Group Mediclaim Policy
Group Mediclaim Policy
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New India Group Mediclaim Policy

In life you have always been taught to compromise at times in order to fit in and make progress, but one thing that you can never compromise with is health. You can make adjustment in relationships, finance, career, study; however, you are not expected to make adjustments and compromises when it comes to health. Good health is a fuel for the body and when it comes to an end; your body either becomes slow or stops entirely. You have always been concerned about your family, finance, work, etc., but how can you simply ignore the most important thing in life that actually made it possible for you to live a life? It is health that made it possible for you to keep going and to do the best as per your capabilities. So is it not vital for you to start respecting your body and take care of your health before it’s too late?

New India’s Group Mediclaim Policy is a health plan that was developed and introduced to cover the medical expenses of a group of people that can be your family members or even your employees and their family.

Group Mediclaim Policy Benefits and Features

Basic Attributes

Treatment and More- In this group mediclaim, you get to enjoy the hospitalization benefits such as rented hospital room (1% of the sum insured), Intensive Care Unit (2% of the sum insured), blood, oxygen and anesthesia used during treatment is also covered, nurse and specialist fees. Besides the treatment benefits, you are also offered pre and post hospitalization benefits for 30 and 60 days respectively.

Your Choice of Treatment- You can get treated using Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Unani method. The company is liable to pay 25% of the sum insured for your treatment, if the treatment is done in a government hospital.

Almost Free Ride- During emergency all you can think about is calling ambulance, but even the ambulance charges are high, so under this plan, you are also paid the ambulance fees up to 1% of the sum insured.

Organ Transplantation- If you require transplantation of an organ, then not to worry, under this plan, that cost will also be covered, however, the cost of the organ is not included; just the transplantation surgery is included.

Day Care Treatment- Some diseases do not take more than a few hours to get treated. Previously, when medical science was lagging behind, then surgeries like cataract, radiotherapy, etc. used to take 1-2 days but now all can be done within few hours. Thus, you will be paid for the treatment of such health conditions and hence, you can freely take care of yourself.

Premium as per Zone-Under this plan, your premium amount is divided into 3 zones- Zone 1 comprises Mumbai and people who fall under this zone need to pay a maximum premium, however, they also get the benefit of getting treatment anywhere in India. Zone 2 comprises Delhi and Bangalore and pays less premium amount than people of zone 1, however, they can get treatment in zone 2 and zone 3 area. If they need treatment in zone 1, they need to pay a bit extra. Zone 3 comprises the remaining cities and can get the treatment in zone 3 only and if they need treatment in zone 1 or 2, they need to pay 20% and 10% more respectively.

Expert View

"Group Mediclaim Policy is a health plan that covers number of people together. These people can be family members or employee of the same company. It offers you financial support when you need it the most and gives you many health facilities that make it easy for you to overcome any harm or trouble. However, there are some flaws like no treatment for genetic disorders or domiciliary treatment, but still this plan has its own share of benefit."

Why Group Mediclaim Policy?

Health is an important aspect of life. Thus, buying health plan is very essential. However, why should you choose a group mediclaim policy over others? Below are the reasons that make it one of a kind-

  • Wide Net to Rely on- There is a wide channel of hospitals that you can choose from and can get the medical treatment you seek for.

  • Cashless Hospital Facilities- During treatment, all you need to focus on is getting better rather than worrying about the expense and medical bill. Thus, under this plan the company will pay the hospital authorities for your treatment directly without your involvement.

  • Always Stand Together- This health plan is apt for a group of people. In short, this plan is not available to individual and to avail it services you need to buy this plan in a group. This plan is apt to cover family members or the employees together as a group under the single plan.

  • Smile with Your Baby- Under this policy; you can also enjoy the maternity benefit. When you are about to give birth you should feel the excitement and not the worry. So, you will be paid up to Rs. 20,000 in case of normal delivery and up to Rs.50,000 in case of caesarean delivery.


  • Waiting Period is On- You have to wait for at least 30 days before you get any treatment and up to 2 years in case of pre-existing health conditions.

  • War and Violation Not Suited- The injury caused due to war or by violating the laws shall not be paid under this plan.

  • No to a Few Treatments- The diseases caused due to sexual transmission like AIDS, cost of dental care, cosmetic surgery, etc. will not be covered under this plan.

  • Intentional Injury- The injury caused by self-abuse and harm will not be paid under this plan. You need to take responsibilities of such things yourself.

  • No Home Comfort Treatment- the company will not pay for the expenses that you may have to incur because of domiciliary treatment. At times, the insured needs treatment at home because a shortage of hospital bed, but the expenses are high and is definitely not covered under this plan.

  • Genetic Disorder Not Covered- Diseases that you have inherited from your ancestors won’t leave you alone nor can you get it treated under this plan.

Last updated on 18-12-2020