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With the growing inflation rate, it becomes obvious to buy health insurance policies for a secured future. On searching out, there will be so many options that you can explore as a customer, but don't you find it difficult to get the best out of all. In such cases, you need a comparison portal like which offers free insurance quotes to compare and can assist you to buy the best health insurance policy for yourselves and family as well.

With so many options and growing prices as well, finding the best health insurance plan which can offer wider cover at your doorstep may be difficult. But the available online service by allows you to compare and buy a health insurance policy from the comfort of your home/office or any other place.

We all are aware of the importance of having a health insurance policy. Basically, there are many options that are available in the market, but the more the options the more will be the confusion. It is not easy to filter out one best plan out of all. And when the matter is of life and health safety of an individual or family's life, the decision can never be easy.

Health Insurance Comparison Benefits

Why Health Insurance Comparison Is Important?

There is no doubt in saying that with the growing awareness of health insurance, companies have come out with best and irresistible options of health insurance. In India, there are more than 25 health insurance companies which are offering a wide range of healthcare products to cater to different needs of customers. We all know that when it comes to health insurance, the needs of people vary. So a single plan can't go well with all requirements, so that's why the market has various options to explore. But with the various options of health insurance, it becomes quite difficult for a person to find the suitable one according to needs. So that's why, it becomes important to compare all available plans on the basis of features, cover, benefits, add-ons, sub-limits, price, network hospitals and much more.

Moreover, it is also a fact that not every health insurance will be enough to go well with your needs. If you compare health insurance online you will get to gain s much of knowledge about the same and will be able to understand what actually you need. Online health comparison has come out as the exclusive method to invest in health insurance.

A lot of times people end up by investing in the inappropriate health insurance plan which totally doesn't go well with their needs. Usually, people go with the health insurance plan at a low premium, without checking the required cover and essential features which is totally wrong. Whereas some people invest in a costly plan but with features which are not for their use.

  • You must compare to get the best plan according to your needs
  • You must compare to protect yourselves from fake and unwanted deals
  • You must compare to know what and how much you actually require
  • You must compare to saves time and your hard earned money as well
  • You must compare to avoid hassles of picking out the best one from several options

Why Go For The Online Comparison?

Well, if you are thinking of comparing health insurance by visiting offices one by one, then let me tell you it will make thing worse. By visiting offices physically and standing in the long queues just to attain information is not a smart choice. It will take so much of your time and energy as well. Moreover, in this era where you can have almost everything at your doorstep, moving out for the same will not be a wise decision. You must take the help of an online insurance web aggregator such as for the same.

The benefits of choosing an online comparison site are unlimited such as unbiased quotes, ease to compare, hassle-free buying process, comfort, saves time and money etc.

There is no doubt in saying that in today's world health insurance has become a necessity and everyone is looking for an effective yet affordable health insurance plan. There are multiple plans to select from but to get the best out of all is still a task. Thus to help you with the same, here we are. assists you entirely in getting free quotes and provides free comparison services. We at policy do not charge any kind of money from users. We have tie-ups with the top insurers in India and hence we are able to provide free quotes easily to you on a single page.

You can get complete information about the plans and products on our portal. is a one-stop shop for all your insurance related needs. So start the comparison of health insurance and get the best health insurance plan in India.

Why Compare How it helps How it helps
Multiple Options to explore Online comparison portals offer free insurance quotes for top insurance companies. You can compare on the basis of features, benefits, and according to your budget.
Saves time& Money Comparison portals allow you to compare quotes from your comfort zone and saves money. Online comparison and presence of multiple discounts directly save your time and money.
Unbiased quotes No biasness towards any insurance company. You get actual and unbiased quotes that allow you to take the right decision.

Why Compare Medical Insurance With

There is a possibility that you might come across many portals that offer online comparison service at your doorstep. But, at we ensure that we help you with the complete buying process from start till the end. We provide a hassle-free comparison process. Our systems are integrated with all major providers that allow us to provide you with accurate quotes and features on a real-time basis. Our systems also allow you to complete your policy purchase on our portal by using your credit or debit card or net banking. Please note that some plans might require medical tests for certain age groups before purchasing. Our team of dedicated telesales executives will assist you in that so that you can undergo medical tests at your nearest location and can make a payment online for policy issuance.

