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When you have to pay your hard earned, money in the hospital bills, medications and for the expensive treatment for regaining your health back from any illness, damage, you realize that you need to buy a health insurance for you and your dear ones. Health Insurance not only gives you economic support but, it gives your family a hope to fight back against all the odds when you are not there with them due to medical causes.

Medical insurance reimburses the medication amounts; provide the policy holder a wide range of policy covers, free medical checkups, and even cashless hospitalizations. But, when one is alert about the benefit from an insurance cover he or she should also have a keen eye on the disease covered under their medical health insurance plan.

No matter even if you owe an insurance policy, some critical diseases shake your root and scatter your family in the fraction of the time as soon as they come to know about it. Some diseases are caused due to our unhealthy lifestyle routines and some critical diseases are transferred from one generation to another, hereditarily.

Cancer is a fastest growing critical disease and Cancer research paper published in the Lancet Oncology Journal stated that in India round about 10 lakh people are diagnosed with cancer every year. No matter if diagnosed is at first stage or at last stage, the name of a disease like cancer is more than enough to stress out anyone.

As we are living in the era of most advanced technology, it is not a big deal to detect cancer at its early stage only with few medical check-ups. Early stage cancer is easy to cure and with a good cancer Insurance Plan, a policyholder can use the largest technology and expensive treatment to cope up with the disease as soon as possible. This is to be noted down that mere health insurance is not sufficient to secure a policy holder against the monster of treatment cost of cancer.

PolicyX is an IRDA approved online policy comparison portal. It provides you a platform where you can compare various policy plans and choose the best plan that suits you best to cover you and your family as per your needs. There are so many insurance policy provider companies that one gets confused easily that what to chose and which one is best.

And a critical disease like cancer cannot be given benefit of doubt. SO how can choose the best policy plan for the cancer cure? PolicyX is the solution for this confusion. PolicyX will help you to compare the cost of treatment of disease like cancer to the fees of hospitalization and amount of medication for the cure of disease. Cancer insurance policy is also based on the stage of cancer. Without any insurance policy, one will spend his or her lifelong earned money, total savings and still there may be requirement left for the loan for the treatment of cancer.

Types of Cancer Covered by an Insurance Plan

A cancer insurance plan offers useful payouts on early and major stages of cancer. The same can be used to get better care against cancer. It will help you in meeting the cost of chemotherapy and radiation costs, hospitalization, and surgery costs. Most leading cancer insurance plans cover all types of cancer i.e. Early Stage and Major Stage Cancer.

Best Cancer Insurance Policies in India For 2018

In the last few years. The cases related to cancer has already rising day by day because of several environmental and lifestyle issued. Cancer is a serious disease that requires extensive care and that's why it is an expensive treatment. As the health care cost is rising day by day, getting diagnosed with critical diseases can leave a person in debt.

Thus, Investing in a cancer insurance plan is a smart way as a can insurance plan can easily provide the needful financial cover in the hour of need. If you are looking for a best cancer insurance plan for yourself or your family members, here are the best cancer plans offered by insurance companies in India with the highest claim settlement ratio for FY16-17.

Best Cancer Insurance Plans in India

Plan Name Entry Age Sum Assured Policy Term
ICICI Cancer Care Plus 20 years to 60 years Rs.5 lakhs to Rs.25 lakhs 10 years
HDFC Life Cancer Care Plan 18 years to 65 years Rs.10 lakhs to Rs.40 lakhs 10 years to 20 years
Aegon Life iCancer Insurance Plan 10 years to 20 years Rs.10 lakhs to Rs.50 lakhs Minimum of 5 years; maximum up to the policyholder turns 70 years of age.
PNB MetLife Mera Heart and Cancer Plan 18 years to 65 years Rs.10 lakhs to Rs.80 lakhs 10 years / 15 years / 20 years
Birla Sun Life Cancer Shield Plan 18 years to 65 years Rs.10 lakhs to Rs.50 lakhs 5 years to 20 years

Benefits of Buying Cancer Insurance Plan

Cancer Insurance plans provide comprehensive cover against cancer.

