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Compare Health Insurance

Health insurance plan is the financial assistance provided by the insurance company to the insured when he/she faces a medical emergency. Choosing an adequate health insurance plan is as important as buying a health insurance plan. We all know the importance of having the best health insurance plan, but no one can select any random plan without any prior comparison and research. Going for an inadequate health insurance plan can bring troubles for you as it would not be able to help you in the hour of need. An inadequate insurance plan will never be sufficient to deal with medical emergencies.

There are various insurance companies providing health insurance policies with a variety of features. Well, you guessed it right that it is a tough job to decide the best insurance policy out of all the health policies available in the market. You will get yourself in a situation of a ball lost in the high weeds because no matter how much you inquire about available health policies, you will not end up with a proper comparison.

We are here to make it convenient for you. At, you can compare and choose the best health insurance policy according to your requirements. You can compare all the health insurance policies available in the market at a single portal and select the one on the basis of the health coverage, premium amount and your requirements.

Why You Should Compare Health Insurance Policies?

When you wish to buy a particular product of a particular brand, make sure to do proper research and comparison before purchasing it because you are investing your valuable money in it. Go with the product which suits your pocket and requirements as well.

But in case of a health insurance policy, the concern is not only the money but your life and health. Health is a significant factor of one’s life which cannot be neglected in any condition. The health insurance sector is becoming vast and there are almost 20+ health insurance companies in the market which offer a wide range of health insurance policies. Every person has different requirements when it comes to a health insurance policy therefore, the insurance companies have introduced so many variants of the health insurance policy. In the midst of several health policies, the chances of selecting a wrong one are more.

People mostly end up buying a health insurance policy which does not go along with their needs and requirements and also does not result in any benefits when required. Therefore, it becomes essential to compare health insurance policies before purchasing, to attain maximum benefits out of it. Because in a situation of medical emergency you will not be in your proper state of mind to understand the policy and it will lead you to some negligible benefits. Here are some reasons listed for you to understand why the comparison before buying a health insurance policy is important.

  • To select the best health insurance policy according to premium, coverage, add-ons, facilities, claim period and your requirements
  • For being aware of bogus deals and companies present in the market
  • To invest your money in a policy which will result in a great claim coverage

Benefits Of Health Insurance Comparison?

Health insurance policy is an essential factor for a secure future. You cannot take any risk when it is the question of your health and life, therefore, it is important to choose the correct health insurance plan to get hassle-free treatment in any condition. Comparing health insurance plan helps you exploring different available health policy options and select the best one according to your requirements.

  • You can choose what exact features you want in your health insurance policy
  • It protects you from investing your money in a plan which does not fulfill your needs
  • It will be easy for you to apply for a mediclaim as you are aware about the whole insurance policy

Why Go For The Online Comparison Service?

If you are planning to compare the health policies before investing your money in it then it is the best decision that you have made. But how you gonna do it? By visiting every insurance company office or contacting various agents? It seems like a tedious way to compare the health insurance policies. In your busy and hectic lifestyle why to add one more responsibility when you can compare the policies online without going out.

At, we are here to help you with the entire health insurance comparison and buying process. We provide real time information and instant insurance quotes which helps you in quicker comparison results. We provided detailed information about the plan, and our customer care are there to assist you with each and every single query of yours.

Why you should compare the insurance policies online can be understood through the listed points.

  • Various Option Available - There are a number of insurance companies in the market and each company has different health insurance policies including different features. It is a quite difficult task to filter the best one out of all the mediclaim plans. Online comparison helps you sorting the various health insurance policy and selecting the one which best suits your requirements.
  • Time-Efficient Comparison - Getting time out of busy and hectic schedule cannot be managed easily and also, contacting every insurance company and their agents is time-consuming as there are various insurance companies in the market. Online portals allow to complete the whole comparison within just a few clicks or you can just enter your details and our executives will call you, they will ask for your requirements and do the insurance comparison on your behalf.
  • Unbiased Information - We are affiliated with all the top insurance companies. They will provide you with real time information about every insurance company and will not be biased towards any insurance plan or company. This will help you in selecting the best health insurance plan because no company will inform you about the negative factors of the policy they are providing.
  • Transparent Comparison - You can get the relevant information about all the insurers and their policies which leads to a transparent comparison system. You can access the accurate information regarding all the insurance policies and their provides and select the best one accordingly.
  • No-cost Comparison - Here at this page, you don't have to a penny for comparing the policies from the website or asking their executives for the guidance in selecting a suitable policy according to your requirements.

