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Good health is a boon and we all are not blessed with it. No matter how much we go for healthy food, hit the gym or search the internet to strengthen our immunity system, illness and diseases cannot be avoided. There are so many new diseases that are born due to unhealthy life style, atmosphere, and hereditary disorder. With each disease, there is a series of expenses that follows in the medication, hospitalization and different medical tests for the disease recovery burn a hole in the pocket of a common man. In the world of the price hike, only basic medicine is so expensive that one cannot think of completing the medication course with the normal income even if they start it. Health insurance is an insurance policy that ensures a safeguard for the life of policyholder. With the health insurance policy holder can enjoy the cashless treatment, reimbursement of the expense in medical treatment in case of illness. Health insurance companies provide the cover for the diseases that are covered under the health insurance plan and the best part of health insurance is that according to IRDA the premium amount that is paid by the policy holder towards the insurance policy has a tax advantage under Income Tax Act section 80D.
There are different options that are available in the market as an insurance policy, but more are the option holder is the choice. It is not easy to filter out one best plan out of all. And when the matter is of life and health safety of an individual or family's life, the decision can never be easy. 'Health is the true wealth 'and in a country, like India, we are never sure that what is waiting ahead of us. According to the report of the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) in which they have circulated results of the cross - national health analysis in the first 2014, the growth of the medical treatment in the nation is rocketed with a double digit speed no matter if it is in the urban areas or in the rural areas as compared to the past decade in India. This means that the fees for hospitalization, medical treatments, and health checkups are climbing up in the sky that a common man chooses to die of the disease than letting her family die of food after the costly health treatment for his or her disease.

How helps you Choose The Best Health Insurance Plan

Health plan has become the need of every individual and everyone wants to get the best coverage at an affordable amount. Many people choose offline plans, but it was a time taking process and expensive too. It is better for you to buy the desired health plan online at an affordable price. Comparison of health insurance is a simple process, you don't need to do much. Just fill a simple form related to your requirements and within few minutes you will get free quotes of Health Insurance policies from top insurers. assists you entirely in getting free quotes and provides free comparison services. We at policy do not charge any kind of money from users. We have tie-ups with the top insurers in India and hence we are able to provide free quotes easily to you on a single page.

You can get complete information about the plans and products on our portal. is a one stop shop for all your insurance related needs. So start comparison of health insurance and get the best health plan in India.

Choosing a health plan is a daunting task as there are 100s of options to choose from and all have their own merits. However, there are some parameters that are common and can be used to compare health insurance policies offered by various companies. On our portal, we try to help you understand these important features so that you can compare various features side by side and choose for yourself. On top of that, we also help you purchase policies on our portal within 5 minutes without any documentation. The policy is sent to your email id usually within an hour.

  • You can compare health insurance plans from over 10 companies within 30 seconds: We at provide free quotes on health plans from top insurers. It will only take you a few minutes to get the best medical coverage.

  • You can buy the policy that fits your requirement within 5 minutes without much documentation: Some companies also provide coverage on critical illness

  • Our Health Insurance policy comparison service is totally unbiased and specific, to the point: Covers ICU charges, boarding & lodging expense, diagnostic procedure prosthetic costs, etc.

  • Provides, news, plans related videos and articles: Customers between the age group of 5 to 60 years can take advantage of this plan, but this also varies from insurer to insurer.

Key advantages and Features of the Health Insurance Policies

Even if you go for your regular routine health checkups, you have to spend a great deal of money. If you are suffering from any major disease, then all your savings and income is spent on the treatment. Health insurance policy provides some great features and advantages for the health care treatment of the policy holder. Some of the benefits and features of the Health insurance Policy are as follows -

Tax benefits of the Health Insurance

A policy holder can save a sum of amount Rs. 25, 000 as the security from the taxes if the age of the policy holder is age 60 or above. As per the Income tax act, 1961 tax benefit is enjoyed by the policy holder under the section 80D of Income tax Act.