Most cancer plans offer the waiver of premium benefit for the specific period say for 3 to 5 years or for entire policy duration. Some of the plans even offer a regular income benefit for a fixed period of time up to 5 years to cover daily costs of running a household. This is usually a percentage of the sum assured (say 1 percentage monthly).

Most cancer insurance plans offer an increase in sum assured as a plan option.

One of the most distinguished benefits of buying a cancer insurance plan is that the insurance coverage continues even after the diagnosis of an early stage of the disease.

Cancer insurance plans also offer tax benefits under section 80D of the Income Tax Act.

Why Do You Need A Cancer Insurance Plan?

Cancer is one of the worst health associated ailments which can manifest to someone. No one wants to be troubled by way of cancer as it is the maximum painful time bodily and mentally for the individual going through it and also for the own family participants.

Anybody is conscious that most cancers can strike all and sundry regardless of own family records and lifestyle. The recent rise in instances of cancer in India is of the main fear. Subsequently, having a cancer coverage is satisfactory towards the unexpected health crises in life.

Things To Be Considered Before Buying Cancer Insurance Plan

It's recommended having a little research earlier than taking a cancer insurance plan. Below are a number of the points that need to be taken into consideration earlier than making a decision to go for a particular cancer insurance plan.

Sufficient sum assured

All of us understand medical prices have risen through the years. It's often envisioned that price of clinical prices rises through 15% each year. Most cancers remedy takes time, so it's really useful to choose a cancer insurance plan with a high sum assured. This may provide you with enough finances at some stage at the time of crisis.

Charges under a cancer plan

A good plan has to provide insurance for all levels of cancer. A cancer plan will take charge of 30% on an early level and last 70% on main level or the complete on most important stage whichever is earlier.

The waiting period and survival length

It's usually accurate to check at the waiting period i.e the amount of time you should wait before the insurance will begin coverage and survival period i.e the quantity of time after cancer analysis the policyholder has to be alive as a way to claim advantages of the coverage.


A policy which has an extended duration is useful because the coverage holder is covered for an extended duration.

How to Choose Best Cancer Insurance in India?

There are various Cancer Insurance Plans which you can compare on PolicyX as per your need and stage of your disease. Most of the insurance companies offer Critical Illness Plans that provide a safe cover for the critical disease like cancer, even at the advanced stage.

PolicyX advice you the best comprehensive plans and help you to add on your insurance plans for the Critical illness of various kinds and it will even cost less if you use the proper assistance of the PolicyX customer care service. The policy holder can use the top up facility in their main Insurance policy plan if they have some medical history of some critical illness, otherwise, the critical illness insurance policy can be chosen separately when needed.

If one does not buy any cancer policy than the cost of the cancer treatment is so unbearable that one cannot save their loving ones and live a luxurious life at the same time. Some of the Cancer Insurance Plans you can compare and choose from the online portal of PolicyX are –

1. ICICI Pru Cancer Protect

ICICI Pru Cancer Protect plan is eligible for age 18 – 65 years and it provide the policy holder a cover against the expenses of cancer treatment from the diagnosis at first place to the journey till chemotherapy, CT scans, hospitalization fees and medication amount for the same.

2. HDFC Life Cancer Care

HDFC Life Cancer Policies offer policy holders easy policy covers in silver, gold and platinum plans, from which customers can choose as per the requirement. The HDFC Life Cancer Care plan cover diagnosis of cancer disease until the recovery. Silver, Gold, and Platinum plans provide different benefits and premium amount also differ in the plans, so one need to choose the plan wisely.

3. Max Life Bupa Cancer Plan

The cancer plan cover from the Max Life also covers the expense of cancer medication, hospitalization, and other expenses till the recovery of policy holder from the critical disease like cancer. This plan covers all the stages of the disease and one can choose as per his or her own need and demand of the situation.

Cancer Insurance Plan is a must have insurance from the vast list of insurances like health insurance, life insurance, travel insurance and motor insurance. Cancer of cure is not impossible with the latest technology use, but, the cost of the cancer recovery treatment is so high that if we calculate the amount of chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and hospitalization cost, then the total sum will be much more then the lifelong savings and earnings of the common men.