Types Of Health Insurance Plans In India

Health insurance sector is one of the fastest growing industries. People are becoming aware about the importance of the health insurance policies. Different groups of people have different requirements towards the health insurance policy features. There are almost 25 insurance companies in India and each providing different health insurance policies with varying features. Therefore, the health insurance policies are classified according to a few basic requirements of the people.

  • Individual Health Insurance Plan

    This type of insurance policy only covers the medical and hospitalization expenses of an individual. All the insurance benefits like cashless treatment, hospitalization expenses, reimbursement, pre & post hospitalization coverage, and all the add-on facilities will be given to a single person who is covered under the insurance policy.
  • Family Health Insurance Plan

    The entire family of an insured will be covered against certain medical emergencies under the family floater insurance policy. Any member of the family can avail the policy benefits in an hour of emergency and can apply for one or more claim coverage according to the policy features. This plan is costlier than the individual health insurance plan but best suited for a family person.
  • Critical Illness & Surgery Health Insurance Plan

    There are few diseases which cannot be easily cured and their treatment is way more expensive than other diseases. Such diseases require the advanced treatment and latest technology equipments, and they are covered under the critical illness health insurance plan. The critical illness health insurance plans also provide the facility of lump sum claim coverage if the insured is suffering from one of these diseases like paralysis, cancer, heart problems, kidney failure, brain tumor and other severe diseases. The diseases covered under this plan will be predefined by the insurer.
  • Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plan

    At the age of 60 years or above, the chances of falling ill and getting surrounded by various diseases are more. This age requires certainly regular medication and weekly health checkups. The senior citizen health insurance plan is best suited for a person aged above 60 years as it covers all the health requirements of an old age person. It is compulsory for every insurance company to include an insurance policy which is beneficial for an insured up to the age of 65 years.
  • Maternity Insurance Cover

    This insurance policy covers all the expenses related to the child birth which include pre & post-natal care, vaccination charges, delivery charges, cesarean charges, medication expenses, and also, post delivery expenses for a certain period of time.
  • Pre-Existing Disease Cover

    Before acquiring a health insurance policy if the person has any disease then the claim coverage against the preexisting disease will be only after a period of 2 to 4 years of insurance policy. This policy feature is subjected to the pre disclosure of the disease before purchasing the health insurance policy.
  • Employee Health Insurance

    This insurance policy is bought by the corporate industries to provide health cover to the company employs. Also, all the Governmental sectors include employee health insurance policy. It may either cover only the employee or 2 to 3 members of his/her family.
  • Personal Accident Insurance

    This insurance policy covers the claim against any accident and misfortune occurred. An insured will receive a fixed payout from the insurer after an accidental event which resulted in any permanent or temporary disability or death of a person. The insurance company will also cover all the medication and hospitalization charges. In any case the pay out will not be included in sum assured.
  • Preventive Health Insurance

    You must have heard a saying that ‘Precaution Is Better Than Cure’. The preventive health insurance implies the same saying where you get free monthly health checkups, discounts on various machinery health test and free consultation regarding any health issue. This helps in predicting the symptoms before you get afflicted by a disease.
  • Unit Linked Health Insurance

    This plan comprises investment and insurance policy both. The money you are investing in ULHP will result in a policy cover plus a secured money amount which can be used to cover the other medical expenses which are not included in the insurance policy.
  • Worldwide Insurance Cover Plan

    If you are a traveler or always require traveling to different countries for any purpose then the worldwide insurance cover plan is the best option for you. It includes all the health insurance benefits like cashless treatment, hospitalization facility, etc. All the medical expenses of an insured will be covered under this policy irrespective of the fact that the accident did not occur in origin country.

How Can Help You?

There is no doubt that it is essential to compare all the available health policies before purchasing. The comparison can be made offline as well but it is a daunting task. There are so many online aggregator portals which offers the facility to do the comparison of health insurance policies but there are a few which are trusted portals. is a trusted online insurance aggregator portals which includes the facilities like online comparison of various insurance policies, instant quotes, customer support, and no bogus in insurance process.

It becomes dismaying for a person to choose the best health policy which satisfies all his concerns and suits his income or pocket. We guide you in the process of analyzing various health policies and picking out the one which best suits your needs. completes the health insurance comparison within just a few clicks and it becomes convenient for an insurance-seeker to filter through all the available health policies and get to the one which includes all the features he is seeking. Our website will help you understand the various features which a health insurance policy should include and so that you can compare all the policies on the basis of those basic features.

How we help you in comparing health insurance policies conveniently can be understood by the listed points.

