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Desk-bound jobs and cheesy-food habits are dragging us towards several unexpected diseases. Human hearts are becoming weak to face the pollution of these metropolitan cities over time. Commoners are lacking in awareness about how to safeguard their hearts from the poisonous environment at present.

In such a challenging scenario the health insurance companies are putting their full effort into launching plans for heart care cover and spreading awareness about the same. An individual free from any of the heart disease considers himself to be unaffected for the entire life but you never know when the hazardous environment is going to show up on your health. 

So, one should always keep himself aware of all the possible ways to safeguard the self in case of emergencies. For the matter of fact here are mentioned some health insurance companies providing coverage for heart disease.

Heart Care Health Insurance Plans

By the time there are in total seven heart insurance plans available in the insurance market. cardiac care health insurance plansEach one of these competes together to provide customers with the best services. The facilities are appreciable and the accuracy of the facts like claim settlement ratio and other things can be verified from the IRDA’s yearly report about the health insurance companies.

Let us explore the heart health insurance plans one by one:

Star Cardiac Care Insurance

Established in the year 2006, Star Health and Allied Insurance Co Ltd is first India’s standalone health insurance provider. The insurance company provides heart insurance under the plan, Star Cardiac Care Insurance. Some features and benefits have been mentioned below:

  • Star cardiac care plan is for heart disease patients. It targets the patients with a history confirming heart ailments between 10 years to 65 years of age.
  • There is the availability of two plans: Silver Plan and Gold Plan. 
  • There are two sum insured options. One can opt for either Rs.3 Lakhs or Rs.4 Lakhs sum insured.
  • In the silver cardiac care plan, the inpatient treatment expenses are covered in case the heart-related complications are leading to surgery. Whereas the gold cardiac care insurance plan covers all the medical expenses arising out of heart-related complications.
  • An individual who has undergone the angiogram test is also eligible to buy the star cardiac care insurance if there was no intervention medically found in the test.
  • There are limited outpatient benefits under both heart health care insurance policies.
  • Both the silver plan and the gold plan includes regular hospitalization.
  • All the cardiac ailments get coverage under this policy.
  • There is limited availability of free ambulance facilities.
  • There is coverage for accidental death.
  • A separate set of rules are there for senior citizens (Above 60 years of age). They might have to pay co-payments of 10 to 20 percent to share the cost of treatment with the health insurance company.
  • The plan includes 400 daycare procedures.
  • An individual wishing to buy a star cardiac care insurance policy is subjected to medical tests before the acceptance of the policy by the insurance company.
  • A waiting period of 91 days from the day of the start of the policy is to be served to avail of the heart disease treatment facilities.
  • A patient who has already undergone angioplasty or any heart-related surgery can buy a heart care insurance plan once within 2 years to 3 years of the surgery.
  • The star cardiac care insurance can be bought from six months to 3 years, post-surgery.

ICICI Pru Heart/Cancer Protect

ICICI Pru Heart/Cancer Protect Plan for individuals who are suffering from heart disease or who are at high risk of heart disease.

The specialty of this heart insurance plan permits you to start the treatment at the earliest without any delay as the disease has high life risk. The assurance is enough to boost the heart patient struggling to prevent his life. Some features and benefits have been mentioned below:

  • Under the heart health insurance plan, it provides a lump-sum amount of money in case of medically proven heart disease. The specialty is that the insured gets the lump-sum amount without presenting medical bills.
  • The lump-sum amount paid depends on the level of disease. The total payout amount should never exceed the insured sum selected by the insurer.
  • Individuals can get a cover of sum Rs.20 Lakhs by paying a premium of Rs.160 every month.
  • There is a discount of 5% offered on the premium amount if the spouse is also included in the heart health insurance plan.
  • A loyalty benefit of 5% is provided to the existing member of the ICICI health insurance family.
  • In case of permanent disability due to accident, a waiver off on the premiums is provided by the ICICI health insurance company under heart insurance plans.
  • In case, the minor conditions of the insured match with the list mentioned in the policy then the insured can easily secure 25 percent of the insured sum.
  • Other than cardiac disease cover the plan includes coverage for critical illness. In this case, the insured need not buy a separate critical illness plan.

Aviva Heart Care Health Insurance Plan

Aviva Heart Care is serving humanity with its ME and WE Plans. It has served 33 million customers across 16 countries. The coverage provided by the Aviva Heart Care Plan has been explained in detail:

  • This heart insurance plan provides coverage for 19 heart ailments. It contains several moderate and severe cardiac medical conditions.
  • There are two plans ME Plan for an individual and We Plan in which the spouse can be included.
  • Aviva Heart Care Plan permits multiple claims facility.
  • Four claims per individual are allowed under this heart health insurance plan. The restoration benefits are also provided in multiple claims.
  • There are ME+ and We+ plans too where several members can be added. In these “+” plans, there is also provision for 100 percent restoration in critical condition.
  • The plan covers married couples under the WE Plan.
  • Aviva Heart health insurance plan provides coverage for loss of income.
  • One can get a ME Plan, which is an individual plan, by just paying Rs.7.8 per day for sum assured of Rs.20 Lakhs. The tenure would be 10 years. A 30 years old male individual is eligible for the Me plan under this premium.
  • 30 years of a male having 28 years old spouse is eligible for WE Plan.
  • The lump-sum amount is paid after the diagnosis of cardiovascular disease. Only the treatment of heart conditions mentioned in the policy is possible under this heart health insurance plan.

