My: Health Medisure Classic Insurance Policy
myHealth Medisure Classic Insurance Policy
  • Lifetime Renewability
  • Integrated Wellness Service
  • Family Discount Up To 10%
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HDFC ERGO My: Health Medisure Classic Insurance Policy

Note- This plan has been discontinued by HDFC ERGO General Health Insurance.

People who want maximum coverage with uninterrupted medical treatment, this plan is most suitable for them. my: health Medisure Classic Insurance policy helps you in every possible way to safeguard your savings. It helps it’s insured managed financial burden arising due to unpredicted medical situations.

Features/Benefits of My: Health Medisure Classic Insurance Policy

Here are mentioned all the features and benefits for your easy referral:

  • Day Care Procedures: The insured can get coverage up to the sum insured on medical expenses under day care procedures, subject to the condition that the procedures take less time than 24 hours. If so, the insured can take limitless day care procedures.
  • New-Born Baby Cover: At times it happens that after birth there are complications relating to the newly-born baby or the baby does not keep well. So, for such circumstances, there is a facility under the ‘new-born baby cover’ and it is provided for 90 days from the day of birth of the baby.
  • Maternity Cover: Under this, the plan provides its insured maternity cover. The insured gets a cover-up to Rs 20,000 in the case of normal delivery and up to Rs.40,000 in case of C-section delivery.
myHealth Medisure Classic Insurance Policy
  • In-Patient Treatment: In case the insured has been hospitalized for more than 24 hours than under the in-patient treatment, the insured gets covered.
  • Pre hospitalization: The plan provides coverage for pre-hospitalization expenses. All the doctor consultation fees, check-ups, and prescriptions get covered under this subjected to the condition that it should be within 30 days prior to the hospitalization.
  • Post Hospitalization: Full coverage is provided to the insured for 60 days after getting discharged from the hospital with respect to all the doctor consultancy and medical check-up expenses.
  • Hospitalization Due To Accidents: The base sum insured is restored in case you have exhausted your insured sum beforehand in cases like an accident for hassle-free medical treatment.
  • Ayurvedic Treatment: A special feature of my: health Medisure Classic Insurance policy is that it provides coverage for ayurvedic treatment. The coverage provided can be up to Rs.25,000.
  • Dependant Children Cover: In case you have dependent children then you can get them insured under plan till they turn 23 years of age.


There are no age bars to buy HDFC my: health Medisure Classic Insurance policy. Even a newborn baby gets coverage for 90 days under maternity cover and after that, the baby can be included in the plans subjected to a rise in premiums.

Coverage of My: Health Medisure Classic Insurance Policy

Here are mentioned different types of coverage provided to the insured under this policy.

Add-on Covers

  • Double Sum Insured for Critical Illness:
    It Provides Enhanced For Life-Threatening Disease
    If a situation arises and the insured is diagnosed with a critical illness then, the insured sum gets doubled to provide coverage to the insured.
    How Does It Function?
    In case the insured is diagnosed with cancer or heart disease and the sum insured was 5 lakhs then it is increased to 10 lakhs so that the insured can get all the medical expenses covered under the policy.
  • Waiver Of Room Rent Sub Limits:
    There is no room rent capping. The sub-limits of ICU and Room Rent under basic hospitalization is waived off in HDFC ERGO my: health Medisure Classic Insurance policy.

Value Added Covers

  • Hospital Cash: The policy offers the insured per day allowance for the expenses incurred during hospitalization. An amount of Rs.500 is given to the insured on per day basis from the 4th day to the 10th day of the hospitalization.
    For example, if an insured is hospitalized for five days then s/he is eligible to get paid for the 4th and 5th day of the hospitalization.
  • Ambulance Charges: Under the ambulance charges facility, reimbursement up to Rs.1500 is provided to the insured for each hospital admission.
  • Recovery Benefits: A lump sum amount of Rs.5000 is provided to the insured in case of hospitalization for more than 10 consecutive days. It is so that the household expenses during the medical emergency do not bother you.
  • Health Check-ups: In the case of every 4 claim-free renewal, the insured gets 1% of the sum insured for comprehensive health checkup in the form of reimbursement. So, for example, if you have bought HDFC my: health Medisure Classic Insurance policy. With a sum insured of Rs. 5 lakhs and you do renewal for 4 claim-free years then you gate the benefits of Rs.5000 under health checkup.

