Star Unique Health Insurance Policy

Star Unique Health Insurance Policy
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Star Unique Health Insurance Policy

Star unique health insurance as is clear from its name is a policy which provides unique benefits. One of the unique benefits that it provides is the pre existing disease coverage. It covers pre existing ailment expenses after completion of 11 successful months of the health scheme as compared to others where the criterion for the same is about 48 months.

Benefits and Features

  • Coverage for pre existing disease after 11 months only
  • Basic hospitalization covers that include room rent, boarding charges, surgeon's fee, anesthetist, medical practioners, the cost of medicines, cost of blood, diagnostics and much more.
  • Provide Coverage to HIV patients excluding HIV /AIDS disease
  • No pre acceptance medical test
  • Tax benefits
  • The minimum coverage amount is Rs 300000 to 400000
  • Cashless facility
  • Nationwide tie-ups with 7800 hospitals

Expert View

It is an appropriate name for the product as the feature it offers is something unique. The key feature of the plan is that it covers maximum expenses and major pre existing disease just after the completion of 11 successful months of the policy term which is a rarity. Additional beneficial coverage such as chemotherapy, pacemaker, dialysis etc makes it a useful and cost effective plan for the customers.

What it covers?

  • Pre existing diseases: It provides coverage for pre- existing disease after 11 months of the plan.
  • Hospitalization cover: Covers maximum hospitalization expenses such as medical practitioners, cost of blood, diagnostics, boarding charges, anesthetist, and much more
  • Covers expenses related to chemotherapy, dialysis, radiotherapy, pacemaker
  • Post hospitalization expense
  • Pre hospitalization expenses for up to 30 days before the hospitalizing process
  • Non allopathic treatments

Documents & Eligibility

A person between the age group of 18 to 65 years can buy this plan. The policy term period is about two years. The co-pay charges are 30 percent.

The necessary documents are age proof, ID proof, address proof and passport size photos.

Page updated on 14-01-2021