing HomeDelhiNew delhi others11001525162299/ 25161133/ 25415
80Mata Chanan Devi HospitalDelhiNew delhi others11005845582000, Ext ? 2033 /
81Fortis Flt. Lt. Rajan Dhall HospitalDelhiNew delhi others11007042776222 / 09810008
82Maharaja Agrasen HospitalDelhiNew delhi others110026777
83Batra Hospital And Medical Research CentreDelhiNew delhi others11006229958747/7485/TPA extn: 3
84Max Super Speciality HospitalDelhiNew delhi others11001766114545 / 66115
85Sunder Lal Jain HospitalDelhiNew delhi others11005247030900 / 09818100
86Hemraj Jain Hospital And Maternity HomeDelhiNew delhi others11005825551507 / 25511
87Central HospitalDelhiNew delhi others11001840777
88Jaslok Medical CentreDelhiNew delhi others11005322913878/22921
89Lok ClinicDelhiNew delhi others11005825553689/25533
90Mahindru Hospitals Pvt. LtdDelhiNew delhi others11005925333500/25343
91Lions Kidney Hospital And Urology Research InstituteDelhiNew delhi others11006526324739/4965807700/01
92Sawan Neelu Angels Nursing HomeDelhiNew delhi others11001743191
93Springdales Medical CentreDelhiNew delhi others11008527563963 / 27562
94Sodhi Nursing Home And Ent HospitalDelhiNew delhi others11008725266
95Jain Charitable HospitalDelhiNew delhi others11003122000807 / 22009
96Muni Maya Ram Jain HospitalDelhiNew delhi others11008827317401 / 27317
97Sukhmani HospitalDelhiNew delhi others11002926194000/4222/4
98Indian HospitalDelhiNew delhi others11008847661616/ 47028222
99Bensups HospitalDelhiNew delhi others11007845550
100Sri Jiya Lal Hospital And Maternity CentreDelhiNew delhi others11008725252420/25275
101Vimhans HospitalDelhiNew delhi others11006529849010
102Indian Spinal Injuries CentreDelhiNew delhi others11007042255225 - 30 Lines / 42255
103Makkar Medical CentreDelhiNew delhi others11009222462221 / 22466
104Jeevan Jyoti Clinic And HospitalDelhiNew delhi others11009522118026 / 09811126
105Centre For Sight, Roop NagarDelhiNew delhi others11000745052
106Tyagi Nursing Home (P) Ltd.DelhiNew delhi others11001825406
107Centre For Sight, Safdarjung EnclaveDelhiNew delhi others11002945738
108Smh Curie Cancer CentreDelhiNew delhi others11009243006000 / 09958431
109Primus Super Speciality HospitalDelhiNew delhi others11002166206630 / 09811051
110R. V. S. Eye CentreDelhiNew delhi others11008827478745 / 27484730 / 09819067
111Jain HospitalDelhiNew delhi others11009222146442 / 22144946 / 09811078
112Jeewan Hospital And Nursing Home Gate No. 2DelhiNew delhi others11001426343271 / 26349
113Narang Eye InstituteDelhiNew delhi others11000927141134 / 27142598 / 27944512 / 9971457
114Metro Hospitall And Cancer InstituteDelhiNew delhi others11009249286666/22019
115Jain Muni Roshan Lal Charitable TrustDelhiDelhi11003527383108/27384
116Orthoplus HospitalDelhiDelhi11004328012
117East Delhi Medical CentreDelhiDelhi11003222583204 / 22596736 / 9910620273 / 9212058
118Malik Radix HealthcareDelhiNew delhi others11009222011192/22011196/2201
119Goyal Eye InstituteDelhiNew delhi others11000825881
120Nazar Kanwar Surana Memorial HospitalDelhiNew delhi others11000723640951/
121Mavi HospitalDelhiNew delhi others11009422561
122Dr. Mukesh Ortho And Trauma CentreDelhiNew delhi others11004027285280 / 09213292036 / 09212980206 / 09811097
123Aastha Hospital (A Multispeciality Hospital)DelhiDelhi11001825993
124Divya Prastha HospitalDelhiDelhi11004525365960 / 25364