The policy will solve your puzzlement that which insurance company is to choose, which policy plan is the best. You will get an answer for the basic queries like premium amount, eligibility, assured sum – minimum and maximum and other important information and assistance on the easy to access online policy comparison portal of PolicyX.

Settlement of Insurance policy is not something easy to understand, PolicyX will help the policy holder to understand the reimbursement to the claim settlement.

Difference Between Cancer and Crucial Illness Rider Plans

A comprehensive cancer coverage is absolutely specific from an important critical illness rider that may be delivered to a base plan for additional protection. Even as a critical infection rider will provide economic aid in deciding to buy pricey treatment for a variety of critical situations inclusive of stroke, paralysis, multiple sclerosis, organ transplant, cardiac arrest, deafness, overall blindness, and so forth.

A number of life-threatening cancer also covered by means of many important infection riders. In maximum instances, the common important illness rider will pay out a lump sum in case the life assured has been identified with any of the crucial conditions protected via the rider. The payouts provided by the rider can be used for treatment and related scientific charges.

Critical illness riders are much high-priced in contrast with complete medical health insurance policies as safety is offered best for some essential conditions.

Critical Illness riders can be bought as character plans or riders that can be attached to existing health or life insurance regulations. One of the distinguished drawbacks of critical illness riders, however, is that they typically cover most cancers all through the advanced level within the sense that they cover most cancers only in case malignant tumor presentations out of control increase and invasion of everyday tissues.

Moreover, important contamination plans do not offer a waiver of future charges whilst revoking all the other benefits you will in any other case acquire from a comprehensive medical insurance plan. In case any of the illnesses included by using the vital contamination rider have been detected in the policyholder, the plan cover shall give up.

Most cancers insurance plans, on the other hand, offer comprehensive insurance for every stage of cancer, thereby ensuring that the policyholder can continue to receive economic protection and keep an amount of money that would in any other case be spent on treatments and treatment options.

Exclusions In A Cancer Insurance Plan:

Following are the exclusions in a cancer insurance plan:

All varieties of pores and skin cancer.

Cancer as a result of any pre-existing or congenital circumstance; chemical, organic or nuclear infection; radioactivity from any therapeutic or non-diagnostic source or touch with radiation.

Any sort of cancer prompted as a right away or the oblique result of sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS or HIV.


Papillary microcarcinoma of the thyroid.

How Do I Make A Claim For Cancer Insurance Plan?

Even as the claim agreement technique varies from insurer to insurer, the overall method that one will have to follow when it comes to making a claim is as follows:

Claim Intimation: Earlier than you record your actual claim, you'll first have to intimate the insurer of the approaching claim. With a view to intimate the insurer, you'll attain out to the coverage firm on any person of their reliable client care channels.

You could find the insurer’s consumer care channels on their respective website or the coverage brochure. Submit intimating the insurer about the claim, you'll also publish all supporting medical files to the insurance company. Insurance firms normally specify timelines inside which period they will have to be knowledgeable of the upcoming claim.

Claim Processing: Once the insurer has received all of your files, an assessor will scrutinize the same and compare the validity of your claim and whether it falls inside the purview of your coverage. At this time, if any extra files are required, the insurer will ask the same to the policyholder via letter/email/SMS.

Claim settlement: After evaluation of all the relevant helping documents, the insurer will communicate their decision concerning the claim to the policyholder. The insurer can either approve the claim and settle the claim amount, ask for similar documents, or reject the claim and talk about the reason for the concerned person. Most insurance corporations usually settle the claim amount through NEFT or ECS.

Cancer Policy - All You Need To Know

In step with a document, as many as 10 lakh human beings are recognized with cancer each year and over 60% to 70% of those, I.e., 6 to 7 lakh people succumb to the disease.

Of overdue, nearly each complete medical insurance coverage comes with coverage in opposition to all sorts of most cancers to lessen the level of economic constraints at the patients, but, it's simplest a prevent-hole answer of sorts. Retaining this in mind, life insurance corporations have come up with specific plans to return to the aid of most cancers patients.

