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Asset Insurance Overview

As a business owner, you must have realized that it is easy to generate profits but it is much more complicated to protect the assets of your company that help in generating the profit.

Asset insurance covers all your assets against sudden and accidental damage. If they can be repaired, the company will cover the cost of repairing and if they are un-repairable then the insurer will replace the same.

It will be defined in the policy document which assets will it cover which can include buildings, service facilities, walls, gates etc.

An asset with an insurance policy of any kind. That is, an insured asset is one for which an insurance company must compensate the owner if the asset is damaged or destroyed. Most companies have insurance policies on their assets, or at least their tangible assets, to transfer the risk associated with owning them. Likewise, most individuals have insurance policies on their major assets, such as their houses and cars.

Importance of Asset Insurance

Tangible assets possessed by any enterprise carry a certain economic value

Some entities find it difficult and some find it next to impossible to operate without their key business assets.

Losing the important assets means losing the base and dolling out a large sum to establish it once again.

Therefore, it is imperative that every company has a support system or the way out to replace the assets in case of any unforeseen contingency.

One of the ways to protect the assets of the company is procuring corporate asset insurance.

There are various asset insurance schemes that are designed to provide protection to business assets like building, plants and machinery, tools, stock and other objects required for the operation.

The business owner or the stakeholder needs to recognize the important tools of the entity and buy asset insurance which meets his requirements.

Different Forms of Asset Insurance in India

Fire insurance

Your workplace/factory is your showpiece to the world. You control and maintain your office with the lot of passion. A major fire can bring about a disaster for a company to the volume that many corporations by no means recover. The importance of having a fire coverage policy cannot be overemphasized.

Fire insurance covers your workplace's structure and contents not only against the risk of fire but also against different perils like lightning, flood, typhoon, earthquake, riots, terrorism and many others.

Burglary insurance:

This policy covers assets contained in business premises. It additionally covers cash, valuables, securities saved in a locked safe or cash in the locked metal cabinet.

Equipment Breakdown (MBD) coverage:

The sudden occurrences of equipment breakdown can harm equipment and lead to expensive production delays or interrupt cash flow. This policy covers the breakdown of machinery because of diverse perils. This policy is fundamental for agencies that operate a large and wide variety of machines. The breakdown of a single machine may additionally bring the operations of the manufacturing unit to a standstill.

Cash insurance:

Organizations deal with cash, and bankers' drafts, making this form of coverage essential.

The insurance Covers

  • Money while in transit in the personal custody of the insured or his employee
  • Cash in premises all through working hours
  • Money in a secure or strong room, outside commercial/work hours.

All risks coverage

This policy covers valuables like jewelry, artwork and similar artifacts of sentimental values.
The policy offers cover on a huge range of objects and covers loss or damage because of fire, strike, housebreaking, robbery and unintended loss or damage

How Asset Insurance can Help You?

Asset insurance enables smooth functioning of the business by providing it the much-needed coverage against unforeseen risks.

Whether small, medium or large, capital invested in building or buying assets is huge.

Unfortunate events and crisis striking the enterprise may lead it to a substantial loss.

Moreover, outstanding liabilities, mortgage bills and other obligations towards the vendors can bring the company to the stage of a halt.

Acquiring Asset Insurance Ensures

  • Protection against the risk of assets' breakdown, damage or its theft and carrying on with the business
  • Protection against the risk of loss of income in unfortunate events like fires, explosions, floods or lightning
  • Protection against the lawsuits and related claims

Buying asset insurance is a relatively less popular concept, however, with time, business owners are realizing its critical importance and treating it more of as an investment rather than expenditure.

If you are one of those business owners, do check what all assets you must cover to keep your business healthy and protected against asset-related risks.

Buy Asset Insurance Online in Few Easy Steps

If you have decided to buy Asset insurance online, then there are few documents that you need to provide such as:

  • Very easy to buy, hassle free buying without going through heaps of paperwork
  • Takes less than 10 minutes to complete a purchase.
  • Simply enter basic requirements details as per the need and preference to find the best insurance plan for you.
  • Compare plans from various companies in less than 30 seconds and take a wise decision for your insurance investment.
  • Choose a plan which fulfills your criteria of insurance and be insured within minutes.
  • Complete online proposal form in 5 minutes, which asks you for your basic details for further reference.
  • Upload your documents and make payment towards the plan you want to opt for.
  • Bingo: You are now covered under the policy.

Last updated on 11-11-2020