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Cashless Health Insurance

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body and with the same, it is not easy to maintain a good health in the world full of fast food, fast lifestyle and a rat race packed routine. In the ambition of our career heights and achieving success goals we often forget to take care of our health. A health problem can knock at any one’s door unannounced and then there is the hustle bustle of an emergency hospitalization at the last moment that causes not only the money crisis but mental and social strain on an individual. Cashless hospitalization is the service that is designed in order to restrict the stress during hospitalization regarding hospital bills, medical bills of the policy holder.

Cashless features of an insurance policy work during any extreme surgery or treatment by paying the hospitalization expenses, which is a part of the Third Party Administrator (TPA). There are different types of Cashless Health Insurance in India. One can buy an insurance policy with the cashless benefit as per the requirement. It can be a family insurance policy for the whole family- cashless hospitalization cover, senior citizen policy or enjoy an individual cashless insurance policy cover as per the requirement.

Key Things to Consider While Buying Cashlesss Health Insurance

But, no matter which Cashless Health Insurance Policy one avail, following are the few key things that one should keep on fingertips while buying any cashless health insurance policy -

1. Facility of the cashless hospitalization is only available in the network hospitals of the insurance company.

2. You should have all the documents, originals or photocopy of all hospitalization documents, including the medical form, discharge papers, and claim form.

3. One should make sure about the benefit covers and eligibility to avail the cashless insurance as it differs from one product to another.

4. A wide range of benefits is included in the cashless health insurance, but if the policyholder is well aware of the benefit he/she want to avail than it should be checked before buying any insurance policy

5. Any treatment that the policyholder is undergoing should be justified and verified by the respective hospital.

6. In case of any pre-existing illness, one should make sure if it is facilitated by the insurer under the cashless health insurance policy.

7. While buying any cashless health insurance policy, a customer should check the claim settlement ratio of the company as it gives a fair idea of the reputation in the market.

8. The policyholder should make sure that the daily cap amount offered by the insurer is close to the prevailing rate in case of hospitalization.

9. Not all expenses such as private nurse’s fee, ambulance charges, and attendant/visitors fees are covered under the cashless insurance policy.

10. Insurance is subject to market risk so one needs to make sure about the terms and conditions of the terms and conditions of the cashless insurance policy.

11. There are certain exclusions and limitations that differ from one policy product to another, so one should carefully check the if/but clauses vigilantly.

Importance of Cashless Health Insurance

No one can judge that what next moment is holding. Hospitalization requires a huge amount of expense and most of the people are not always ready for it. Cashless hospitalization is a blessing for those who have limited cash reserves or who are low at cash at the required time. The expenses are settled directly by the insurance company with the hospital. In case of emergency, there is no worry regarding the arrangement of capital before the surgery or any operation. With, one can not only understand each and every pros and con of any cashless health insurance policy, but he can also buy any insurance plan.


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Cashless process

Contact the insurer

It is really vital in case of an emergency to contact your insurance company within 24 hours of hospitalization and if it is a planned hospitalization then contact them seven days before hospitalization.

Get the medical assistance

Complete your treatment and later, collect all the reports, original bills of related expenses from the hospital for presenting the claim.

Prepare documents

Following documents would be necessary for filing a claim. Apart from this, the insurance company may ask you for additional documents as required. Major documents which you need to show are:

  • Documents of your plan

  • Original bills of hospitals

  • Payment receipt of bills

  • Bills of medicines & drugs

  • Hospital break-up bill

  • Discharge documents

  • ECG

  • Notes of operation theatre

  • Prescription

  • Investigation request & notes

  • Cancelled cheque

  • Claim form which should be filled properly

Examining the claim

The insurer will examine the claim documents, ask for more documents if required to determine the authorization. The company will require all the documents & necessary information and later may accept or reject the claim as per the norm of the plan.

Payment process

If the insurer accepts your claim, then it will make the payment through a cheque, DD or NEFT.

With you will not face any difficulty with the claim. The company will be there to support you and guide you towards all the needful steps.

Last updated on 17-12-2020