Arogya Premier Policy

Arogya Premier Policy
  • Day Care Coverage
  • Medical Consultancy Fees
  • Tax Benefits Under Sec 80D
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SBI Arogya Premier Policy

SBI Arogya Premier Policy does not let you compromise with any of your health conditions. The policy provides an individual with all the required coverage when it comes to any medical situation. One can seek the best medical treatment and advice from top medical experts without any stress under the policy.

Key Features Of SBI Arogya Premier Policy

  • There is no pre-insurance medical check-up for policy buyers less than 55 years of age subjected to the condition that the buyer does not have any medical history. In case one has any medical history then it is to be mentioned to the health insurance company at the time buying SBI Arogya Premier Policy.
  • The plan has a procedure for the automatic reinstatement of the insured sum.
  • Under every claim-free year, the insured gets a cumulative bonus of 10% of the insured sum. It can maximum go up to 50%.
  • The insured gets wide coverage which ranges between INR 10,00,000 and INR 30,00,000.
  • The insured also gets tax benefits under SBI Arogya Premier Plan subject to the changes in income tax laws.
Arogya Premier Policy
  • It also covers ayurvedic, Unani, Siddha and homeopathy treatment expenses.
  • An individual can buy the plan for self or family members inclusive of the spouse, dependent children, dependent parents, and parents-in-law.
  • The family floater can cover only selective people. It can cover the self, spouse and 2 dependent children until the age of 23 years.

Eligibility For Arogya Premier Policy

Here is all that you require to know about eligibility:

Minimum Entry Age3 Months
Maximum Entry Age65 Years
Minimum Entry Age For Children91 Days
Maximum Entry Age For Dependent Children23 Years (Dependent Children)
Policy Tenure1 Year, 2 years or 3 years

SBI Arogya Premier Policy Coverage/Benefits

There is a wide range of coverage provided under the SBI Arogya Premier Plan subjected to certain terms and conditions. A list of coverages has been mentioned below:

Pre-Hospitalization ExpenseUnder the pre-hospitalization, the coverage is limited for 60 days before the hospitalization.
Post-Hospitalization ExpenseIn the case of post-hospitalization, the coverage extends maximum to 90 days after getting discharged from the hospital.
Hospitalization ExpensesAll the expenses incurred after the hospitalization is covered under this according to the policy.
Day Care ExpenseThere is coverage for 142 days under daycare expenses.
Ambulance ExpenseAmbulance charges and air ambulance charges can go maximum up to Rs.1,00,000.
Domiciliary HospitalizationIn case the insured is suffering from illness or injury and he is not in a condition to travel to the hospital then there is a provision under which SBI Arogya Premier Plan provides coverage for domiciliary hospitalization.
Alternative Treatment Form government Hospitalization CoverIn case the insured takes treatment from the government hospital then also the expenses get covered under the plan.
Maternity ExpenseThe insured can get the maternity cover but it is initiated after a waiting period of the first 9 months.
Organ Donor ExpenseThe policy provides coverage for organ donor costing. All the expenses incurred in organ transplantation is covered.
Health CheckupFor health checkups, there is reimbursement of Rs.5000 under the SBI Arogya Premier Policy of Rs.5000 if the insured does not claim for 4 consecutive years.

Major Things Covered Under Hospitalization Expenses

  • Room Rents
  • Intensive Care Unit
  • Nursing Expenses
  • Medical Consultancy fees
  • Physiotherapy as inpatient care and being part of the treatment
  • Diagnostic Procedures
  • Drugs, medicines and other consumables that can be consumed during the hospitalization period.
  • Plaster casts, dressing, and ordinary splints.
  • Whatever is an integral part of surgery like anesthesia, surgical appliances, medicines and consumables, oxygen, operation theatre expenses, blood, diagnostic expenses, and dialysis, x-ray, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, cost of the pacemaker, etc also get covered.

Premium Chart For Arogya Premier Policy

Here is a chart representation of the premiums for a rough idea. In case one buys a plan then the insured will have to pay similarly for different sum insured like Rs.10 Lakhs, Rs.20 Lakhs, Rs. 25 Lakhs and Rs. 30 Lakhs respectively.

Sample Premium

Age (Years)10 Lakhs20 Lakhs25 Lakhs30 Lakhs

Reasons To Buy SBI Arogya Premier Policy

Individuals should buy SBI Arogya Premier Policy because:

  • The policy offers a relaxed age limit.
  • They provide you with a hassle-free purchase process.
  • It is a good way to secure your finances as it provides an uninterrupted claim.
  • A wide range of illnesses and medical situation is covered under the plan.
  • A wide range of illnesses and medical situation is covered under the plan.

SBI Arogya Premier Policy Review

The policy has not left its insured alone anywhere. The wide network services are appreciated by the policyholders and recommended to others too. It is the wide range of coverage of the policy and health benefits that has forced the policyholders to suggest it to others.


The maximum age limit for dependent children to be included in the family floater plan is 23 years.

Yes, a sum of Rs. 5000 is reimbursed to the insured subject to the condition that the insured does not claim for 4 consecutive years.

Yes, the plans provide you with a 100% reinstatement of the insured sum.

A grace period of 30 days is provided to the insured for the renewal of the policy. Failing this the policy is subjected to lapse.

A free look period of 15 days is provided to the policy buyer. In case the policy buyer is satisfied with any of the terms and coverage of the policy then he can cancel the policy within the free look period.

A loading of 5% is applicable for each of the habits onto the premium of the policy.

Last updated on 30-12-2020