Choosing a health plan is a daunting task as there are 100s of options to choose from and all have their own merits. However, there are some parameters that are common and can be used to compare health insurance policies offered by various companies. On our portal, we try to help you understand these important features so that you can compare various features side by side and choose for yourself. On top of that, we also help you purchase policies on our portal within 5 minutes without any documentation. The policy is sent to your email id usually within an hour.

Here are a few points to make you understand why is best for health insurance comparison:-

  • is IRDA registered and thus follows the norms of IRDA for accurate reliable comparison service
  • Comparison of health insurance policies in India at is completely free of cost
  • provides plan comparison from leading brands such as Religare Health, Max Bupa, Bharti Axa, Tata AI, Apollo Munich, Star Health, etc.
  • Buy medical policies within minutes by filling up the online proposal. Most of our health plans are online and you can get your policy instantly by making an online payment.
  • You can compare health insurance plans from over 10 companies within 30 seconds: We at provide free quotes on health plans from top insurers. It will only take you a few minutes to get the best medical coverage.
  • You can buy the policy that fits your requirement within 5 minutes without much documentation: Some companies also provide coverage on critical illness
  • Our Health Insurance policy comparison service is totally unbiased and specific, to the point: Covers ICU charges, boarding & lodging expense, diagnostic procedure prosthetic costs, etc.
  • Provides, news, plans related videos and articles: Customers between the age group of 5 to 60 years can take advantage of this plan, but this also varies from insurer to insurer.

Types Of Health Insurance

In India, health insurance is divided into several different options. Insurance companies have come out with so many options in the same domain. Below is the list of all health insurance products that you can explore:-

  • Individual Health Insurance

    This plan provides safety and insurance to an individual against the various health problems that are covered under the Health Insurance Plan policy.
  • Family Floater Health Insurance

    This plan provides a safety cover for the entire family and during the hour of emergency, any family member can use the insurance benefit.
  • Critical Illness Health Insurance

    This plan covers the cost of treatment, medication, and fees of various expensive technology and therapy that are required for the treatment of the Critical illness like cancer, heart attack and etc.
  • Maternity Insurance

    The plan covers the expense that a policyholder faces at the time of the childbirth, in case of cesarean surgery or in normal delivery.
  • Pre - Existing Disease

    This plan is the disease that a policyholder has acquired even before he or she bought the Health Insurance Policy. This plan is considered by various insurance policies after 2-4 years of pre-existing disease.
  • Senior Citizen Health Insurance

    This plan is the best friend for the old age people, as it covers the health concern of old age and provides proper assistance.
  • Employee Health Insurance

    The Health Insurance that you received from your insurer comes under the same.
  • Personal Accident Insurance

    This plan helps the policyholder in case of partial or total temporary of permanent disability during an accident that may cause a loss of a family earning.

How Can You Compare Health Insurance?

We have made this process very convenient from you. You have to follow a simple process to avail the benefits of comparison service.

  • To compare all you have to do is provide some basic detail about yourself at the compare section (at the top of this page).
  • According to your details, we will provide the best options that you can compare on the basis of features, benefits, exclusions, price, add-ons and much more. With the same, the whole compare process will become easier for you.
  • After comparing, you will be able to choose the best plan that can go well with your needs.
  • After that, you can buy the same from the same page by using digital payment options.

Tips To Compare Medical Plans In India

There are several companies that are offering a health insurance plan for the clients. But! All of the insurance plans have a difference, additional features and with PolicyX you can compare the different insurance online at a single place and then choose few or single best health insurance. One needs to compare the Health Insurance Policy not only as per the sum insured and the amount of premium that is needed to be paid but there is the facility to share the best health insurance plan and it depends on the need of the customer.

PolicyX provides you a single platform to compare Health Insurance Plans from more than 10 insurance companies like Apollo Munich, Max Bupa, Bharti Axa, Religare Health in less than a minute. You can even get the quote of the insurance company free of the cost.