Health insurance by the company

An employee spends half of their lives and sacrifice their festivals and other happy hours and work day and night, in returns, the company offers the employees a medical check - up and even the company provide coverage for the family, parents or children who all are covered under the Health Insurance Policy.

Claim Settlement

One should always compare the ratio of the Insurance company from which he or she is thinking to buy any health insurance. There is always uncertainty in the mind of the policyholder that at the hour of need, what if the company will not give us enough money to settle down the policy claim. If the company holds a good claim settlement record than the policy holder need to worry less.

Cashless Hospital treatments

There is no need to run here and there in hunt of the proper document at the time of reimbursement of the expenses in the hour of need. The insurance providing companies have the direct tie - ups with the hospitals and a good range of the nursing homes. While some insurance companies offer reimbursements to the policy holders, few companies promise a health Insurance with cashless treatment policy for the health insurance policy holders.

  • Network hospital One should check the insurance company's network hospitals in the local area. This can be done easliy on the online website of PolicyX. Policy holder should also read the terms of the policy completely so that he or she will get an idea about the Insurance companies which are providing the cashless medical services to the customers and which are not.

  • Limit of Room Rent Before buying any insurance policy from the insurer, the client should check the limit of room rent. Customers should choose a policy cover that provides a higher room rent limit or no limit for the room rent for the policy holder. Room rent also varies from hospital to hospitals.

  • Check Your Requirements One should compare the health insurance in the term of basic requirement fulfillment. If the policy holder wants to buy an insurance plan that offers private room then he or she should check the same in the policy.

  • Comparison of Budget One should be aware of the budget under which he or she can pay the policy premium. Insurance companies vary in the premium amount from one another.

  • Terms and conditions The terms and conditions section of the insurance company is the solution to your most of the questions that you face before buying any policy. One need to read terms and conditions of the company before buying a plan and should compare at the PolicyX with other insurance companies so that there can be transparency.

  • Add - on features You should make it clear that what are the various add - on features of various health insurance policy from which you will get benefit in future. You should also compare the difference in the premium amount of the different insurance company as it differs in the add - on features.

This is so mind boggling to choose one insurance policy that will take care of your health and your family's health too from the vast options of Health Insurance Plans present in the market. Now, this is impossible for the customer to run from one company to another to gather all the information and required facts about the Health Insurance Plans of the company. This is where we need a platform where we can get all about the Health Insurance Plans only at a single place. PolicyX is an IRDA certified online web portal for comparison of the Insurance policy and that is why customers can trust in PolicyX with all their power. Clients will be provided with the best-suited health care policy for them after taking a note of their budget, age, health condition and the facilities they need.

Different Types Of Health Insurance To Choose From

There are different types of plans that are offered by the insurance company. Anyone can choose from the following health insurance plans as per their need and requirement -

  • Individual Health Insurance Plans - This plan provides a safety and insurance to an individual against the various health problems that are covered under the Health Insurance Plan policy.

  • Family Floater Health Insurance Plans - This plan provides a safety cover for the entire family and during the hour of emergency, any family member can use the insurance benefit.

  • Critical illness Health Insurance Plans - This plan covers the cost of treatment, medication, and fees of various expensive technology and therapy that are required for the treatment of the Critical illness like cancer, heart attack and etc.

  • Maternity Insurance plans - The Plan covers the expense that a policy holder faces at the time of the child birth, in case of cesarean surgery or in normal delivery.

  • Pre - existing Disease cover Plan - This plan is the disease that a policyholder has acquired even before he or she bought the Health Insurance Policy. This plan is considered by various insurance policies after 2-4 years of pre - existing disease.

  • Senior citizen Health Insurance Plans - This plan is the best friend for the old age people, as it covers the health concern of old age and provides proper assistance.

  • Employee Health Insurance Plans

  • Personal Accident Insurance - This plan helps the policy holder in case of partial or total temporary of permanent disability during an accident that may cause a loss of a family earning.