Religare Care Heart Plan

Care Heart Plan is a health insurance plan for Religare Health Insurance. This plan has several facilities that are beneficial to the insured. Several medical procedures are covered and get financial support from the side of the health insurance company. Here are the essential facts presented about Care Heart Plan:

  • It provides coverage for pre-existing heart disease.
  • It is a comprehensive coverage plan. The hospitalization expenses and medication facility is managed by the insurance company, while the insured is admitted in the hospital. 
  • Both the cashless facility and reimbursement facility are available under this plan.
  • Religare Care Heart Plan also includes the pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization facilities. 
  • 30 days preceding the hospitalization and 60 days after the discharge is considered under pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization facility.
  • This heart insurance plan also provides coverage for Ayurvedic and Unani treatments.
  • Ambulance coverage is provided under this heart insurance plan.
  • Coverage for domiciliary treatment is also mentioned in the provision of the Care Heart Plan.
  • A 10% increment in the sum insured is offered in case of claim-free years.
  • Cardiac health checkup is also covered under Care heart Plan for its insured free of cost annually.
  • Including all the consultation fees, diagnostic charges, and pharmacy costs, a 50% discount is provided on the OPD expenses.
  • The insured gets the freedom to take international second opinion free of cost.
  • Home care treatment options can be availed within 30 days after discharge from the hospital.
  • Religare Care Heart Plan also covers certain tests like Lipid Profile, Fasting, and PP blood sugar test, Blood pressure tests up to three times in a policy year.

Future Generali Heart And Health Insurance Plan

Here are a few of the features of the heart care insurance plan mentioned below:

  • One can buy an individual plan for each family member.
  • The age limit for buying this plan is between 18 years to 65 years.
  • One can get the cover till s/he turns 75.
  • The plan provides comprehensive coverage and includes 59 critical illness and surgical procedures in totality which includes 18 heart related, 3 cancer related, and 38 critical illness conditions.
  • There is provision for medical costs and incidental cost cover which includes travel expenses, post-treatment expenses, loss of income and take care expense.
  • Provides fixed lump-sum payout benefit.
  • Medical costs, incidental costs, loss of income are also offered.
  • Provides benefits on the diagnosis of each condition like:
    • Minor Condition - 25% of CI(critical illness) sum insured + 5 years premium waiver
    • Moderate condition - 50% of CI + 5 years of premium waiver
    • Major condition - 100% of sum insured - any benefit already paid
  • One can claim only twice under the minor and moderate stage subjected to the condition that the claim amount should not exceed the maximum sum assured.
  • Under the benefits of the plan, the premium can be waived off for 5 years but only once in the policy term.
  • The death benefit facility gets unlocked from day 1.
  • There is a plan offered by Future Generali for heart and critical illness with an option of return of the premium after completion of the tenure.

PNB Metlife Mera Heart And Cancer Care

PNB Metlife Mera Heart And Cancer Care is a heart insurance plan under PNB MetLife. It provides the insured with heart cover. Here we have focused on the features of the heart insurance plan offered by the company:

  • Under this heart insurance plan, the eligibility age for entry is 18 years to 65 years of age and maturity age limits are 28 years to 75 years of age.
  • The minimum and maximum sum insured limit of PNB Metlife Mera Heart and Cancer Plan are Rs.5 lakhs to Rs.40 lakhs.
  • The policy term can be ten, fifteen or twenty as per the choice.
  • The premium payment term is equal to the policy term.
  • The payment mode can be yearly, half-yearly, or monthly as per the choice of the policy buyer. 
  • This heart care insurance plan provides inbuilt life cover from day 1 and has zero survival period concept.
  • There is provision for payout at different stages of illness and return of premium subjected to the terms and conditions.
  • There are special benefits for women. Cancer specifically relating to women are covered at special rates for women.
  • For severe stage claims, one can choose the platinum plan.
  • Waiver off for future premium for the next 5 years on the first diagnosis of the minor and moderate condition.
  • There is a procedure for lump-sum payouts.
  • The death benefit is provided under the plan.
  • Death benefit = sum insured - claims paid

HDFC Life Cardiac Care

Features and benefits mentioned about the HDFC Life Cardiac Care plan:

  • This heart care insurance plan covers 18 cardio-vascular conditions.
  • The plan provides a waiver of any claim done for moderate or mild severity conditions.
  • Under hospitalization benefits, the insured is provided 1% of the insured sum per day for non-ICU hospitalization and 2% of the insured sum for ICU hospitalization.
  • There is an increment of 10% in the sum insured for the very claim-free year.
  • Other than the base benefits, the insured receives a monthly income equal to 1% of the original sum insured and this is payable for the fixed 5 years.
  • There are procedures for multiple claim payout for the base and hospitalization benefit.
  • There is an increase in the cover for every claim-free year.

NOTE: All the heart insurance plans mentioned above brings to you the tax exemption benefit. The premiums are tax-free under section 80D of Income Tax 1961.

Final Submission

Heart health insurance plans are only offered by the health insurance companies mentioned above throughout the writeup. The most proficient customer care executives are available at toll-free numbers to provide you with the best advice. The contact number can be obtained from the official sites of these health insurance companies.

Life is short and uncertain. You should always plan and get your family insured against such heart and critical illness disease. Always follow the formula “Healthy Heart Happy Family”.

Naval Goel is the founder of He is an Associate Member of the Indian Institute of Insurance`, Pune. He has been authorized by IRDA to act as a Principal Officer of Insurance Web Aggregator.
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