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New India Floater Mediclaim Policy

You simply cannot exist without enjoying your life to the fullest. A healthy body and a happy mind are what turn your mere existence into a beautiful life. However, health and happiness are directly proportional somehow, if laughter is the best medicine, then good health is the reason of happiness. You cannot expect an unhealthy and sick person to be happy because the biggest suffering for a person is to be held back in his bed because of his illness and the worst case scenario is to see your loved ones all helpless because of the critical health condition. Imagine the frustration of depending on others because of illness? It seems hard to imagine, Right? However, we can always find a way to overcome this helplessness and frustration by getting the required treatment or surgery, but it doesn’t come for free. You have to have money to get treated. Hence, it is important to have a medical policy.

New India Floater Mediclaim Policy is a health policy designed and introduced to cover the health requirements of the family. An individual alone cannot buy this plan; at least 2 members are required to get this plan.

Benefits and Features

Basic Attributes

Whom This Plan Suits- You simply cannot enter this plan just like that. New India came up with this plan, keeping the health safety of an entire family in mind. Hence, an individual cannot buy this plan alone; it covers minimum 2 and maximum 6 family members, including the financial dependable children and parents of proposer. As for the age criteria, this plan can be bought by people of the age of 18-65 years, children between the age of 90 days to 25 years and parents of age less or equal to 60. In fact, people over age of 65 can also continue with this plan, if they have been covered under this plan continuously.

Insurance and Premium Amount- You can avail the benefits as per the sum insured. In short, your expenses will be paid as per the amount you have been insured for. Thus, the amount you can insure under this policy- 2, 00,000; 3, 00,000; 5, 00,000 & 8, 00,000. As for the premium amount, it depends on certain things- the age of the insured, the members included and most important the area where the insured lives because premium under this plan is divided geographically. Zone 1 includes people of Mumbai, Zone 2 includes people of Delhi and Bangalore and Zone 3 remaining cities of India.

Only Treatment, No Worry- You certainly need money to get treatment and more than that you need a stress free mind to get better. Therefore, this policy promises to pay for the expenses you may incur during hospitalization as per the sum assured by you. Moreover, the expenses 30 days prior and 30 days after the hospitalization are also paid under this. These expenses include 2% of the sum insured on ICU, rented room, diagnosis, etc.

No Need to stay for 24 Hours- Few years back, the expenses were paid only if a person was hospitalized for 24 hours or more, but with progress and improvement in medical science and technology respectively, treatment of some health conditions doesn’t take more than a few hours. Thus, under this medical policy, day-care treatment coverage is provided, which includes cataract, lithotripsy etc.

Organ Transplantation Becomes Easy- Lot of money is required for organ transplantation, but in case of organ failure, it becomes necessary to replace it before it becomes a poison in your life. Hence, this health policy provides money for the surgery of the organ transplantation excluding the cost of the organ.

Expert View

"New India Floater Mediclaim Policy is a family floater that gives you financial aid when you need health treatment for yourself or your family members. It offers you feature such as cashless hospitalization, cash benefit, ambulance service, etc. which makes it easy for you to survive when time is tough."

Why New India Floater Mediclaim Policy?

There is not just one, but many more reasons to choose New India Floater Mediclaim Policy over others. These reasons are explained below-

  • Always Together- It is a family floater and hence, can cover up to 6 people under one single plan. It includes you, your life partner, kids and parents.

  • Critical Becomes Easy- Another good thing about this plan is that it also bears the expenses of diseases that are critical and difficult to treat. Serious ailments require specialized doctors, proper care and above all money in your pocket. Thus, the expense of treating such health condition is very costly. Hence, under this plan, 11 critical illnesses can be treated as per terms and conditions mentioned in the policy. Some of these ailments are cancer, multiple sclerosis, stroke, heart attack, etc.

  • Choose For Yourself- If you want to get treated via Ayurveda or homeopathy, you can easily go for it as it provides you 25% of total sum insured for your treatment.

  • Bonus, Benefit and Discount- It also gives you discount for good health and for your immense loyalty towards the policy. Besides this, you may also enjoy health-check benefits and tax benefits as per Sec 80D and last but not the least 5% of the sum insured is added in the policy for claim-free year.


Grass is not always green. There are few exceptions in everything and same is the case with this policy.

  • Waiting Period- There is 30 days waiting period before any of the disease gets treated + pre-existing diseases won’t be treated before 48 months.

  • No Maternity Benefits- If you are wondering you might get maternity benefit then think again because under this policy, you won’t be provided maternity or pregnancy benefit.

  • Violence is Troublesome- Violence of any kind, whether terrorist attack, wars, self-injury or even a violation of law causes you any harm, then company is not liable to pay for it.

  • Not Everything Can Be Paid For- AIDS, mental disorder and cosmetic surgery are not paid for under this health plan.

What is life when you cannot even live healthily and happily with your family? New India Floater Mediclaim Policy gives you hope to always fight back with uncertainties for you and your family health and happiness.

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