Unlike the other Insurance policies, Health Insurance offers a benefit of cashless treatment and reimbursement of the medical expense. If you buy health insurance by the medium of PolicyX then the company will represent you in front of the insurance company and you will get proper assistance and guidance at the time of claim reimbursement. In the expense reimbursement, cost of various hospital facilities that are included in the list is reimbursed like, bed charges, medicines, tests fees, consultation fees, surgery fees and etc., as per the policy. One needs to submit the following documents to claim the reimbursement -

  • Hospital discharge papers are required

  • All the bills of medical stores

  • A prescription paper by the doctor and the papers of doctor's consultation fees.

  • All the papers and bills of hospitalization of the policy holder. Papers should be attached by the signature of the Policy Holder.

  • Duly filled insurance claim form

  • Valid Policy papers

So, compare the health insurance plans at PolicyX and choose the best Insurance policy plan to cover you and your loved ones.

Why to Compare Medical Insurance With

You might come across a lot of portals offering online medical insurance comparison service. We at make sure that we provide you hassle free comparison within seconds. Our systems are integrated with all major providers that allow us to provide you with accurate quotes and features on a real time basis. Our systems also allow you to complete your policy purchase on our portal by using your credit or debit card or net banking. Please note that some plans might require medical tests for certain age groups before purchasing. Our team of dedicated telesales executives will assist you in that so that you can undergo medical tests at your nearest location and can make a payment online for policy issuance.

  • is IRDA registered and thus follows the norms of IRDA for accurate reliable comparison service

  • Comparison of health insurance policies in India at is completely free of cost

  • provides plan comparison from leading brands such as Religare Health, Max Bupa, Bharti Axa, Tata AI, Apollo Munich ,Star Health, etc.

  • Buy medical policies within minutes by filling up the online proposal. Most of our health plans are online and you can get your policy instantly by making an online payment.

Tips To Compare Medical Plans In India

There are several companies that are offering a health insurance plan for the clients. But! All of the insurance plans have a difference, additional features and with PolicyX you can compare the different insurance online at a single place and then choose few or single best health insurance. One needs to compare the Health Insurance Policy not only as per the sum insured and the amount of premium that is needed to be paid but there is the facility to share the best health insurance plan and it depends on the need of the customer. PolicyX provides you a single platform to compare Health Insurance Plans from more than 10 insurance companies like Apollo Munich, Max Bupa, Bharti Axa, Religare Health in less than a minute. You can even get the quote of the insurance company free of the cost.

Comparison of health plans in India is a tricky thing and a lot of people make common mistakes like only comparing annual premiums and ignoring other important features like annual check-up, room-rent capping, pre-existing disease coverage, pre and post hospitalization expense coverage, etc. Here are some of the tips that can help you avoid such mistakes and choose a medical policies that fits your requirements.

Don't Just Focus On Premiums

It will be good for you to compare features of the plan rather than the premium as features play a vital role during the policy period.

Provide accurate information

While purchasing online, review your proposal form and make sure that you provide accurate information as insurer can reject your claim if he doesn't find the information accurate.

Keep Medical Costs In Mind

It is essential to check the medical cost inflation, only then you will be able to decide the right sum assured amount.

Consider family floater plans

If you have a family, then it is advisable for you to buy a floater plan instead of an individual policy. It will provide much benefit and save your money as well.

Factors That Affect Mediclaim Cost

Health Condition

Your health condition plays a vital role when you are going to apply for mediclaim policy. If you do not have any medical issues in your past, then you can get some discounts from the insurance company, but if you have any existing issue then it can raise the amount of your policy.


When you are taking any health plan, a general question that arises is that are you insurable? There are many companies which deny providing policy if you have any medical problem, but still there are few companies which can provide the desired features to you.

Selection of Plan

We all know that the choice of plan affects the cost of the premium. The more the perceivable risk, the higher the premium and vice-versa. A good health insurance plan can assist you in getting the desired premium and numerous benefits for your future.

Gender and Age

Usually, it is found that the mediclaim for an older person is more expensive than the younger one as an older person may have some health problems. So start early and reap the benefits.

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