Waiting Periods of My: Health Medisure Classic Insurance Policy

  • First 24 months from the inception of the policy: There is a provision under which there is a waiting period of 24 months for a list of diseases subjected to one more condition that the Medisure Classic Insurance policy should be renewed for two consecutive years.
  • First 30 days from inception of the policy: All the claims except accidental cases are considered after a waiting period of 30 days from the date of the start of the policy.
  • First 36 months from the Policy start date: Any of the pre-existing disease or pre-diagnosed conditions if found, then a waiting period of 3 years is applied to it. After that only it gets coverage.


  • Self-inflicted injuries: Any injury by self under risky activity like suicide, attempt to suicide, etc does not get coverage under the plan. HDFC ERGO my: health Medisure Classic Insurance policy says no to self-imposed injury.
  • War: Any harm due to participation in war activity is not considered under this policy.
  • Participation in defense operations: In case the insured is involved in any of the defense operations and ends up harming the self then also no coverage is provided to the insured for the treatment expenses.
  • Venereal or sexually transmitted disease: Treatment for any type of STD or Venereal disease is not entertained under the plan.
  • Treatment of obesity or cosmetic surgery Cosmetic surgeries, as well as surgeries, relating obesity are an exclusion for Medisure Classic Insurance policy. They are not eligible for any coverage.

Reasons To choose my: health Medisure Classic Insurance

  • No Entry Age Restriction: The plan is open to all as there is no age bar to buy my: health Medisure Classic Insurance policy. You can freely buy a plan today before worrying about your age limit.
  • Lifetime Renewability: The policy has lifelong renewability and the insured need not take any tension. All that is required to be done is the insured has to pay the premiums on time.
  • Integrated Wellness Service: The wellness app helps the insured keep track of his calorie count, diet and exercise and all this are under integrated wellness services. The plan also offers a heavy discount on OPD appointment, diet consultation, and pharmacy bills, etc to its insured.
  • Long term discounts: There is an additional 5% discount on a 2-year policy to motivate long-term partnership benefits under the plan.
  • Family Discounts: In case more than 2 members are covered under this plan on the individual sum insured basis then policy provides a 10% discount.
  • Pre-policy Check-up: The insured under the age of 50 years are exempted from a pre-insurance medical checkup.

HDFC my: health Medisure Classic Insurance Policy Review

The policy has been successfully providing excellent services to its insured. One can choose the policy without a percent of doubt. The coverage provided under the HDFC my: health Medisure Classic Insurance policy has been utilized by the policyholders to their complete satisfaction.


The room rent is decided as per the hospitalization bills. 1% of the sum assured maximum up to Rs. 4000 per day is provided to the insured as room rent under the Medisure classic policy.

In the case of ICU hospitalization, the insured gets 2% of the sum insured ranging maximum up to Rs. 6000 per day as room rent.

After completion of 4 years, the insured can avail of the maternity facility. The waiting period is applicable for 48 months.

Under the maternity benefits of HDFC Medisure Classic policy the insured gets the following facility:

  • Normal Delivery: Maximum 10% of the insured sum or Rs.20,000
  • C-Section Delivery: Maximum 20% of the insured sum or Rs.40,000
  • Termination of Pregnancy: Maximum 10% of the insured sum or Rs.20,000

A baby can be covered under the maternity coverage for the initial 90 days but after that, they are to be added in the policy and additional premium will be charged respectively.

For ayurvedic treatment, an insured can get covered maximum up to Rs.25,000.

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Last updated on 09-12-2019