125Kesar Nursing HomeDelhiNew delhi janakpuri office11004632905
126Kailash Nursing Home Pvt LtdDelhiNew delhi others11000825847411
127Jeevan Jyoti Clinic And Nursing HomeDelhiDelhi11001825599099 / 25595
128Kalyani HospitalDelhiNew delhi others11004564996162/9212486
129Mansa Ram Hospital Pvt.Ltd.DelhiDelhi11004125944
130Family Hospital Pvt. Ltd. , Tilak NagarDelhiNew delhi others11001828331
131Kesar HospitalDelhiDelhi11001827472
132Shreya Eye CentreDelhiNew delhi others11009222161975 / 9650772
133Barkat Ram Memorial HospitalDelhiNew delhi others11005925359
134Gupta Multispeciality HospitalDelhiDelhi11009545652
135R.S. Grover Memorial HospitalDelhiDelhi11009222507666 / 22504
136Neera Eye Centre And Laser VisionDelhiDelhi11000223270775 / 9958618
137Rg Stone Urology And Laproscopy HospitalDelhiNew delhi others11003447571
138Rg Stone Urology And Laproscopy HospitalDelhiNew delhi others11002743298
139Navjivan HospitalDelhiNew delhi others11006325286
140Singhal Medical CentreDelhiDelhi11005122094
141Rlkc Hospital Metro Heart InstituteDelhiDelhi11000825891
142Bhagat Chandra HospitalDelhiDelhi11004545254525/66
143Nova Medical Centers Ncr Regioin Pvt. Ltd.DelhiNew delhi others11004840465
144Rescue HospitalDelhiDelhi11005925333311/25335
145Sunrise HospitalDelhiDelhi11008527894
146Hi-Tech Eye CentreDelhiNew delhi others11001825508
147Vikas Hospital Pvt. Ltd.DelhiDelhi11004325013526 / 9810584
148Rao Raghubir Hospital And Maternity CentreDelhiDelhi11004125944
149B.M. Gupta Nursing Home Pvt. Ltd.DelhiDelhi11005928564059 / 28564063 / 28564811 / 28564
150Suraksha Nursing HomeDelhiDelhi11009522353
151I Care CentreDelhiDelhi11001626963
152Dr. Nanda'S Eye Care CentreDelhiDelhi11007525360
153Suman Super Speciality HospitalDelhiDelhi11005925512
154Dr.B.L. Kapur Memorial HospitalDelhiDelhi11000530403
155Life Line HospitalDelhiNew delhi others11007547324
156Nova Medical Centers Ncr Region Private Limited, New Rohtak RoadDelhiDelhi11000540043
157Rg Stone Urology And Laproscopy Hospital, Gagan ViharDelhiDelhi11009222224
158Chandraleela Hospital Pvt. Ltd.DelhiNew delhi west delhi11005928564
159Dr. Gupta Nursing Home And HospitalDelhiDelhi11003222322
160Centre For Sight , Vikas MargDelhiNew delhi others11009243097
161Centre For Sight, Rajouri GardenDelhiNew delhi others11002747401
162Centre For Sight, RohiniDelhiNew delhi others11008543089
163Karuna HospitalDelhiDelhi11009522354
164Vasan Eye Care Hospital, JanakpuriDelhiNew delhi janakpuri call centre11005839890
165Popli Hospital And Dental ClinicDelhiNew delhi others11005925635
166Agarwal Medical CentreDelhiNew delhi others11004841730
167Dr. Kapur'S The Healing Touch Eye And Maternity CentreDelhiNew delhi others11001828535
168Roopali Medical Centre Private LimitedDelhiDelhi11005322910
169World Brain Center HospitalDelhiNew delhi janakpuri office11004525381
170Niramaya Hoapital (A Unit Of Delphi Healthcare Research Institute Pvt. Ltd.)DelhiNew delhi others11001949922
171Max Super Speciality Hospital, Shalimar BaghDelhiNew delhi others11008866422
172Centre For Sight, DwarkaDelhiNew delhi dwarka11007841524
173Vasan Eye Care Hospital, KarolbaghDelhiNew delhi others11000539890
174Rockland Hospital, DwarkaDelhiNew delhi dwarka110075011-48222
175Fortis Health Management (North) LtdDelhiDelhi11008845302
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