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Bajaj Allianz Premium Personal Guard

Bajaj Allianz Premium Personal Guard is a personal accident insurance plan which provides financial compensation to the policyholder in case of Permanent partial and Permanent total disability, temporary disability, and death or bodily injury that is caused due to accident and covers all the medical expenses incurred on the treatment. Also, this plan includes personal or car accidental injuries and offers a high sum insured ranging from 10-25 lakhs.

Key Features of Bajaj Allianz Premium Personal Guard

Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance offers innovative and advanced products and

  • This plan provides coverage for the Permanent Total Disability, Permanent partial disability, temporary total disability, and death.
  • Get coverage for the expenses incurred in the hospitalization caused due to accidental cases
  • Bajaj Allianz is empanelled with 6500+ network hospitals providing cashless facilities where you are not required to pay a single penny to the hospital.
  • It offers a lump sum amount upon the policyholder's death.
  • Provides the option of lifetime renewability that saves your pocket from financial stress caused due to medical emergencies.
  • Covers the hospital allowances
  • If you are not satisfied with the policy coverage, terms, and conditions, then Bajaj Allianz Premium Personal Guard provides you with the option of cancelling the policy within 15 days of the starting of the policy in the first year.
  • This plan provides a quick and hassle-free reimbursement process of claims.


Entry Age For Adults (proposer and Spouse) - 18 years - 65 years
For Dependent Children - 5 years -21 years
Renewal Age Lifetime Renewability
Policy Period 1 year
Member covered under this policy Self, Spouse and dependent children

**Last Updated on 26-04-2021

Benefits of Premium Guard Policy

  1. Cumulative Bonus

    You are eligible for a cumulative bonus of 10% of the sum insured for every claim-free year. Maximum Cumulative Bonus would be 50% of sum insured up to 5 claim-free years. During the claim process, the cumulative bonus will be decreased by 10% of the sum insured on the next renewing of the policy.

  2. Death Benefit

    In case of accidental death or death due to accidental bodily injury of the proposer, 100% of the sum insured amount will be paid to the nominee.

  3. Permanent Total Disability (PTD)

    In this case of permanent total disability caused due to accidental bodily injury, 200% of the sum insured amount will be paid to the proposer.

  4. Permanent Partial Disability (PPD)

    In the case of Permanent Partial Disability caused due to accidental bodily injury of the proposer, the percentage of sum insured amount that is mentioned on the below PPD table would be payable.

    Permanent Partial Disability Table

    An arm at the shoulder joint 70%
    An arm above the elbow joint 65%
    An arm below the elbow joint 60%
    Hand at the wrist 55%
    Thumb 20%
    An Index finger 10%
    Any other finger 5%
    A leg above mid-thigh 70%
    A leg up to mid-thigh 60%
    A leg up to below the knee 50%
    A leg up to mid-calf 45%
    A foot at the ankle 40%
    A large toe 5%
    Any other toe 2%
    An eye 50%
    Hearing of one ear 30%
    Hearing of both ears 75%
    Sense of smell 10%
    Sense of taste 5%

    **Last Updated on 26-04-2021

    The payment of claims under the cases of Death, PTD, PPD would be limited to 50% for the spouse & 25% for a child where spouse and child are covered under this policy.

  5. Temporary Total Disability (TTD)

    In the case of Temporary Total Disability due to the accidental bodily injury of the proposer, the weekly benefits would be provided as per the plan availed. The payment of claims is restricted to 50% of a spouse.

  6. Transportation of skeletal remains

    If a claim gets accepted by the insurer under the death of the policyholder or their family member, then the insurer will be required to pay the actual amount of transporting the skeletal remains of you or your family from the place of death to a hospital. Then after which from the hospital to the cremation ground. Bajaj Allianz pays an amount limited to the lower of Rs. 5,000 or 2% of the sum assures that is mentioned on the schedule. For more information, please refer to the policy documents and brochures.

  7. Accidental Hospitalization

    This plan offers the reimbursement of the medical expenses due to the accidental bodily injuries up to the sum insured.

  8. Bonus on Children's Education

    At the time of permanent total disability of proposer, a one-time payment of Rs.5,000 is paid for the education of 2 dependent children under the age of 19 years from the date proposer met with an accident.

  9. Hospital Allowance

    Rs. 1,000- Rs. 2,500/- per day for a maximum of 30 days of hospitalization.

Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance Network Hospital List

Bajaj Allianz Network Hospitals have a vast present PAN India. A well connected network of over 7,600+ cashless hospitals, Bajaj Allianz Insurance ensures that you are medically secured, irrespective of the city you reside in.

Sample Premium Rates

This plan does not offer information about premium rates and coverages online. You can call on their toll-free numbers. We have arranged the sample premium rates to get you an idea about this policy.

This table illustrates the premium rates exclusive of GST at the different sum insured options.

Plan A B C D
SI (Rs) 10,00,000 15,00,000 20,00,000 25,00,000
Base Plan Death 100% 100% 100% 100%
PTD 200% 200% 200% 200%
PPD As per the table discussed above
Add on The benefit of Accidental Hospitalization (in Rs.) 2,00,000 3,00,000 4,00,000 5,00,000
Hospital Allowance 1000 1500 2000 2500
Premium Base Plan 1300 2100 2875 3650
Add on 475 710 950 1200
Additional Member A Spouse Self plan benefits of 50%
Base Plan 650 1050 1438 1825
Add on 238 355 475 600
Additional Number B Each child Self plan benefits of 25%
Base Plan 325 525 719 913
Add on 119 178 238 300

**Last Updated on 26-04-2021

**Data from Company's brochure

Exclusions of Bajaj Allianz Premium Personal Guard Plan

Here are the major exclusions that come under Premium Personal Guard Plan,

  • This plan does not provide coverage for accidental bodily injury caused due to suicide, attempted suicide, or self-inflicted injury.
  • Substance or drug or alcohol abuse
  • Does not cover the injuries related to nuclear energy and radiation.
  • Pregnancy resulting in miscarriage, childbirth, abortion, or other complications associated with it.
  • War, Civil war, invasion
  • Venereal or Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  • Expenses associated with any surgical treatment of obesity
  • Change of Gender treatments
  • Cosmetic or Plastic surgery
  • Do not cover expenses on treatments arising from the insured person committing or attempting to commit a breach of law with criminal intent.
  • Hazardous or Adventurous sports
  • Does not provide coverage for losses incurred due to participation in illegal activities.
  • Attempt to suicide.
  • Use of alcohol or drugs.
  • Infertility and in-vitro fertilization.

Cancellation of the policy

If you are not satisfied with the terms and conditions of the policy, then Bajaj Allianz provides you with an option to cancel this plan within 15 days written notice period, and at the time when no claim has been made. The company after detailed observation shall refund your premium for the unexpired policy period.

Period on Risk % of Annual Premium Refunded
Up to 1 month 75%
More than 1 month and up to 3 months 50%
More than 3 months and up to 6 months 25%
More than 6 months NA

**Last Updated on 26-04-2021

Bajaj Allianz Important Links


1. When can I change my policy?

You can change your plan at the time of renewals.

2. How to submit a claim?

If you meet with an accidental injury on any body part that may result in a claim, then at that time you or someone who is claiming on your behalf should inform the insurer in written form immediately within 30 days.

3. How to get Premium Guard Policy?

You can call the Bajaj Allianz Toll-free number - 1800-209-0144/ 1800-209-5858 directly. And for more information about our plan visit the company's website.

4. Can I port this policy to another plan or insurer?

As per IRDAI guidelines regarding portability conditions, if you are insured under any other personal accident policy of a Non-life insurance company, then you can transfer to a personal accident policy along with all your accrued benefits.

5. Who can buy this policy?

This policy is provided to Risk 1 group. Risk 1 group involves managing function, administrative, doctors, lawyers, accountants, teachers, architects, and having a similar occupation.

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Trust me, friends, Bajja is one of the best insurance companies in India. It offers good health insurance plans and its claim service is superb. I am very impressed by the work done by Bajaj Allianz and its team.

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Himanshi Nalwa


My claim was settled in no time... I went to a non-network hospital and Bajaj Allianz reimburse my claim within 2 days

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I took the health insurance plan for my family. Bajaj Allianz is a nice company. Go for it. Thanks to, they helped me a lot.

September 9, 2021

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quick service. in fact the agent was very thorough with processing my documents...renewal was done swiftly

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The help I receievd at bajal allianz was so good...i mean i went expecting not a lot but the discussion was amazing...also bought a plan for my children

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