In this phase, we are able to inform you some simple things about what a cancer coverage policy is all about and some of the components relating to it.

It’s now not similar to complete medical health insurance plans: As noted above, a cancer policy isn't the same as a comprehensive coverage due to the fact the insurance offered through these two are absolutely different. For starters, a cancer insurance policy is available for most cancers patients and it covers all kinds of cancer. However, a complete policy offers universal insurance towards a list of illnesses.

Offers coverage for all level of the disorder: Those rules cover you for all tiers of the disease and could pay a lump sum amount when a person is identified with the infection. In addition, the policyholder can pick out to obtain payouts in two one-of-a-kind methods: lump sum cover or lump sum cover with monthly earnings. Additionally, if the person buys the policy at the time of diagnosis, a few plans waive off premiums for a time frame whilst nevertheless preserving the insurance intact.

Can offer sturdy insurance when in comparison to crucial contamination plans: Even as critical contamination plans provide insurance in opposition to a number of ailments, a cancer-particular plan gives much better coverage and covers hospitalization as well as the preliminary ranges of restoration. Besides, it lets in policyholders to choose a payout that is beneficial to them. Critical Illness plans, alternatively, don’t provide this benefit.

Should be offered earlier than the age of 60: As you may already know, coverage is a game of odds which is stacked in opposition to the older people. That is the reason why it prices higher for them to get insurance. So, if you make a decision to take a most cancer-specific plan, make certain to do so earlier than you hit the age of 60, in an effort to lessen the top class amount.

With the range of most cancers sufferers rising each year, a cancer-particular plan is really worth your consideration. Particularly in case you are a smoker or have other such vices. So, don't forget searching into any such plan to secure yourself against unwanted emergencies. And as they say, it’s always better to be secure than sorry. It’s some time now!

Documents Required For Cancer Insurance Policy

If you have decided to buy health insurance online, then there are few documents that you need to provide such as:

  1. Age proof - Any one of Birth Certificate, 10th or 12th mark sheet, Driving License, Passport, Voter ID, etc
  2. Identity proof - Driving License, Passport, Voter ID, PAN Card, Aadhar Card, which proves ones citizenship
  3. Address proof - Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill, Ration Card, Driving License, Passport, should clearly mention the permanent address.
  4. Some plans require a medical check-up usually for elder people above the age of 45 years in order to make sure that the insured does not suffer from any chronic illness.
  5. Passport Size Photo to have a record of the insured person`s identity for future references.

Buy Cancer Insurance Online in Few Easy Steps

If you have decided to buy health insurance online, then there are few documents that you need to provide such as:

  1. Very easy to buy, hassle free buying without going through heaps of paperwork
  2. Takes less than 10 minutes to complete a purchase.
  3. Simply enter basic requirements details as per the need and preference to find the best insurance plan for you.
  4. Compare plans from various companies in less than 30 seconds and take a wise decision for your insurance investment.
  5. Choose a plan which fulfills your criteria of insurance and be insured within minutes.
  6. Complete online proposal form in 5 minutes, which asks you for your basic details for further reference.
  7. Upload your documents and make payment towards the plan you want to opt for.
  8. Bingo: You are now covered under the policy.

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January 11, 2018

Madu jain

I bought HDFC life cancer insurance cover for my mother. The sum assured is upto 40 lakhs

January 10, 2018


Covers various costs associated with cancer diagnosis and treatment

January 9, 2018

raman lal

The charges associated with cancer treatment are huge. I am really glad we had the cancer protection plan

January 8, 2018

Ranjan verma

nice job

January 8, 2018


Not a single plan covers early stage of cancer

January 8, 2018


They have good number of plans and policies to choose from

January 7, 2018

simran pabbi

Covers multiple stages of cancer

January 7, 2018


My grandfather is suffering from lung cancer. The good part is we already had the cancer insurance cover to deal with the heavy medical costs.

January 7, 2018

naresh kumar

It's good to see so many companies these days ofering protection against cancer insurance

January 7, 2018

Ila singh

Cancer insurance is very important looking at today's lifestyle