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New India Asha Kiran Policy

If given a chance, can you replace a good health with other things that you consider valuable? It is unfortunate, but a bitter truth that nobody feels blessed for possessing a good health until and unless it is snatched away from him. Health is a mighty weapon, once possessed, can win you any battle. It is a hope to live better; thus, a possession that one must take care off.

New India Asha Kiran Policy is a ray of hope for parents blessed with daughter to live a safe, healthy and tension free life. Asha Kiran Plan is a mediclaim that ensures the health requirements for the family having girl child. It is offered as personal health insurance as well as family floater, which includes insured, insured’s spouse and 1 or 2 daughters.

Benefits and Features

Basic Attributes

Applicable to Whom- New India Asha Kiran Policy is designed specifically for parents who only have daughters. It is a financial support system against unwanted diseases and health conditions for family or an individual who are blessed only with girl child. In case of family floater, the members included under this plan are- Insured, insured’s spouse and maximum 2 dependable daughters (3 months to 25 years). The eligible age for this policy is 18 to 65 years.

Sum Assured and Premium- The amount that can be assured under this policy is 2 lac to 8 lac (2 lac, 3 lac, 5 lac and 8 lac). As for premium, it depends on the number of members covered under the policy and age of each member.

Treatment with No Worry- The expenses incurred during treatment from hospital room to nurse care, expense of 2% of sum assured for ICU etc are covered under this policy. Beside these, the pre and post hospitalization bills for 30 days prior and 60 days after hospitalization are also paid under this. Moreover, the insured gets cash benefits, hence, 0.1% of sum assured is given to spend on day to day expenses during hospitalization period and in total the cash benefit cannot exceed 1% of sum assured.

Special Privileges for Accidents- The consequences of accidents are also borne under this policy. There are few special cases where the proposer gets the money for treatment-

Death due to accident- 100% of sum assured if only the insured dies and 200% of sum assured if insured and his spouse both dies.

Disability for Life- 100% of sum assured if only insured becomes disabled and 200% of sum assured if insured and his spouse both becomes disabled. Similarly, in case of loss of one or both limbs and eyes, the money paid is the same.

One eye sight loss- 50% of sum assured if only proposer loses the eyesight and 100% if insurer and spouse both lose their one eyesight.

Organ Transplantation Expenses- The expenses that are endured during the organ transplantation are also covered under this plan. However, the cost of organ is not included.

Day Care Treatment- The expenses of health conditions that can be cured within 24 hours and do not command hospitalization for a day or more, are also payable under this plan. However, only listed day care procedures are covered. Some of these listed health conditions are Appendectomy, Nephrotomy, Lithotripsy, etc.

Critically Ill, Easily Cured- Thankfully, under this plan, compensation of critical illness is also provided. If the person is hospitalized for more than 24 hours for the critical illness mentioned below, he shall receive 10% of sum assured to treat it well. The list of health conditions covered-

i. Multiple Sclerosis

iv. Open chest CABG

vii. Repair of Heart valves or Open Heart replacement

x. Motor Neuron

ii. Cancer

v. Kidney failure (only regular dialysis covered)

viii. eart attack

xi. Coma (conditions apply)

iii. Permanent Limbs Paralysis

vi. Bone marrow or organ transplantation

ix. Stoke

Expert View

"Asha Kiran Policy is introduced only for family with girl child and promise to cover the expenses endured during treatment of certain diseases as well as accidents. However, there is too much chaos regarding premium payment on basis of different zones but still policy is good."

Why New India Asha Kiran Policy ?

There are more reasons to give Asha Kiran Policy second thought. It is one unique policy that really makes it out of league in a good way. So, if you really want to know what makes it different from rest, look below-

Girl is Blessing- It is a unique medical plan that is applicable to only those who are blessed with daughter and wish to live a safe, secure, healthy and happy life.

  • Renew Your Policy, Revive Life- This policy also allows you to renew your health plan before the renewal period is over. However, it asks for your loyalty and if you are loyal to it since beginning and were good at paying your premium on time, you can definitely buy it. However, if you wish to enhance your assured amount at time of renewing your policy, you have to go through health check-up.

  • We Will Pay Directly- There is also cashless hospitalization facility. According to which, the expenses endured during the hospitalization will be directly paid to hospital by the insurance company. You do not even need to come in between. Of course, expenses covered will depend on sum insured.

  • Tax Benefit and Discount- You are also excused from paying Rs. 15000- 20000 of tax as per Sec 80D and discount is also given to people with good health and loyal customers.

Exceptions & Flaws
  • Zone Out- The premium is divided into 3 zones- Zone 1 (Mumbai), Zone 2 (Delhi and Bangalore) and Zone 3 (Rest of the country). So, zone 1 premium is high but the insurer comes under this zone can be treated in anywhere within the country, zone 2 insurer can get treatment in zone 2 and zone 3 area but need to pay 10% more to get treatment in zone 1 and similarly zone 3 person can get treatment in zone 3 area but to get treatment needs to pay 10% for zone 2 and 20% for zone 1 area. So, you can easily be zone out.

    No payment for AIDS, Maternity expenses, dental care, cosmetic surgeries etc. Injuries caused due to self-harm are not covered under this.

    There is also 30 days waiting period before the plan gets activated as well as insurer needs to wait for 2-4 years to get treatment of specified and existing health conditions.

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