Comparison of health plans in India is a tricky thing and a lot of people make common mistakes like only comparing annual premiums and ignoring other important features like an annual check-up, room-rent capping, pre-existing disease coverage, pre and post hospitalization expense coverage, etc. Here are some of the tips that can help you avoid such mistakes and choose a medical policy that fits your requirements.

Don't Focus On Premiums Only

It will be good for you to compare the features of the plan rather than the premium as features play a vital role during the policy period.

Submit Accurate Information

While purchasing online, review your proposal form and make sure that you provide accurate information as the insurer can reject your claim if he doesn't find the information accurate.

Keep Medical Costs In Mind

It is essential to check the medical cost inflation, only then you will be able to decide the right sum assured amount.

Go for Family Floater Plans

If you have a family, then it is advisable for you to buy a floater plan instead of an individual policy. It will provide many benefits and save your money as well.

Factors That Affect Mediclaim Cost

Health Condition

Your health condition plays a vital role when you are going to apply for mediclaim policy. If you do not have any medical issues in your past, then you can get some discounts from the insurance company, but if you have any existing issue then it can raise the amount of your policy.


When you are taking any health plan, a general question that arises is that are you insurable? There are many companies which deny providing policy if you have any medical problem, but still, there are few companies which can provide the desired features to you.

Selection of Plan

We all know that the choice of plan affects the cost of the premium. The more the perceivable risk, the higher the premium and vice-versa. A good health insurance plan can assist you in getting the desired premium and numerous benefits for your future.

Gender and Age

Usually, it is found that the mediclaim for an older person is more expensive than the younger one as an older person may have some health problems. So start early and reap the benefits.

How To File Health Insurance Claim

To file the claim, you must first inform the same to the insurer as soon as possible without any delay. Health Insurance offers a benefit of cashless treatment and reimbursement of the medical expenses. In case of cashless, you don't have to do anything, you just need to contact the insurance company's representative who will be there at the network hospital to assist you with the further process. If you invest in a health insurance policy through PolicyX, then the experts of the company will guide you properly. It may offer proper assistance and guidance at the time of claim reimbursement also. In the case of the reimbursement, cost of several facilities associated with hospitalization will be liable for the cover. It includes expenses associated with bed charges, medicines, tests fees, consultation fees, surgery fees and etc., as per the policy. One needs to submit the following documents to claim the reimbursement -

  • Hospital discharge papers
  • Bills of medical stores
  • Prescription papers.
  • Bills of hospitalization. Papers should be attached by the signature of the Policy Holder.
  • Duly filled the insurance claim form
  • Valid Policy papers


1. Is online comparison process is safe?

Yes, the online comparison process is completely trustworthy. On our platform, we assure you about the complete safety of your personal details. is an SSL secure platform which ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral.

2. Do you guys charge anything for insurance quotes & comparison service?

No, we will not ask for a penny. You will get all the required information, quotes and comparison service for free. And the helpful customer service will help you throughout the buying process for free. We will also assist in the claim settlement process.

3. If I buy from your portal or take help of your comparison service. How will you manage for a medical test?

Well if you take help of our portal, we assure you get a hassle-free and convenient buy process. For the same, the medical test will be scheduled at your selected place. You don't have to visit somewhere else. Someone from the insurance company will come to your place for the medical test.

4. Can we trust insurance quotes provided by the third party?

We assure that we are offering unbiased quotes. We have tie-ups with multiple companies, so with the help of same, you get multiple quotes directly from the company itself. The benefit of buying it through our portal is, unbiased quotes, additional discounts sand no commission.

5. How much time you guys take to deliver my policy’s document?

After your purchase, you will immediately get a copy of your policy’s document on your mail that you can keep for future reference. IN max to max 15 days you will get the hard copy of the same as well, at your mailing address.

6. What are the different modes of payment?

The process requires digital payments. So, you can pay using your credit/debit card or through the net banking.

7. Whom to contact in case of filing claim?

You can contact directly to the company and can our representative as well. We will also guide you through the filing process.

8. How much time will it take to buy a new policy and how much will it take to renew the existing one?

In hardly 10 minutes, you will be able to buy the desired policy without any issue. In case of renewing as well, if you want to renew the existing one then it can be done within a few minutes or if you want to switch to another then again 10 to 15 minutes will be enough.

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