  • Real Time Information Provider - Our company is affiliated with all the top insurance companies therefore, we can provide instant quotes and all the information related to the reputation of insurance company, insurance policy features and other legal terms & conditions of an insurance company.
  • Unbiased & Correct Information - We are not biased towards any insurance company and does not provide bogus information in favour of an insurance company. Which will help you in selecting your insurance provider easily.
  • Proper Guidance - Our well-trained executive is always ready for your help and will guide you through every detail from the selection of a policy to the purchasing procedure. Our strong customer support system is one of the best in the market.
  • Free Of Cost Comparison - Comparing the health insurance policies through our portal does not cost you anything. We do not charge any consultation fee and you can contact our customer executives regarding inquiry & purchase of an insurance policy.
  • A Trusted Aggregator - PolicyX is an IRDA certified company which practises the IRDA standards for the insurance comparison and describes the accurate information about all the policies mentioned on the company portal.
  • Affiliated With Top Insurance Company - We have collaboration with various top insurance companies like Apollo Munich, Star health, HDFC ergo, etc.
  • Instant Comparison - You can compare various health policies at a single platform within just a few minutes. All you need to do is to enter some basic information about you and then either you can compare all the displayed policy quotes or our let our executive call you and do the comparison on your behalf.

How To Buy The Right Health Insurance Cover?

A health insurance plan is a valuable investment of your hard-earned money which will provide a financial backbone to an insured for any medical issue. There is a sudden rise in the cost of medical treatment which is not affordable for a normal person. Therefore, it became important for a person to buy a health insurance plan which is suitable for all his requirements and conditions. Picking out the best health insurance policy requires a proper comparison of all the available options. When selecting a health insurance policy, consider all the following points.

  • Before investing in a health insurance policy you must ensure the claim coverage limit the policy holds. The coverage is almost the same for various health insurance policies but it varies to a certain limit for a few health insurance policies.

  • You must make sure that the policy only satisfies all the requirements you have. Do not pay for the policy which includes extra features which you do not need.

  • You must check the sub limits of the policy. Oftenly, people do not check the sub limits for various features included in a health insurance policy and then regret it later. For every medical service, an insurance policy sets a payout limit and exceeding amount will not be paid by the insurer

  • Every insurance policy exclude some diseases to be claimed for a certain period of time. Before purchasing a policy you must check what is the waiting period of the policy and after which period the excluded diseases can be covered under the same insurance policy

  • A health insurance policy must offer the cashless hospitalization and cashless treatment facility. Almost all the health insurance policies include this feature, which is only applicable if the treatment of an insured is being processed in any of the network hospitals of the insurer.

  • It is important to check the age limit of dependent children and parents, if you are purchasing a family health insurance plan. You must ensure the maximum age of a dependent child who can be included in the policy.

  • Verify all the network hospitals which provide cashless treatment facility of the insurance company so that you do not need to hassle in any medical emergency

  • Be aware about the ailments which are not covered in an insurance policy. It will be your misery if you buy a health insurance policy which does not cover the disease you are suffering from.

  • Go through all the documents related to the policy features. Ask your insurer about the add-ons features of insurance policy. The policy add-ons are the main attributes of any insurance policy.

  • Most of the health insurance policies are lifetime health care plans which can be renewed after an interval of one year. To save yourself from purchasing a health insurance policy every year, look for an insurance policy with renewability feature

  • Premium is a crucial part of any insurance policy. Compare your insurance policy and its features on the basis of premium.

What Happen If You Don't Compare Health Insurance?

You may be wondering why it is a supreme factor to compare a health insurance policy before purchasing. Then think over that when you invest your money in any plan by considering the return profit then why to be reckless towards a plan which ensures your healthy life. Suppose you buy a health insurance plan without any comparison and it does not turn out to be practically beneficial to you in an emergency case, it will be a miserable situation right?

To let you know what disadvantages you have to suffer if you do not compare your health insurance policy, we have mentioned few points.

  • Insurance policy might turn out to be of no use when you require immediate treatment and financial support at the same time

  • If you buy any random health insurance policy then it might be possible that it lacks the features you require. Also, it is possible that you are paying the premium for the features which you will most probably do not require in future

  • There will be a mental stress for you and your family as well if the medical expenses go beyond your pocket limit and does not get covered under your existing health insurance policy

  • Overburdening an insurance policy with the features which you don’t require is also result of purchasing policy without comparison

  • Investment of the money without consideration of the financial benefit and fulfillment of requirement will be a waste of your hard-earned money

Why Buy a Health Insurance Policy at a Young Age?

Almost every next person thinks that there is no need to buy a health care policy at young age, when they are all fit and healthy. But can you tell me the age when diseases arrive? Because, there is no such age criteria. Life is uncertain and you cannot be sure of any unfortunate event. Since so many years the way of living of youth has been changed and these changes came with so many diseases which affects a human body gradually. Buying a health insurance policy at an early age has various gains.

