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WHO says HIV has Claimed more than 32 million lives worldwide and the globe still suffering from 37.9 million cases of HIV in the year 2018. Out of this India contributes about 2.1 million people living their lives with HIV. It is high time as HIV has become a common disease that is spreading all over the globe at a higher speed.

The awareness relating to the immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is yet to be worked upon. The term is yet discussed frankly. The tragedy was that none of the health insurance companies covered the illness of HIV unless the Star Health NetPlus plan was launched by the Star Health Insurance company. The plan is the whole and sole provider for the health coverage to the HIV infected patients in India at present.

The advanced technological treatment has helped the doctor increase the life span of HIV patients. antiretroviral treatment(ART) and the chemotherapy charges have made it possible. But it is sadly not covered by most health insurance companies.

Let us explore more about facts relating to Health Insurance Policy for HIV patients and How they can go about it. 

Eligibility To Buy Health Insurance Policy For HIV Patient?

The policy welcomes patients without any age bars. It is an individual type of plan. Other than this:

  • The patients who already have HIV infection but have not reached the stage of AIDs can easily buy the HIV health insurance coverage policy.
  • The CD4 count which holds a special significance in the HIV patients needs to be recorded above 350 in medical tests.
  • The policies related to HIV can only be proposed by NGOs and government bodies who work effectively to help HIV patients and work to eradicate the concerned illness from society.

We have got for you the one and the only ray of hope, that is Star health NetPlus Plan. All the detailed descriptions of the Star Health NetPlus plan have been mentioned below in the tabular form.



Age Eligibility

No age bars

Coverage Type


Sum Insured

Maximum INR 50,000 and minimum INR 30,000

Pre-medical Test

The test is compulsory and the company bears the cost of medical tests.

Waiting period 

90 days from the commencement of the policy.

Annual premiums to be paid

  • For the insured sum of INR 50,000 --- INR 4000 
  • For the insured sum of INR 30,000 --- INR 2,500

Coverage Under Health Insurance Policy For HIV AIDs

The policy settles the claim when HIV has reached a stage and it has resulted in AIDS. The coverage can be in the form of the lump-sum amount provided to the insured similar to that in critical illness coverage. The lump-sum amount provided to the patient can be the pre-decided amount or an amount depending on the treatment expenses.

The cover may include a list of treatments procedures mentioned below:

  • Pre-hospitalization
  • Post-hospitalization
  • Inpatient hospitalization
  • Non-allopathic treatments.
  • Day-care procedures

Exceptions In Health Insurance Policy For HIV Positive Patient?

HIV AIDs health insurance policy provides several facilities for the treatment but certain things have been kept in the exclusion of the health insurance policy. These are:

  • The money spent on the treatment of illness is not covered.
  • The AIDs confirmed within 90 days of the purchase of the policy are not covered under the policy.

What About Confidentiality Of The Patient?

The health insurance company takes full charge of the privacy and confidentiality of the patient. All the medical records, data, and information of the insured regarding HIV infections are kept under high secrecy. The insured can live a relaxed and normal life in the society while he is taking HIV treatment.

The policyholder should always keep one thing in mind while buying an HIV health insurance coverage policy that when the policy is bought the policy must comply with the rules and regulations mentioned by IRDA. One can cross-verify it by reaching out to the insurance company’s website and checking the company’s IRDA registration number.

Naval Goel is the founder of He is an Associate Member of the Indian Institute of Insurance`, Pune. He has been authorized by IRDA to act as a Principal Officer of Insurance Web Aggregator.
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