  • Low Premium - The main benefit of buying an insurance plan at a young age is that the premium amount will be less. Lower the age lesser the premium is an insurance policy logic.
  • All-inclusive Benefit - When you buy a health care plan at a young age, the more chances are there that you will live a few years without any claim. The older the policy the more will be the benefits. Therefore, you will receive aggregate benefits when you claim the policy coverage.
  • Exhaust Waiting Period - Every health insurance policy hold a waiting period of 30 to 90 days. This waiting period implies that the person cannot claim policy cover before waiting period. The advantage of buying an insurance policy at an early age is that you will exhaust the waiting period without any medical emergency. Mostly, the insurance policies do not include the claim coverage for a few diseases and these diseases will be excluded from the policy until the waiting period exhausts. With the increase in age the waiting period time increases.
  • Tax-benefits - If you buy an insurance policy at an early age then you will be benefited with tax-benefits. The premium you pay will be deducted from your income.
  • No Claim Bonus - As the years pass by without the policy claim, it will result in the progressive no claim bonus which will be added in the sum-assured of the policy. At an early age we are not more likely to acquire any severe disease which requires policy claim. By continuing to renew your health insurance policy every year you earn more.
  • Policy Cover - With the increase in age of insured the coverage amount increases. Many insurance policies offer coverage for maternity, vector borne diseases and other medical expenses. Every disease you will suffer from since the time you bought the health policy will be covered under a single health policy.

Tips To Compare & Buy The Best Health Insurance Plan

Comparing health insurance policies before buying them is of great importance. People always tend to ignore this and then suffer the cons later. Various online portals are there which helps you in comparing the health insurance policies like Our company portal lets you compare the health insurance policies of 10+ insurance companies and our executives help you in doing so.

Mostly, people only compare the health insurance policies on the grounds of premium and sum assured. But only these two factors does not make your health insurance policy the best suited for your conditions. There are so many other factors which requires to be in consideration while purchasing a health insurance policy. What makes a health insurance policy the best and most suited is that it fulfill all your requirements.

When opting for a health insurance policy, do consider the given points.

  • Not Premium Focused - When you are comparing health insurance policies do not just make the comparison on the basis of premium. It is not like that the higher premium policy is the best or lower premium policy does not cost you more money. In both the situations either the policy with higher premium does not include your requirements or the policy with lower premium will cover your medical expenses partially in an emergency.

  • Mention Accurate Information - One must keep in mind while purchasing a health insurance policy that giving your accurate and correct personal details is a supreme factor. Bogus and wrong details may lead to the rejection of policy claim. Also, you should mention any pre-existing to your insurer.

  • Awareness About Medical Costs - Before opting an insurance policy go through the recent medical cost inflation. It will help you in better comparison of health insurance policy. You can estimate an approx of the sum assured which helps you in selecting a health insurance policy according to your requirements.

  • Choose The Policy Type Wisely - It Is important that what policy you require should be clear in your mind. Suppose you have a family and have dependant children then the best health insurance policy for you will be a family health care plan.


1. Is PolicyX or any other online portal safe to compare the health insurance policies?

Yes, our website is SSL encrypted and the data you enter to compare health insurance policies will be secure. It is a trustworthy website and your data will not be shared anywhere else.

2. Can the quotes provided by any third party regarding a health insurance policy be trusted?

We are affiliated with top insurance companies and hence, all the insurance quotes provided by us can be trusted. We are provided with the original policy quotes by the insurance companies.

3. Are there any charges for insurance policy comparison?

No, here at we do not charge any amount for the policy comparison. Even you can ask our executives for any type of query and consultation which is also free of cost.

4. What will be the procedure for a medical test?

Our representative will schedule a medical test for you at your selected place and make sure that it is convenient for you. A person from the insurance company will be present at the time of medical test.

5. If I compare and purchase a health insurance policy from your portal, will my data be safe?

Yes, our website is protected and secure. It is SSL encrypted which secures your data from unauthorized access.

6. Where to file the policy claim?

You can either file the policy claim at insurance company directly or can contact our executive to do the same for you if you have purchased the health insurance policy from our portal.

7. How long will the procedure when purchasing a health insurance policy?

If you are buying a health insurance policy from our website then it will hardly take 15 minutes to activate your health insurance policy and all the policy related documents will be handed over to you ASAP.

8. What are the payment methods available at your portal?

You need to make the premium payment digitally you can either use your credit/debit card or net banking service.

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